So big shout out to letsfit for sending me their t20 earbuds. So these things are around 30 bucks on amazon, with not too many reviews, because this is sort of a brand new product for them and they’re only earbuds. But in it we have up to five hours of play time on a single charge, extended to 30 hours with the case usbc. I love to complain about these things, but they actually put in the usbc like i’ve, been complaining and asking about so good choice. Ipx5 waterproofing, which means it can resist a sustained low pressure, water jet spray, so don’t go swimming with them. I guess touch control, so no physical buttons on the earbuds, airpods style, instant pairing. As soon as you open the case, which is pretty neat, a unique and comfortable design – and it comes in three colors black white and orange – now let’s fit sent me the orange one which i was not expecting, but i kind of like it they’re very unique with Its circular design and kind of like a mohawk with the silicone and they fit very comfortably in my ears. I have slept with these things overnight. Multiple times i never even had one fall out, which is something i cannot say for most other earbuds that i’ve used. I much prefer this design over the airpod style with the little tail hanging down. The case is very decently sized as well, not too big and not too small.

They have a satisfying click when they magnetically snap into place. I actually just reviewed a pair of earbuds that was nearly impossible to pull out of the case here. Just you just grab you just do it you just do it it’s, not that hard link in the description below? If you want to check out the review check it out, it’s pretty good overall one of my favorite bluetooth, earbud designs. Now this thing is not perfect. The touch controls are a bit limiting. For starters, you cannot control the volume with the earbuds themselves. You have to control it with the device that you’re using, which can be a little bit irksome and along that line of annoyance, there’s. Also another issue: okay, let’s, say you’re paired with your phone and your tablet, let’s say you’re in the room on your tablet. Doing tablet things you have your earbuds in you go. You leave the room, you leave the tablet there. You go to your phone to use your phone for phone things and you want to use your earbuds. You cannot manually go into pairing mode on the earbuds or with the case you have to go back to your tablet. Press disconnect go back to your phone and then press reconnect. I feel like this is a huge oversight and functionality. I don’t know i don’t understand why they decided to do it this way and if you’re wondering that button on the case is not for pairing it’s, just to see what the battery life is.

It’S not a deal breaker for me personally. The earbuds are actually really good and i always have my device on me. So it’s not really too big of a deal for me, but i’ve never had a pair of headphones where you couldn’t change the volume or pairing on the earbuds or even the case itself kind of a weird decision. I thought you should know in short, fantastic. These are really good earbuds for the price, so good, in fact that i actually decided to compare them to a pair of headphones that are just over double the price, the sony i have to read the thing: the sony, wi, sp510 – god that’s, not a name so That’S, a serial number it’s funny, because on amazon these are nearly eighty dollars, but i got them for 30. Bucks on a sale so keep an eye out for those sales. Now the main thing i use headphones for is for music and we all know by now there’s no such thing as too much bass. Now the bass is obviously much better in the sony’s. There is a precision and a fullness to the sony’s, but the t20s are very close behind close enough that, when i’m, switching back and forth between them, sometimes i don’t know, which is which i will say, though. The t20s base doesn’t hit too hard until you’re around 80 or higher, but once it’s there it really kicks it, kicks almost as hard and as clear as the sony’s, but there’s just something about that extra bass in the sony’s that has this overwhelming sensation of bass.

Without sacrificing clarity and that’s expected sony is a mainstream brand, they have quality products. This is what we expect, but the t20 punches above its weight and i would honestly say it competes with some 60 80 dollar headphones, despite it only being around 30 bucks Music. Yes, absolutely i found myself choosing the t20s over the sony. Sometimes i just reviewed the tozo t6 earbuds, which is probably the highest rated pair of earbuds on amazon right now, with over 120 000 reviews, and in that review, which you can see in the link in description below, i very thoroughly explain why they are not worth It these earbuds are what the t6s should be honest. These are, these earbuds are what every pair of 30 earbuds should be, and i highly recommend it stay tuned because let’s fit also sent me their latest smart watch. If you want to see my last smart watch, review check the link in the description below it’s going to be a good one, so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. So you never miss a new video. Thank you guys.