The features that are just targeted at us swimming welcome back team i’m, gemma from stag fitness and each week we will bring you reviews of the latest fitness tech and workouts. So don’t forget to hit the like button and please consider subscribing Music. The classic model features an italian leather, strap and the sports model features a silicon strap both look really stylish, but there is a difference in price, the classic version retails at 229, pound 99 and the sports version retails at 179.99 corruptions in the classic version, are either A dark, bronze bezel with a paloma case, an italian leather band or a cream gold bezel with a black case, an italian leather band or light gold bezel with a white case and italian leather band. Colour options for the sport version are either a cream gold bezel. With case and silicon band or rose gold bezel with a light sand case and silicon band or midnight orchid bezel with deep orchid case and silicon band, i personally like the midnight old conversion just because i’m all into my dark colors. Anyway. Let me know what version you like and drop it in the comments box below with all color options. It also allows you to have a stylish pattern lens or a smart touch screen just at the flick of your wrist. Garmin have gone, but a classic. Looking stylish watch that will also allow you to track what you need with your health stats, but also stay connected Music weight wise.

The lily comes in at 24 grams in both versions and also has an up to five day. Battery life activity and tracking features include the usual step, counter calories, burned, distance, traveled and intensity minutes, but also an auto goal, feature that learns your activity level and then assigns daily step goals, fitness and gym equipment. It also features a few options: there’s strength, cardio, yoga, stair, stepping just to name a few, but there’s also an automatic rep counter in there that will track each repetition and there’s. Also a tracker for your respiration rate. During exercises that you need to use your breath. Work such as yoga, but only works when you select yoga or breath work what options its running features will allow you to track your running on a treadmill or outside. It will also track your gps distance time and pace, but you have to be connected to gps. It also provides real time number of steps per minute. The lily watch will also track cycling and swimming just select the options. Another feature of the lily watch is: it will track your body battery, which is tracking your body’s energy levels, so you can find the best times for activity and rest. The rock also constantly samples your heart rate and can be set to alert you if it stays too high or too low. Another great feature about the lilly watch. Is it tracks your stress levels? You can also find out, if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day, and then you can also set relax reminders with short breathing activities.

Now, ladies, this watch can track women’s health. You do also need to use the garmin connect app to track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy, but you can also use the watch to log symptoms, get exercise and nutrition, education and much more. Another really useful feature is hydration tracking. I need this app. You can log your daily fluid intake on your watch, sets hydration reminders and even create goals. All of the previously mentioned features and much more, are great. The features on this watch, but you can also stay connected. It will send you text alerts, email alerts, calendar alerts, you can also respond to texts as long as you have an android phone. Another amazing feature about this watch is its safety and tracking feature. This feature when paired to a phone will allow you to send assistant alerts to a live location, to a selected number of contacts Music. The garmin lily watch really does look the part for a lightweight smartwatch that is crammed with features. The only dilemma when picking this watch is designed on colours and if you wanted to go with the classic or spark version.