Some cons and my personal opinion on the watch. Let’S get into it so first off we’re, going to start off with some of the cons that i feel this watch has the first thing, the biggest thing that stands out to me. In my opinion, one of the cons is it’s, not independent it’s, not a standalone watch. It needs the. You need your phone to communicate, to messages to use the gps for all that stuff. It needs your phone it’s, not an independent. Smart watch, like an apple watch that you can probably send messages from or answer phone calls on. It just gives you a notification that hey you’ve got a phone call. You got to grab your phone. Oh hey! You got a message you’re going to have to grab your phone to answer back and stuff like that, so it’s not super independent. So i just wanted to explain a little bit more of why the let’s fit smartwatch is not independent. It does rely on your mobile device for almost everything. Okay, so, first off, if you have let’s, say you want to play music with the left fit you go in here, you go ahead and it will go into the menu and you go into music controls. Now, when you go into music controls that’s all you get, you just get a play, pause a skip and a back and you get volume controls that’s, all you get with this device. So comparing it to the apple watch.

If i were to go into music here, you have many choices, you can either play what’s on the iphone or you can actually go into the library of the apple watch itself and you can choose songs, that’s stored on the watch. The second thing about the let’s fit is that it does not have a message app with the apple watch. Instead, we can go into messages and you can actually create a new message. You can add the contact, you can create the message and you can send it all from the watch. Second, con of the watch. It has some thick bezels it’s, not as slim like some other devices out there, some other smart devices out there. Smart watches it’s. Very it has very thick bezels. It gives it a like a old old style, so it doesn’t feel as modern, because everything nowadays is going bezel, less or slim bezels. They want to capture and have as much screen as possible. But with this watch you don’t really get that you get some thick bezels. The third con for me is it’s, not customizable. You can’t really put a style on it. You got, you know you get what you get really don’t have a lot of choices to change. The way it looks or personalize it how you would want to have it you’re going to just have to use it as is and how it is that’s three of the biggest cons so let’s go and talk about the pros, all right guys so touching on the Pros one of the biggest pros for me for this watch is that it has six days six days of battery life.

When i was testing it out, you go, you do your workouts, you use it on a regular basis. It does hold a pretty long charge and whenever it dies, you charge it up like for an hour and it’s 100, so that right there is a big pro in my book. You don’t have to be worrying about getting home and charging it every night. It lasts up to six days. Second, pro of the watch. It has a sleep tracker on it. So with that long battery life, you can go ahead. Slap. This watch on go to sleep, it’ll, track your sleep and everything so that’s what’s, pretty nice about it. That’S one of my second pros, my third pro, is it’s very easy to use. It’S, not that complicated takes a few minutes to get it set up, get used to it, explore the options, there’s, not a lot of features which makes it an easy watch to use or not a ton of stuff. So there you have it. You have the pros. You have some cons and now i’ll give you guys a little bit of my personal opinion. What i think about this watch is one i wouldn’t use it to be honest. It just doesn’t have as much features that i would want in a smart watch. One of the biggest things for me, that really is not good, is it’s, not independent, i’m, so used to just being able to answer phone calls on my watch and everything.

So this right here is something that it’s, not it’s, not a goal for me, but i can see this being a watch for people that are just starting out into like getting a smart watch. You don’t want to drop to 300 on a smart watch. You just want a cheap one to see if you like it or to experience it, and then you can choose if you want to upgrade. This watch comes in at 40. Bucks on amazon, so it’s pretty cheap investment to get into the whole smart smartwatch game. If you guys want to try it out to me, it is a decent watch, it does work best when it comes to working out it logs your workouts. It tracks your sleep, it has a long battery life. So these are the things that i think stand out with this watch and make it a pretty good buy for 40 bucks, not anything crazy. It doesn’t have all the specs and features of some of more expensive watches, like apple or samsung watches, but with the limited features it does. What it you know. It works good when it comes to the things that it does sleep, tracking, fitness, tracking and a great battery. It works on ios and android devices. Sometimes it does not always send you, the notifications, but hey that’s, just something about technology. Nothing is perfect, but for the buck for the amount of money that it this thing costs it’s pretty good.

In my opinion, so there you have it guys. The let’s fit smartwatch review, pros cons and some personal opinion. If you guys found this video helpful or informative liking, the video helps the channel out. If you want, if you like the type of content i make, then you can go ahead and subscribe to the channel and leave comments below telling me what you think about this watch.