We are a youtube channel on the web. At smart watch, ticks comm and I know you're confused. I really really know that. I feel that, and the last thing you need to see is another watch that looks like all the rest. That is different but the same, but I got to do it for you. This is Lokmat. This is their brand new lock mat zero one! Well, not really brand new, but it's new to us. Let'S put it that way and I've got it here for you to unbox, but first of all I got ta show you that you can pick this up directly from the tom top there's. A story behind that website have a link directly to this page and discount coupon in the bottom, and why Tom top up here, because believe it or not. When you go there, there's, no, where it says Tom top on the website and I talked to them and they said oh yeah yeah. We replaced our logo with the 1111 thing. Well, I'm producing this video. Now I can't wait for them to put their logo back on so in the high tech system that I use called penmanship. I just wrote it in for you what's inside this one, and why is it maybe the one you want alright let's go through it. It'S, a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED display 4G SmartWatch yeah, seen it all before. It'S got all the basic specs it's got the standard sized battery, nothing new there! Well, nothing! You can really pick out from the specs three gigabytes: 32 gigabytes, Android 7, one the same Mt.

36, what is a 67' processor yeah languages are all supported and it's. The same thing we've always seen, which you're about to see when I unbox it, but there's, two or three little twists in here. That might make this one just right for you, alright. First of all is the presentation. Obviously it is put in it's a little raised up now because I had it out and I shoved it back in, but there's a pillow in there that is holding it up. The presentation is just beautiful. So, if you're thinking of a SmartWatch for a gift, this is one of the better ones to get instead of a black box that just says, SmartWatch and everything's been thrown in there as we've seen most of them come so lokmat does good presentation when you lift It up you get it all out on a plate, it's all in here with its own little pillow, which actually is a handy thing to have. If you want to set it up at night and wrap it around its own pillow it's got a nice sturdy, thick TPU band that you have to undo from the case in order to remove the watch to even be able to use it here, it is it's, Got a bright red little mark at the bottom, a 45 60 and over here is the 15 mark right by the camera, return and power and with one camera on the side, it's very, very similar to a lot of the watches we've had here prior to those Two camera ones coming out, so if you really don't need the face, camera you're happy with no camera or one.

This is a possibility. Let'S take a look at what comes in the box there's a manual we'll. Look at that. There is a insert thing here that has a box on the side when you open, that is, where they're hiding the little charging wire and a tiny little screwdriver and, of course the screwdriver is meant for your use in taking off the cover for the sim. Now notice, here, first of all, here's a big difference from what we've seen the sim cards gon na go in this way: okay, not sideways. So the watch is thick enough to accommodate the SIM card all the way between here and the screen, and you do that. Unscrewing it and screwing it back so it's off to the side and it's sealed very nicely. The charging ports are here, here's the cover for the little diodes for your heart rate sensor. We can pick that off as well. It'S got a carbon fiber bottom to it. At least the impression is there and tapered on the side: there's, not a huge bump up for the sensor, which is nice it's, laying kind of close and flat down there. You'Ve got two buttons: the camera a cover over the screen and the screen is nice and flat against the bezel. You see that there, okay, the bands – are not removable, that's, something that you may think about or not. You can see easily that the antennas are in the band's.

Some watches come with removable bands makes it easier to make it for a pocket watch or change out the the bands this one liked a lot of the earlier ones. The bands are secured in here and then, of course, the charging cable is your standard four pin magnetic type which latches on, but not very strongly on this one it's a weak connection, it's actually kind of easy for it not to be in there straight and you Can'T lie this down: another good reason, maybe for having the pillow, so you can try to line the charger up and make sure you've got a connection all in all it's, not a good overall connection, though there's better ones, better ways, but it's, not a doc. It is a connector like this, so last thing to do. Show you the manual before we jump into this whole thing. This sides all Chinese and then English starts about halfway through the instruction manual disclaimer the tools and things that come with it. Your overall process for tethering it uses the Y watch to app like all of these. Do we have an entire video on how to do tethering and how to set that up. You would watch that because we're not going to go through that today here it just let be it known that it uses exactly the same system. You'Re gon na scan a QR code that shows up on the watch and that'll, say: you'll tether and pair it's, using the nano SIM there's, your charging connector a little bit about how you shut it down app functionality in this Quick Menu description.

This is where all those little buttons are that you can turn Wi, Fi, it's, stuff on and off airplane mode, a warranty and that's it all right, let's, clear it out and start up. It'S clearly indicated on the watch. The bottom button is power. Long press will activate it. It lights up with the lokmat logo, as we've seen on many of the other ones, while it's coming up. Let me slip it on, so you can get a feel for what it looks like it is on the thicker side. When you add all those layers up, but in general it's, a 1.3 inch standard, Android watch, it's, pretty much edge to edge display we'll, see that a little clearer after it's fully lit up mainly because there's, a big bezel, that's kind of overlapping. The edges of the screen and not extending out from it so that helps keep the overall size a little bit lower, while at the same time giving you good edge to edge there yeah it. I know it looks black all around here and it is get the reflection. You can actually see the bezel where the glass is where the bezel markings are and where the watch itself is it lights up, of course, with their canned logo, some some of them logo branded watch faces that come stock. This is interesting in that you've got a nice black one and remember animal dead screens. The darker it is the better battery life you're going to get because each pixel is lit up.

The black ones are not using any power. So if you put a watch face like this on you're gon na get better overall battery life and so forth, just a good selection, a lot of them are stock ones, we've seen before taken from the community and modified or not to be put on the watch And when you're tethered or connected to Wi Fi, you can scroll all the way to the end, which we are eventually getting there and there's a little plus sign, and you can tap that plus sign and activate the server and from the server. You have a couple of hundred more watch faces that you can scroll through and download here or you can tether the watch to the W i watch and you can access them from there as well. Here'S an example of one of the watch faces that you can pull down from the server I've installed this earlier, because it's a nice clean one I like on here, somehow it doesn't make the screen seem too small. It just kind of integrates well okay enough about that. The layout is exactly the same as we're used to you. Have all the different features in here see some of the other reviews. If you want to know what those are music player, one more is a whether you come here. You'Ve got your notifications on this side up here. You'Ve got all your step count of pedometer information, so mr.

Dix what's different all right. Let me show you first of all here in the fitness section, this particular watch is fully integrated with GPS. That'S been an issue on a lot of the Android watches and these older looking ones the ones that don't have the two cameras kind of the new Janus generation of watches that some have some don't have that integration, most of them don't and they're, trying to work On a solution and blah blah blah, this actually has it. So when you activate the fitness to stock Fitness and, of course, it's not changing because I'm not moving around, but it has that in it, it has the long over meaning. You have to press and hold all the way till it comes back here and then you save it and if you've got a track on it, you would slide into that. Well, you know what you have to kind of go into that from the actual fitness app. This is just a quick way of getting into each of the things. So let me take you down here to fitness, the actual fitness app which is way down here. There you go. Did you guys see the one that went by? I know you did that's unique to this one: okay, we come over here and there's the fitness and one more is where you can turn on and off GPS, and when you come in here and you slide all the way down to your historical track, it's gon Na bring up Beijing okay, I didn't do it long enough to get a tract and it's not bringing up the Google Maps.

So, although it's connected with GPS it's not connected all the way for it to generate the map in your area and use Google Maps to do it, this is the bye door or whatever a different mapping system that they're doing on this one. Hopefully, we'll see that integrated into it in the future, because it should just be a firmware update, but the version of the firmware is actually in the watch. You could delete the track right here. Okay, that's one thing is the integration of Fitness, with GPS for your distance and for your pace and for your speed and even sort of for your tracks, but you're not seeing the track. So if you, you don't, really care about seeing the tracks on a watch. But you want accurate distance measurements for running and cycling and walking and those kind of things, then this is a good one, but what it's got unique as we scroll up here? Are these two apps here? One is a barometer which is your relative height and barometric pressure, now it's measuring since the last time. It knew where I was that I'm 24 meters higher than I was. I can hit the reset. It sets it now that this is baseline and over. Here is your current barometric pressure now the way it works. It has a sensor built into it that the other ones don't have that measures the actual barometric pressure. So if I go down 30 feet 50 feet a hundred feet.

If I climb a mountain I'm gon na see a slight change in this, probably out of the long decimals here. So you won't see this change much, but you'll see your overall height change, which is really nice and that's here in the barometer the barometric pressure. Far as other things, all of them, you see how smooth that is, contacts phone messaging settings browser downloads – all these are the same there's, your camera for the side, camera sure I'll show it to you. We come in here we get a picture. I take a picture and I could shoot a video and I'm doing this just so, I can show you some stuff there's the video and I stopped that save it. Now we can come over or go into the video you probably can't, hear if there is sound coming out but there's the video you go into details and it shows you its HD right, 1280 by 720 standard from what we've seen with all the other ones. Here'S. The still picture, double tap, double tap again: double tap to go back pinch and zoom does not work, but you have the triple double tap and detail. Shows you 20 by 2560, which is 5 megapixels when you multiply that out up interpolated from a 2 megapixel camera stock and standard on everything else that we've seen so nothing really outrageous to write home about for camera or gallery music and sound recorder file manager. Heart rate weather voice, church search: this is the Google Play Store it's in all of these when you're set up on the internet.

With your account, you can download any Android apps Google Maps works assistant. Is the assistant actually to connect with your phone when you tap that you got the QR code? So if you don't do that at the beginning, when you're first turning this thing on and getting a set up, this is where you find it. If you want to connect to your phone to tether it to that WI iWatch to app and when you're in here, these are all the special things that you can do, while tethering okay there's that barometer again, you got a calculator Fitness and the App Store is Not the Google Play Store it's a special app store with just these five four or five different apps in here that you can download without having to log into the Google Play Store. So what do we got? We'Ve got an Android smart watch, three gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of memory, tethered it'll, do push notifications and such the two things that are unique about it. That set it apart are, first of all, is integrated with the fitness app to GPS, which only a few are at this point, and it has a built in barometer, which also gives you out tude from where your current location is, or you can. You know set it lower and measure it higher, whatever, whatever you want and it it does seem to be pretty accurate in terms of that. Okay. So where can you get it from Tom top? They are sponsoring the Lokmat line and they've sent us the Lokmat l.

Okay, zero one AMOLED displayed watch, oh oh, I don't, know let's, check and see you wanted to know. If it does the always time huh, okay, let's go into settings, let's go to display sure enough, see there there's a switch. You can turn it on or off for the always time display now. What is that in case, you don't know when the watch is in the actual time mode and it times out because of whatever setting you put on there 15 seconds to 30 minutes or you turn it off mm hmm, which is down here instead of going black. You see how it flipped around and came into a very soft ambient display, that's the always time mode, and there was a window about a year ago and all these watches. That was the rave, and this is that same analog type of a watch face that the always time was a big thing. Then it kind of went away. Then it kind of come back sort of in anyway. Here it is, it is implemented in this watch, which is another nice feature. You have to activate it to get it back to the main one, but then when it goes off takes a moment and then it comes back, but it pops back really quickly to the regular display. These buttons are backwards from what I'm used to usually the power and all that's up here when you press and hold this one is where you bring up this screen that you can make that a square to show your third party apps in a little square or Circle and they'll fill the screen.

You can go to your recent tasks and delete things that you've been looking at and, of course, from that again it's, not the talk when it's the bottom one you can either reboot or power off the watch from that point as well.