, however there's a whole different and upgraded version of the firmware inside this one that we're going to talk about today. First of all, we got to try to get it out of the box. Wow. Look at that. Okay, the strap is only hooked on one side where the camera is and it's loose on this one, so that i guess you can connect it on your own. This is going to be a creative unboxing. We literally have to get the band out of the box and we did, but then it's got to come out of the slot. Whoa okay, well bear with me. You'Re gon na have to go through this too i'm gon na have to undo this part in order to get this part, it looks like to fit through here so that we can quick connect. This one right here show you how fast it is you line up the pin here, you press it back slide it in move it around till it connects, and there you go beautiful watch. We uh have reviewed the cospet uh prime 2 before, as you know, so this is going to be a overview more of the heart of the software and firmware uh in this one notice that there is a plastic cover on the back as well as that pseudo Watch face on the front, get it started and roll it don't pick at the actual glass cover or plastic cover itself like uncle.

Just did right now. You don't want to do that. Roll it off. Okay, you'd be much better off uh charging dock. Here, look at that carbon fiber back and you notice there's no sim card slot place for water to get in here rated ip67, so it should be pretty darn good. I know we're getting into the review and first i got to tell you where you can get it. We'Ve got a couple of wonderful sources for you, it's being uh sold through tom top and i've got a listing here. I know the price is kind of high but i'm going to have a coupon discount i'm sure for you, it's the lock, matt app llp pro so check the show notes for the link from tomtop there's. Also, an aliexpress special lock mat app llp store. Now they use that because that's pretty much the branding for the high end, android, watches there's, also a lock mat store because they also produce other watches. Besides android but it's, the app llp official storage, you want to look for. They got a range in here depending on the band notice. This has a metal one on here, i'm, going to show you that so you can choose which version you want again in the show notes, and i will have coupons for you for this as well. Spec wise now going through them quickly because, like i said, we've already taken a look at the basic hardware on this one stuffed with four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage, plenty of what you're going to need in a watch.

It really is it's a 2.1 inch. Full touch screen 480 by 480 seems like relatively low resolution when you're looking at some of the amoled watches out there, but it also means uh that you'll be able to have some nice good size fonts on it. It'S, clear it's good enough to read: it's sharp you know, but not crystal sharp, like it would be with a higher resolution. It does have bluetooth five that's, a major feature for when you're tethering, your earbuds or whatever you get nice long, uh capability with that you got the full um range of networks available, wi fi for both 5g and 2.4 g you're, going to find some of the Watches new android watches coming out are only supporting 2.4, not a big deal, because all your modems have both but uh it's good that they're speccing that now you got gps and uh. These other combinations of um location services available and um the operating systems android 10. On this one, which is the brand new way that we're working with these uh android watches you've got a 6762 octa core processor and even the ability to put it in performance mode, so it's like turbocharged, you know if you're going to play games on this thing. 13.00 well actually it's a 12.6 but rounded to 13 megapixel autofocus, reversible camera, and that means it'll flip up and down. And you can uh software reverse the image for whether you're taking a selfie or a long distance.

A 600 milliamp hour battery with a standby time of 40 hours, which is decent and working time. They claim of three days about three hours to charge it all. These languages supported here's some uh other information, ip67 water resistant, don't, dunk it under water, but just about anything else, washing hands. No hot water don't take a shower with it all of that. Okay, once again, tom top and lock matt are your sources for uh. This particular watch now last little bit before we finished what's in the box. This is the camera module and it's uh delicate, so be careful. You see here underneath i don't know if you can that's where the wires go in, and we have had reports that if you get water up into this area, it could go into the watch so again, really careful on the water it's not fully waterproof two buttons. The sim card goes here instead of on the back the microphone's there and the speaker is hiding right here, underneath the front strap. So guess what folks, when you have it on, if it's on your left, arm and you're on a phone call or something and it's noisy around, all you got to do is put this up to your ear and the speaker's right. There really perfect placement not on the bottom, where it could get possibly wet from sweat, but right there you want to see it on well, i'll, start it up and then we're going to take a look at what else is in the box comes up with the Lock, mat logo.

We have a user's manual. This is the little thing that it was supposed to be wrapped around and hooked up with uh. So maybe yours will come completely hooked up. I guess mine mine was dangling and you saw what that did. We'Ve got the charging cable here, Music. There you go nice, i love their logo uh. This is the little tool to eject the sim, not put it in the speaker hole, but you can eject the sim right there, okay and um. That was supposed to be. I think in the other bag – oh there's, another one, so i got two of them: they throw all this stuff together and then this is the charging cable and one word about this: if you're a watch collector, this has got reversed polarity, so don't mix this cable Up with your other watches, because you're going to find that the wiring is backwards, especially the power and you don't want to zap either this watch or another watch if you plug it in okay, so we just booted up we're going to accept english. However, i'll just show you quickly what all the other languages are in here and they're: extensive they're getting more and more translations, not just in a language but as you can see, there's derivations for certain areas of these languages, in english and portuguese, spanish and so forth. And now we come over here and then we come over here, so these really are uh full universal watches that they're doing now, these android watches english was selected so i'm going to hit the check mark you get here now so that you can download the uh.

The app that you're going to tether this thing to – and this is a new graphite app that we're not familiar with yet it's a work in progress. You can kind of see that little icon there, you can download it from there or check the show notes. Of course, have the link to the play store google play store where you can download it after you download it. You tether it by using the qr code, unique to the watch. It'Ll say in the app put it, you know: put the camera over it and that'll link you up and when you're done you're paired and then you can come back out of that into your watch faces and stuff. You can do all that later, so you can skip through it. Just like you saw me, do now we're going to take a look at the manual you like this better than i'm mixing up doing it and playing with all the stuff we've got to get out of the way, i hope so trying something different here's. The the manual and there's the basic information again on the app and how you get into it, some of the layout information of what you're going to see and that's it wow. Okay, then we're into chinese and a variety of other languages. So quick manual and let's do this: i've only got 43 right out of the box, so i highly recommend when you get yours, plug it in charge it to a hundred percent for a couple of reasons, it's good to start there, but it also helps to calibrate The reading for the battery of your percentage you want to drain it down, then charge it back up when it gets down to about ten or twenty percent charge it up to eighty to a hundred percent cycle.

It is what they call and that'll help make sure that you're getting a more smooth and accurate uh battery reading. You see, i got ta touch it quickly, because it's set for like 15 seconds timeout, which keeps me talking fast here's, your brightness, there's, full, bright and dim, is really really damn great for nighttime and also for longer battery life. I keep it on about a 1 to do the reviews. Gps is activated when you get it out of the box, but all the others aren't. This is to silent uh. The watch go into quiet mode. This is your twist your wrist to see the time that activates bluetooth, for when you tether it, either to your headphones or to the tethering app. And, of course, this sets up wi fi and that, if you have a sim card in it will give you cellular data. Any of these. You can get into like this by pressing hard and it'll show you all of your network stuff in your area, and this is where you would tie into your network. Oh, and if i just grab one and i come in here, i can show you. This is what the keyboard layout looks like and it's pretty responsive and accurate. The tricky thing i get is that period in there it's going to try to get in, of course, that wasn't a real password, but once you're connected to the internet, you're good to go, could not connect yeah, okay, so that was from here and then one more.

You have this clean up thing, which doesn't really work it's being eliminated. I think from future versions of most of the firmware, but it looks cute doesn't it yeah something to show off to your friends when you swipe to the left you're going to get your notifications there here and when you swipe up you're. Getting into your step. Count: information, distance, traveled and summary over the past several days we haven't set time or date on this. Then you got a music player here and you can actually adjust the volume on the music player, which is really great. This is the music in the watch. Remember you got 64 gigs of storage and you can play it either through the speaker or tethered to your headphones, so that's sweet one more once you're on the internet and you've got your location and everything is hunky dory. You like that word, yeah i'm, dating myself. This will update with the weather in your area and it'll show your temperature in both fahrenheit and centigrade wow we're pushing through this one here's the app drawer – and here is a fitness section. This is where you activate your fitness, but you want to set this app up actually from here now. Let me tell you something: a little bit different: okay down the road i'm going to do a comparison, video between the prime 2 and the app llp pro, but not today. Today is the shining light on this beautiful watch when we get into it, though you're going to find that the apps are all different, lock, matt decided to say well, what are people likely going to do with their watch and they put those toward the top? So phone contacts and messages are going to be what you're typically going to be using camera yep that's, another big one and play store.

They figure is important and then you'll do the ok, google, oh, i said it. Sorry, no! No don't answer! That'S! Okay! Go back to sleep! Oh i like to say: okay, but not the other word. I had a lot of trouble, triggering people's, stuff, um and then so forth. You got this whole new play movies and tv thing from google that's an app in here. You got. Google chrome, uh basic calendar clock and then settings is way down there. Okay used to be like about the third or fourth, and we always go into settings like initially, which i'm going to do here shortly. Watch face store, desktop settings maps there's your gmail heart rate monitoring face unlock fitness. Here you go when you get into fitness i'm. Just going to take the moment now you notice the icons are different. Now they're like little cartoons instead of the colorful ones, with people on them swipe once here's, where your history will be swipe again and make sure you turn that on use positioning that will tie into the gps so that the app for fitness will use the gps. Even if you come over here and activate your workout from that section, but you got to set it up in the fitness app whether um gallery galleries way down here, but cameras way up there. They used to be close together, but they figure you're not going to get into the gallery until you, anyway, the music player here's, a sound recorder, your file manager and so forth.

You'Ve got a calculator in this one: simple, uh, app store and assistant, optimization real important guys. If you're going to install your own third party, apps and i'm sure you will you're going to find the ones that need to run in the background will stop as soon as the screen goes black. This is how you prevent that one of the biggest questions we get go into clean tasks, it's jumping too fast for me – go into clean tasks. You get this page, make sure that's turned on should be tap again and any third party apps you have put in here will be listed here and they're activated, deactivate them turn them off. That will allow them to run in the background and not close down on you. There safety, the price of admission and your valuable time for watching this review up to this point, because you're going to need to know that the other thing screen lock third party stuff here's, that system work mode where you can go performance but leave it in normal. Unless you really need that longer battery life, cooler watch happier you so just leave it on normal app freeze. Ah, we don't really use that. I don't know a whole lot about it. It'Ll help save power and unblock things, and it shows some of them that you could do it too, but i'm not familiar with it. I'Ve never really used it, but you did see something there and i want to call that to your attention too.

In just a moment, you saw a lot of the google stuff first of all, here's app store. I got to be on the network, but that lets you download facebook and whatsapp, but that's about it and assistant. This is where you're tying to your phone for tethering to the app you can now turn it off so it's not constantly pulling bluetooth and trying to connect and reach out and burning up your battery, so really really good that that feature is now in here too. Deactivated, if you do activate it, then you get your qr code uh to tether to your phone once you're tethered. You have all these different things that you can do: okay, but if you're not going to do that, leave it off, even if you are doing that, leave it off if you don't need it like at night and whatnot. Okay, i mentioned about the google thing. I want to come all the way back here to phone and show you that you don't just get the phone with the sim card anymore. It'S. Activating the google phone thing for voice over internet learn all about how you can set up a google uh phone thing and um, and and do it because now you've got it on the watts. So if you're in wi fi, you can be doing your phone calling from here, you can have all of your contacts brought over from your google account and here with all the other information you put with them like birthdates or whatever you've got uh messages, which is Not just sms texting but it's the whole google message thing also really new, really cool and we're.

Seeing the migration in this firmware to other watches, that'll be coming out so it's a wave of the future to give you guys in a quasi sense what you wanted. Broader access to the phone without having to put the sim card in again, you can be connected wi, fi and another great way to do. This is if you're out and about and don't want to put in a sim put your phone in wi fi hotspot and then come into wi fi here and connect to your phone and just keep your phone in your car in your pocket. Wherever you backpack, you know, and, and you get all that capability of using the google connectivity over wi fi, because you'll be tethered to your phone by wi fi and your phone is tethered to the internet by cellular. Instead of your phone watch being done connected by cellular longer battery life, lower power drain and better connectivity, but yeah, you got to have your phone with you, but most of the time you do if you want that convenience of on your arm connectivity. This is how you get it heart rate. Monitor is basic on this stuff. You get the flashing diodes that'll happen here. It wasn't fast enough. There you saw there, you go looking for my arm all that kind of stuff, and everything else is similar, if not identical to what you've seen uh already so face unlock is on this one. Google maps is on this one by the way, when you're, in an app like this and it's in the square.

You guys remember that you can press and hold here and change to circle and square, except for most of the google apps. They have been restricted to being in square only so to get the circle ones. Your third party apps, and things like that, will do that, but notice. If you go in circle, you're gon na lose access to the corners and what does google love to do? Put everything that you need to get to in the corners, which is why you're seeing that that's been deactivated for gmail and the mapping and all the other different kind of things now, as for settings, they're pretty much the same as what you've seen on all the Other android 10 watches and we covered him extensively. But i do want to call your attention to a couple of things. If you're new come down in here to sound scroll, all the way down to the bottom and you'll notice that you have dial pad and power on, sounds when you touch that button. I turn these off. Okay, when you touch this button up here to silent your mode, quiet mode offer on it will not affect the dial tone sounds and the startup and shutdown sounds so i've always turned mine off after i've enjoyed it to begin with. That way, it's not going to annoy you if you're turning it on or off at an awkward time, so that's something in settings and then overall, your network is the same.

Your connected devices on this one is just bluetooth and when you put the cable connected to your computer, it will automatically launch into thumb, drive mode in the past. You had to have usb and set it for file transfer in the newer firmwares. You will need to do that. So just remember. Look in the connected devices area for a usb connection, if you're going to be doing file transfers like your apps side, loaded or your custom watch faces, but on this one plug and play it just goes straight in everything else, pretty much the same storage location! Your google stuff and then about the watch you tap into here, check your wireless updates right there and when you go down to the bottom, you check your build number and you notice i'm, on version 1.0 of uh may 18 2021 and check your firmware to see. If it's the same or newer to see, if there may be some differences in your watch, okay, uh we've covered that we've covered that we've covered all of this stuff. But we haven't taken a look at the watch faces which are unique to lock mat, which are really really cool. This one is uh, really sweet. You'Ve got this animation going on in the middle, but when you touch it guess what it actually launches the camera and there i am and everything is upside down. So i touch that and i can flip it over. I touch this and i touch.

What do i touch that one? Oh i'm, thinking? How do i change cameras? Well on this watch? You change cameras by tilting it up. Oh see, it's upside down. Now i can reverse it now. It'S flipped this way. So any writing that you see like user's man. Oh no user's mail is going to be the right way. Oh, i thought it was going to be backwards. Oh, this is cool, so this takes pictures selfies the correct way that if there's any signs in the background, they're going to look right instead of being left handed or flipped around, so you get that you do it this way and then, when you flip it down That way, it's up right for the proper view there. These other things are just adjustments. If you can see them that you can make for your background, brightness or color saturation. All of those things not going to go through a lot of testing of the camera right now we already did that it's, the same exact camera on the prime2, and i want to get through this review. This is going to launch your fitness stuff um when you tap it it's an active screen. First time unlocks it second time unlocks the screen, because it it locks up the second time, activates it if it looks like it's sluggish it's, not it's, because it's locked and then boom boom, and i can unlock it. And that takes you to your phone, which is the google app, so you can make and do all your calling and checking and everything it's really good.

Great great watch face there, camera that that that you got four different, active things. Then you got a few other watch faces. This is the fun little one that they put in branded. Lock, mat it's going to give you your power level as well, and you've got this great animated face too it's not touch sensitive, that it follows you or anything like that, but it is an active wallpaper in the background some simple watch faces are in here as Well and i won't walk through all of them, but i'll just show you kind of from the thumbnail the full portfolio of what you've got there and there here's one. This one is a static one: okay, not actually animated same with that one that's static, this one too they're just pretty designs with the time on them that one as well, it looks like they did, have an active animated background, and then they took some screenshots of It and that's it now when you get here, you hit the plus sign if you're on the internet, you'll get the directory of the watch faces, uh, like all the android watches, and you could download any that you want remember. If you're going to sideload any watch faces custom, design, ones or even after you do this it's a good idea to hit that little curved arrow. It kind of resequences the whole watch face directory and we'll. Take you back and put put everything in the right order.

So you don't get a glitch or your watch to hang or any of that kind of stuff and that's the watch faces. So a couple of more things to show you. This is the metal band, and this is what it looks like on what the heck is. Mr ticks doing with two of these, and why didn't he give me one for free. I keep asking him. Ah, sorry guys i got ta hold on to it, because we got some special things coming up regarding firmware flashing to these watches that i need a second one to be able to compare to uh the original this one. This watch band is one of the two options that you'd have from the uh: lock mat uh store, that's the difference in the price and that's. What you see here and that's what you can select. So the stock fan pretty much looks like this, and the upgrade band looks like this, and i also have an option for you. If you want to get uh their removable bands, any kind of a custom watch band, one of our sponsors called straps co – has got some great ones. When you look at the review of the prime two you'll see one that i've got, it's got three holes on the side, with red accent on it that comes from straps co. So i'll have the link to scraps co for you as well, and you can take a look at it.

One last thing that the guys at lock mat sent out to share with you. Is this and i haven't even looked at it yet, but it looks like it's. A tempered glass watch screen protector that you peel off and it is set for a 50 55 7 millimeter let's. Take a look. I got. Wipes i've got glue sticker that you're going to use there's a dust absorber, so there's a whole process. You make it really really clean. Take off the dust. Get these guide sticker things going and inside here is the actual glass screen protector that will fit on this watch. Yeah i'll have a link in the show notes for this product uh, so that, if you want to add it to your your shopping cart, you can now. It has a little screen protector on here. A little plastic kind of thing – maybe maybe glass i'm, not sure, but this is an extra one. This is a thick one and if you're investing almost a couple of hundred dollars in your watch, you really might want to take extra care to protect it. And there are products that you can get that are custom designed at the right diameter to fit. This watch that's it gang last thing: again: you can pick it up through the aliexpress uh outlet from the loch matt, app llp official store, or you can jump over to tomtop and pick it up from them as well. Both of these guys are great sponsors, they're, helping us out here by giving us these samples that we can show.

You allows this kind of a review to go on and future ones where we can do some comparisons and where we can actually show you. The differences between upgraded international firmware that's coming out for this one and the actual company firmware that's in the watch. Do stay tuned.