Greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web at inside here i've got a camo outdoors rugged ocean. Smart watch what's the ocean i'm glad you asked. I just happen to have information here for you: it's, a smart watch band for women or men built in fitness, tracker outdoor heart rate, monitoring all that good stuff and very inexpensive we're. Looking at about 20 bucks also comes in white and black spec wise. The features to highlight is the darn thing is waterproof ip68 and they say even five atm, which means yeah. You can swim with. It, do all kinds of stuff: multiple sport activities, walking running and so forth. We'Ll, take a look at that and phone call reminder and message reminder when you're tethered to your phone now you won't be able to answer and make calls and do all that stuff, but you get reminders about them, which is really really good. 180 milliamp hour rechargeable battery single touch on this. That means not multi touch and all kinds of things, but just a simple single touch screen on it. Um app time class reminder silent alarm, clock, sedentary reminders, meeting, reminders, power, saving mode. You get to lift your wrist to see the time. Of course, here you go. Standby duration is about a week and two to three days of normal use: heart rate, detection, uh, exercise, time, heart rate and continuous heart rate. Monitoring it's got a stopwatch, find phone dial.

Switching um all that good stuff and here's a bunch of different uh languages that are supported on the watch as well. That is the um. The new lock mat time sport watch, which they're calling the ocean so let's dive in take a look at it in the typical, really fancy red box, uh packaging that locknet has been notorious for for their android smart watches we pop in here and see we have A support thing, then you got to take the band off. Otherwise you just rip through this, so it's a good way to test the patience of people see if they can take it off without tearing it and you get to the watch. It'S got obviously a little cover. Oh, what does it say, it's giving us directions on here. If you can read the fine print or not, but there's four buttons on it and it looks like you can swipe the screen so we'll take that off here. Oh wow there's even writing on the screen itself. Huh. I haven't seen that much uh before ocean, like i said two buttons, two buttons you've got the uh. Oh yeah, look at this. You you've seen my little one minute tips and tricks videos. I hope i got a whole playlist up there for you, and one of the tips and tricks is to make sure you take off all the plastic covers on all of the places that have them, including the heart rate diode.

This looks like it's got two metal plates, which is usually what you find for ecg, although i didn't see that called out on this watch screws everywhere on it really rugged band again in camo, but you can get it in black or white inside the box itself. Now wow it's all sealed up a box within a box. This is fun for a gift. Look at that there's, a charger wire, and this looks like it's uh. The standard two pin magnetic coupled usb on one end charger on the other that connects in i'm. Getting better, i usually get it backwards and it's strong enough to hold it, but not really in place, so yeah make sure you've got it uh secure when you hook it in to charge it which we're gon na do in a minute before we turn it on And then the beautiful colorful manual wow all right. It talks immediately about an app download and it's, giving you a qr code that you can scan to download day band on the google play store or ios and that's. What you're going to want to install on your phone and that's how you're going to tether the watch to your phone? All right, let's! Give you a look on the screen! Freeze frame it! If you want to to go into detail of what we're talking about here's the on off and reset functions, then the bluetooth action to get you bluetooth over to your phone uh huh and a find a device then notices.

This looks like it's covering a lot of stuff that's in the app itself. Heart rate monitoring motion, monitoring, hmm there's, the twister is to see the time most of this is common basic stuff, but i know a lot of you guys are brand new to smart watches, and so we try to you know, cover everything at all different levels and It'S a little bit hard, but it makes the the reviews a little bit longer. You'Ve got drinking water. Sedentary reminders do not disturb moats, so it won't wake you up in the middle of the night to exercise and precautions and then we're into another language altogether and on the back is a warranty card and some more qr codes that you can scan related to that. So well, we need to charge it up. I guess and then we'll check it out for you well here. It is on definitely a larger watch, of course, because it's all ruggedized – you saw on the little sticker on here that we press and hold the top button for a few seconds, and then it should pop onto the screen vibrates and there you go with one of The first uh watch faces nice and bright white against black should be easy to see. Outdoors i've got the twist your wrist to see the time activated to change the displays. You simply tap here, here's another one which a lot more detail. The time is small down here, but it should show heart rate, step count and i'm, not sure that red bar is active or not battery, whether you're tethered to bluetooth it's.

All here press again we get a different one with some circles and small time on the watch, but nonetheless it's readable, here's, the one with a large vertical time and again, all of your other data is scattered around and now i'm back to the one we started With so the layout of this particular device, you have a back and a forward or up and down button. You have the power on, and this is kind of the return home thing so i'm going to tap this one i'm going to tap it again. Oh no! This one cycles through the watch faces that we saw if i tap the bottom one it turns it off and it turns it on now once it's on, i tap on the side, and it takes me to training messages, find your phone heart rate, blood pressure, a Function area and back to time, and of course the other button would take you back the other way. Oh take that back, it's taken us to something else here it looks like uh. Actually, it looks like it jumped into the blood pressure mode: okay, yeah it's. In a uh, i believe, continuous blood pressure when we put it on that one, because you see the display is moving. We'Ll show more of that when we get to the app, which is why i kind of recognize that icon let's walk through the different things. Then, when i get here, i get to training i tap here to go into them.

I can change from running to cycling, to badminton, table tennis, regular tennis and back to training we're back out to that upper level. Now so again, going in here. If i activate one of these, like cycling, you're going to get this display with that very tiny, green writing data on here and it's just going to keep running until you press the bottom button, everything else is locked out. I can't press any buttons. I can't swipe up or down by the way the up down swipe emulates the same thing as the buttons i've just been pushing the buttons for you to see. The only way out of it is to press this button here and theoretically now it just saved that whole routine took a long time to figure that out guys and how do i get out of it? I don't know how you can't really pause it, but you can end it and you do it that way, so, that's all the different training, uh things that are available and we went into it here running cycling. You saw these other things like badminton or table tennis. I go into that and you get pretty much time heart rate and calories burned and that's about it and then exit out of there. Okay messages or messages pushed from your phone if you're, tethered and there's a representation of the font size um back out of here down to find your phone will just trigger a sound uh.

If you're tethered to your app heart rate, come in here and there you go, we got that tiny little display happening and it's going to give you a heart rate. This, i think, is something they could definitely improve. On. I mean one of the things you probably would like to do is be able to just have this in this mode and see your heart rate, but the fact that it's, so small is a drawback for me i mean, can you see it down there well sure? If you're on your 57 inch tv 4k, but no, the rest of us are having a little challenging time compared to seeing the time display, i mean it's that font is no bigger than these little ones down here and for a major function like that. Well to me: that's, just not not right, um, that's, heart rate uh, then there's blood pressure and again we're going to get tiny little digits here and here it takes a while to do so. I'M not going to waste your time. But just imagine that you'd see numbers there that may or may not be accurate because that hasn't been tested but it's representation of your blood pressure and what else the function area get into functions. And, oh just showing you your version and address information whoops back into that. I think that was it right come in here, let's see! If we can, oh, no, no, we got the brightness where we can set the brightness.

Now. This is weird guys: there's! No! Oh yeah, now it's working, okay, you just use the up and down arrows to to do it before i had to double press these. To get the thing to do: there's the lowest one and there's the highest one and it's pretty decent on high. You can see it outside, especially the white time against the black background i'm running it, i believe, on three for the video to get the best. Color contrast tap again that gets in and out of it, and here we go, we could turn the band off or you long press on the button. We can reset all the data there's, the dayband qr code. You can scan, but again i got the link to the android version of it in the show notes that you can click and go directly over there to download it we'll be looking at that in a minute and then we're back here again, so it just loops Through all of those things in function and we're back to time – and we showed you all – the different watch faces so now, you've seen all the different features of the watch, so let's cover the app you're looking for day band. This is from the google play store. Latest update was june 12th, so they're keeping on top of it pretty good here's. The display of the information let's get our brightness set uh, and this is i've had it on for about a day or so so here's.

The last night's well let's start up here here's our our step count: information in a bar chart broken down by uh each hour, roughly or the segment of time that you walk these different steps and how many calories were burned there. I did 743 steps between 1002 and 10 38 am so i guess as long as you're moving it's gon na record steps and tell you the time frame. It'S gon na give you your overall consumption calories, burned predicted and then, when that happened no big deal here. No big exercising happening so i don't have a whole lot to show you you have weekly totals. You have monthly totals all of that's available. You can go to a particular date on the calendar that you want to, or back to today, all that's in here send it out to various sources, just simply by touching on the master wheel up here, here's our step count again. Uh looks like the same exact thing: um it take us to on that screen. But you've got a little bit of a chart here, showing you some information, here's last night's, sleep time, that's, just kind of a weird graph. You get the whole graph and it's only showing some color sections here without a key to what those colors are. Not quite sure. I understand this one and it also didn't seem to work well. I know i slept more than three hours and 15 minutes it's, not showing me the time supposedly.

Oh, i guess it is when i went to sleep at 2 a.m and i woke up at 5 15. I went to bed about 8 30 last night and it got up maybe about 10 for an hour and then went back to bed again so something's missing here. I only have this one data point i'm, not sure we'd have to test it out, but just to show you the layout of the app. This is what you get you're, not getting rem sleep uh with this one and you're not getting much of a graph, but it does tell you people who slept more than just 2.4 percent uh yeah. I was way down on the insomniac level on this one. All these things are the same: to go to different days, send it out and that's sleep. Then you get your heart rate report and uh when it's low like this, they call it a tranquilization state. I like that, a few beers. I know exactly what they're talking about and then i have some of these that are range. Look at that at 941 i have a maximum and a minimum and i'm going to show you in the continuous test how we calculate that. So a single test is like what you see in these of these points here and it's, a one time test that you can actually activate from the app and it'll trigger the band to do it as long as you're tethered.

But this continuous test is cool. Never seen this before check this out. This might be reason enough to buy this thing. Besides, the cool camo look and all those amazing faces right i'm, going to hit continuous test now. The first thing we got to do once we're in here is hit start down at the bottom. Get that started the band should be automatically uh starting up the diodes and collecting the information, and what you're going to get is the current heart rate here and then a step tier here that shows you, your minimum average and maximum. Yet the elapsed time for your continuous test – and here we go – we get it plotted on a graph, so i'm of course relaxed right now, so you can see i'm in the 85 87 range. If i were exercising, i find i'm on a treadmill or something where i can monitor this thing. I can have this set up and i can look at it. I'Ll be able to see this chart going up and coming down as it goes through. Collecting the data for the real time test and it's running for, however long you let it go and then it's giving you this data okay. So when you're finished we'll just run a minute test on it, we can stop it and it doesn't have to be exact. A minute it could be whatever time you want for your session, but it's going to give you these three numbers for that whole thing: okay, i'm, going to let it go a minute in a couple of seconds and hit stop and that's done.

I come back here there. I have it there's the range here's the chart and you could go to any particular elapsed time second by second, in your hour, long workout follow me and see if, when you get into those um, what do they call an interval training like if you do that, You could see in your interval training your lead and lag and recovery time. All kinds of stuff can be derived from this real time, continuous testing. So i would say this band by itself, for its price is worth getting just. If this is the only thing you basically use on it, it's ruggedized, you could swim with it. You can do all that in order to do this continuous time thing, though you do need to be tethered. So, wherever you're doing it make sure you, when you have your phone with you, while you're uh, while you're doing that workout and that's in the heart rate, then you've got a blood pressure section where it's a static one time measurement. It shows you the data, but you can't get past the two systolic diastolic, which is really all you need. You hit the start button here. It'Ll, do the blood pressure testing for you, it actually switches to that screen right now and when it gives you the blood pressure, number it's going to show up as another entry here now there's no way i saw to adjust your baseline and mine came in two Two times at 120, over 78.

, i don't have any feeling for whether this is accurate or not, and i haven't tested it very much beyond this. I really try to stay away from all of that. There you go 123 over 74. uh it's, really an individual thing. Each of us on our own need to test these things out against our own cuffs and see if it looks like it's working or not we're working with medical stuff, that's very important for you to do it on your own, so that's all i'll say it. It does heart rate, it does blood pressure. You check out the values. Final thing is a training schedule, yay i'm. On my day off, i decided to set monday wednesday friday as my training days, and it gives me information on total number of steps. This week, uh cumulative for one day, i'm supposed to be resting today and so forth. I can go into settings and make some adjustments have training reminders at 8 30 that i need to train starting at nine all that's adjustable, and you can change more of these parameters in the next screen. I'M going to show you. So this is your personal training area, yeah it's simple, but it's, pretty darn good here's, the temperature in your particular area, where the phone is located in sports. You can go into all of these different things and start a run or start a walk or cycling or whatever here's uh an example of one that's here, but i can't go any further since it's, not um going anymore, all you're.

Basically, getting is the computed calories burned for the time, duration and the time that you started it. I don't have anything for these other entries right now, but that's can be done right in the uh watch itself. Then the device here's, your basic tethering stuff, you can set up call reminders sms reminders all that, just simply by touching it, you can set up smart alarms for it activate those sedentary reminders, the duration, the period, how much time in between app reminders. For all of these different apps and you can select more from what's in your phone to push to the band to let you know that you got a reminder for, for any of those things, find your bracelet shake to take a picture. All of that twist, your wrist your on screen time, how long it will be lit up if you activate the screen before it goes off. That'S changeable your universal settings for um, heart rate monitoring, which is real time, heart rate or static, and every two hours automatically test the heart rate and save all kinds of different parameters to go through. Do not disturb your units. Time system that's! Why we're getting it not uh we're, getting it in am pm, and not just 24 hours, which is nice. This one supports it so general stuff and then there's about you uh your name, yours, your uh sporting goals, your overall training plan here's, where i could make tuesday edit it.

I guess, make tuesday a day. Well, whatever we're back kinda to the same thing, um, you can change stuff around and again there's your totals for it i'm, not sure why i'm not able to edit it off the fly, but i set it up, so it should be editable background activity permissions. This tells you how you set it up for running in the background for your particular phone, helping about and that's the app and that's the band it's called the ocean and it's from lock mat and lock mat time is the official aliexpress store that's offering this to To us today, camo it looks like rainbow white. You can choose what you want. The band does not seem to be removable or interchangeable and it's color coordinated with the body of the watch itself. So pick your color and that's. What you're going to get all in all i like it it's a fun simple, does what it does? I really like the continuous heart rate capability and the way you can go back and analyze your heartbeat minute by or second by second over a timed duration that's, a good feature of this one, nice bright screen, ruggedized and yeah manly. Looking definitely wear that with my uh hunting outfit yeah aliexpress, lock, mat time check the show notes, we'll see if we got a discount for you and we appreciate it.