So today we look at the review for the let’s fit uh smartwatch. Now this this watch here is 33.99 on amazon’s recording of this video and it’s. Actually, an additional five dollars off so 28.99 can get you. This smart watch, which is extremely functional, it’s for men and women it’s just one size, fits all it’s, a fitness tracker. It works for ios and android. Uh it’s got a blood oxygen level, heart rate, it’s, ip68 uh and it’s good for tracking your fitness uh predominantly. I use this for walking and steps um, but there is a lot to like about this. For 25. I mean you really can’t uh, you know beat you know some of the things you’re getting in this watch for 25. Now outdoor walking is the one that i like let’s go back here. Outdoor walking is the one that i like you can see. It says gps connecting because it’s going to connect to my watch um or excuse me my phone um. Let me show you here: let’s see i had the phone on the charger, but there we go as you can see here, it’s asking me to confirm. So i want to confirm, while in use uh and then it might tell me to do it all the time so i’ll just do it all the time and now it’s connected for gps. So i think that’s pretty cool um, but you know this is how i would use i’ve used.

This is for walking uh and just regular steps, but look at all these things. You can do it’s it’s a 25 watch folks and 28 watching it’s, really nice. You got your heart rate, your blood oxygen. You got your notifications, breathing techniques, you got your timers and everything it could control your music it’s it’s, a hot watch uh for what it is now again. My predominantly i use this for steps uh and heart rate, and things like that now um. I i think that if, if you’re in the market for a smart watch, there are so many to choose from that it’s difficult for me to just say: oh get this one uh, seeing as though i have probably our opera, i have probably every amaze fit and You know this watch right here costs a little bit less than the most affordable maze fit um, and i think right now it’s. This watch right here. This might be the most affordable maze fit uh and this one is extremely functional. But this one has like a color screen and you know it looks nicer in the menus. It’S a touch screen, so the amaze fit bip? U, which i have back there on the other side, back there that’s more compatible it’s, more closer contests or uh competitor. For this watch uh, but in the end, if you’re, just looking at price, this watch is probably considered high. When you can look at what you can get or a smart watch nowadays, you want something for your notifications and your fitness and things like that and this watch does it all.

It comes in black blue and like a pink color or some kind of gold, uh it’s called pink yeah, but the pink one is the only one that has like a full different case like it has a pink case, which actually looks pretty dope it’s. More of a gold looking case uh, but then you can change the band if you want to, and that would be pretty dope. But then you have a blue version of this and it’s just the same watch with the blue band and i think that’s pretty nice. So i think this is a good watch right here. The battery life is sick, so i accidentally put it on the charger before this video today and i was like oh shoot. I wanted to show them the battery percentage, but ultimately, after 10, almost 10 days, i was at 70, so their claims of 30 day battery is totally possible. They’Re claiming 30 days of standby time, uh with just two hours of charging. But if you give this a full charge, you should be able to get. I mean with notifications and everything and walking your fitness and all these different things. You should be able to grab yourself at least three weeks. Probably three weeks i don’t know because i accidentally freaking put it on the charger i didn’t want to. So now my battery started over uh, but it was at 70 and uh. You just have to trust me.

I know you know it’s hard to trust people when they’re telling you something like this, but it was a 70 and it was on. I was going on day 10.. Today is like day 10. I think it is they’re going on 11 and that’s fantastic battery. That is fantastic battery, so um. Just a quick update on this watch. Man um it’s nice. You can’t, really customize it too much again because it doesn’t have any watch faces. But if you’re looking for functionality you’re not so much just worried about watch faces uh. This is the best looking watch face to me there’s three on here. I showed you in the first video, but you can see here you got the heart rate, monitor it charges via this, this charger, the chargers that i don’t like um. I don’t like these chargers. Right here, because if you lose this it’s a wrap, you know it’s a wrap, you’re gon na have to struggle to find another one uh, and one thing i will say about this cable right here. It is a thicker cable than some of the other cables that i’ve gotten uh that have the same charger. So it’s up it’s up to you to decide on that, but for the price, though folks it’s not, you know, i think you would keep the charger in a safe place, comfort and feel i had no problems with this on my wrist and i kept it on Um, because it’s ip68 – so you know what i’m saying it’s waterproof so you’re good, so you can take a shower or whatever you just leave it on.

I suggest that you turn it take it off during a shower, but i mean it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. I always take the watches off because all my watches have some kind of ip rating on them, so i always take them off during the shower or whatever, but it was easy to test this watch because i kept thinking about the amaze fitbit you and um. You know it’s it’s. This is a good watch. It’S it’s functional, even though it doesn’t have different watch, faces that’s. What i like to customize the watch faces but i’m kind of used to it. Obviously, because i’ve been rocking the neo and the neo is not even a touch screen or anything. This is a retro watch uh. So you know it’s a good watch. I’Ll leave a link in the description, so you can check it out if you want to it’s uh totally worth 28 dollars. I can tell you that this is a easy one right here. So it’s your man, jay, you got 28 dollars. You spend that in burger king, before mcdonald’s or whatever restaurant you went to you know or a tank of gas, or something like that, so this will be very functional and use it and and it’ll just give you some use out of it. So i hope you guys enjoyed a quick, follow up. Video shaman, j and i’ll. See you in the next one.