Computer from lazyne, i uh got the lezyne super pro gps. I used to have the macro. Uh is giving me some gremlins, so i end up picking up uh the super pro. I had the macro for quite a few years, so uh just some of the updates with its software and everything over the years started to have some hiccups uh. The folks, though, at lasign, were awesome. They gave me really good customer support when i was having some issues before a really great company, really good folks. There stand by their product uh the lazyne super pro it retails for about a hundred and fifty dollars and for what i use it. It is above and beyond what i need you can preload maps onto this have offline maps uh. You can have multiple bikes on there. You can customize your screens for each bike. It’S, really great it’s, bluetooth and ant compatible uh has roughly 28 hours of runtime and yeah. When you’re connected to the app you can do navigation uh. Yesterday, my wife and i we did the borah epic moment bike race and i was able to download the course from the uh event website and it was really easy to upload it into the computer. From my phone uh, you can do uh live tracking, so yeah like i’ll, have sailing my mom or my sister or friends. I can just kind of set them up in here, so that way they can follow along when i’m doing an event, and they kind of like it being able to follow.

Follow me along uh. Yes, we get strava live segments which is kind of fun. According to the folks at lasign, it has 400 hours of ride data that you can store on it and yeah. One of the cool things is so you’re in the app you can go to the gps settings bike and screen setup. Go to my mountain bikes. I noticed one little glitch i had yesterday on one of my screens here i had clock in clock listed twice, so i had two things telling me what my ride time was, so i can change that to all sorts of they have tons of options that you Can do average speed average heart yadda, yadda yadda? I mean tons of information that you can put on there, so i think i will just change that to distance save and done. The other cool thing is the offline maps uh. The macro gps did not have offline maps or anything like that. It just gave you a breadcrumb trail, so i can go down to navigation and offline maps use just a second to think sometimes so these grayed out areas are where i already have so let’s go to my in laws. We’Re heading out there later on and see ya download a map of this area. Sure download it takes just a little bit of time for it to download yep, make sure it’s on for my type of settings and once it downloads, you just click a little thing to send it over to your gps, really easy, really intuitive.

I didn’t even really read the directions and i was able to figure out so yeah it’s, really nice it’s, uh yeah. So there it just went all right. So granby, partial ward colorado send a gps bam and you can see on the gps screen. Hopefully that it’s doing a little sync and it only takes a couple of seconds really minute tops, depending on the size of the the map that you’re putting on there. But it gives you all the roads. It also shows a lot of the trails uh. It was really great yesterday with the borah epic it’s, roughly 35 miles, primarily single track, mountain bike, ride, race event and there’s, a lot of atv trails and some gravel roads that go around through the course and they all showed up. So that way, if whatever reason you had to bail out had a mechanical, you crashed got hurt or something like that. The map showed all that information as well, so that was really great uh. I know some of these things sometimes it’s hard to get trails on there, but yeah design their maps. Everything seem to be doing really good. With that so yeah there you have it it’s, a wonderful, wonderful, little device yeah my phone says it’s still uploading, but the gps went back to normal uh 150 dollars. I mean really for that price. I really think that you can’t beat it in the you can swipe your screens, so many different ways really easy to customize it through your phone right here bring up a map.

Oh, it wants to have a navigation map, see yeah yep, so yeah here’s, my neighborhood, and you can just hold that and it’ll change your scale. The only thing that i don’t like about it is uh. You know like the lap menu and back and enter or print it on the sides on the old one it’s printed up on the top on the face when you’re really tired, you’re on a long ride. Just having that helps, i don’t know how many times i’ve hit the wrong button i’m trying to cycle through something you know it says lasign on it in three different places: uh guys we get it it’s a design computer. So i guess maybe if they could have just had that information here on the sides on the face that would be a little bit nicer. You can also mount it on your mount that way or that way, landscape or portrait. I always do a portrait for ours. We use the out front mounts they’re, really, nice. It also comes with just a regular mount uh, like kind of some rubber bands that goes on your handlebar or your stem, but for a couple extra bucks you can get a an out front mount and it just then stays perfectly centered in front of our uh Stem so there you have it uh lezyne super pro gps. I’Ve have a couple months with this one now and i really really enjoy it pairs up perfect.

With our bond trigger uh cadence sensors that we have on our domanes. We have the lasign heart rate monitors.