I have the new 2021 smartwatch from lokma time company. The price of this watch is only 40 dollars, but it has many features such as bluetooth phone calls, music player, 1.88 inch round, dial 10 sports modes, heart rate and blood pressure monitors by the way we have already tested the smart watches from locmat company, such as Locmat, mk38 and tk04. The last one even supports a sim card. You can watch the videos about them by the links in description as usual. I want to start this review with unboxing, but first hit the like button. Let’S begin on the box of locmat time: comma 3. We can see that this watch is produced by the chinese company because other chinese inscriptions on the box. However, there is also information in english, including main features and specifications inside the box there’s the watch itself magnetic charging cable and user manual. This is a quick unboxing and now let’s move on to design of the new log mod time watch. You know, look more time. Comma 3 is a budget watch, but it looks and feels very nice. The round dial and physical buttons on the right side are made of metal, but the cover on the back is plastic. Here we can see 4 pin charging, connector and heart rate sensor on the front. There is a 1.28 inch round display with 240 by 240 pixels resolution. I want to show it to you in direct sunlight. As you can see, the screen is really good outdoors.

Talking about the strap, the watch comes with silicon one, but it is removable you can buy any other strap from leather metal or the same silicone, but another color and use it with lockman time combat 3.. You should pay attention to the weights of the strap 22 millimeters by the way the silicon strap is more suitable for sports. Actually, this is a sports watch, because it is waterproof by ip68 standard and it has many sports modes. Finally, i want to tell you about dimensions of the watch. The dial is 47 by 47 millimeters. Well, the thickness is 12.1 millimeters. The weight of the watch is 62 grams. Now let’s turn on the watch and look at the main functions Music before using the watch. You need to connect them to smartphone for that scan qr code on the screen of the watch and download each band app on your android or ios device, then open the app register and your account if you don’t, have it yet and tap on the red line To connect the watch now choose command 3 in the list and that’s it. The watch is connected Music lock. My time command 3 has four watch faces by default, but you can download much more from the up on smartphone. We will talk about up functions. A little later in this video, so if you want to change the watch, face just press and hold on the screen and then choose the one that you like.

The watch has quick settings. Menu with following functions find phone alarms, device broadcasting do not disturb mode and information about the watch. There is also a quick access to music player by swiping up from the main screen, swipe left or right to measure blood pressure, heart rate and check information about sleep and daily activity. As the watch has many other functions press on this button, and you will have sports notes, step and sleep information, heart rate and blood pressure, call dial contacts, call lock, notifications, alarm, clocks, countdown music player, find phone, female health, remote camera and settings menu in the settings Menu, you can change the screen. Brightness choose time for audio log, switch, the functions, dial, settings message, settings device info and clear data that’s. All the new watch from lokma time can do that’s quite a lot isn’t it. One of the main features of the new watch is bluetooth. Phone calls let’s check it out. So when somebody calls your own smartphone, you can accept or reject the call on the watch. Also, you can use the phone book to call someone as well as they are to call any number, as the watch also has notifications of the new messages from social medias messengers and other apps on smartphone. But this is how it looks like now. I want to check the music storage first, you need to connect the watch to pc or laptop using charging cable from the package and then upload the music to the watch storage.

There is a 128 megabytes available, but this is enough for a couple songs after that. Swipe up from the main screen of the watch and click on three dots on the bottom: here you can choose the music from the storage and music from connected smartphone Music. We can also add wireless earbuds, just press a new device and choose your earbuds in the list. It’S pretty simple isn’t it everything works, fine, that’s, very good Music. I also want to tell you about the functions of the app you know. I have already seen this application when tested the other chinese smartwatch. It seems that the different chinese manufacturer of smartwatches use the same application. It is not a bad thing if all the functions work well, so, on the main screen of the app we can see steps for d, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure info. The next step is running. The watch doesn’t have built in gps, but you can use the gps in your phone to track movement while running the settings. Menu has many options such as message, notifications, alarm, settings, sedentary reminder, heart rate alert, turn, wrist detection power, device, low power mode, blood pressure, private mode, frequent contacts screen and time switch settings take photos reset, password, dial settings firmware, upgrade clear data and reset by the way. I said before that you can download much more voice faces for that, go to dial settings and select more dials. As you can see, there are many different watch faces available.

Most of them look very nice Music to convert battery of lock mod time, comma 3. It has a capacity of 230 milliamp hour. The battery life is about 7 10 days depending on the usage. Of course, the battery life will be less if you always use the sport mode and listen to music. You know lock my time. Comma 3 is a really good watch for the price of 40 dollars. First, it looks very nice with metal, dial and silicon strap. If you don’t like this silicon strap, then you can buy any other 22 millimeter swedes and use it with this watch. I really like that even budget watches in 2021 have bluetooth phone calls, although lockman time, comma 3 doesn’t have sim card slot, but you can connect the voice to smartphone and receive or make calls using the watch. Another useful function of log mod time, comma 3 is built in memory for music storage. You can upload your music on the watch and connect the wireless earbuds to the watch and listen to music without connected film. We have tested this function and it really works. So if you want to buy a lock my time command, 3 smartwatch, i will leave the link to aliexpress in description under the video.