At inside this box, we've got a really beautiful presentation of a very nice sports watch, it's known as the lock mat tk04. We are going to open it up, lock, matt under lock. Matte time their official store on aliexpress is bringing this to us today. For you to have a look, and it may look familiar to something we've, just reviewed that's, because the innards are practically identical with a few different tweaks and things to the m5s and we're going to contrast, the two slightly but we're, mostly going to focus on this One, it has a completely different bezel and design exposure. It fits more as a dress watch than as a sports match again check this. The show notes to see if we can get you a discount on this price and a buying link to the aliexpress store for lock mat time now in terms of what this says and what it has in. It is a gps uh, huh fitness tracker, ip67 waterproof and it supports uh phone calls with the sim and it's for men or women it's a capacitor full round display. It says full touch screen built in gps, compass and air pressure. All of those are in it. It'S got an accurate heart rate, monitoring blood pressure and support for multiple sports, unique micro, sim card design. This is the gsm version, so there's little screws, you take a plate off of the front of it and you can put the sim in it step.

Count, sleep monitoring, weather card version, support, bluetooth, phone call and that's. The other really great aspect is this is a dual mode watch. You can tether it to your phone to make and receive calls using the sim in the phone and or put in its own sim and make calls directly that way: ip67 waterproofing, basically splash resistant with that rating and detachable straps. So, as far as specs go have a read through this standby duration about four days maximum time two days of normal use between charges, um and all these different languages are supported. So let's take a look at it. We'Ll open the box it's a very attractive design. That'S, how lock matt has known uh way way back when we were doing some of their android smart watches they packaged them. This way, with a cardboard red cardboard, insert that when you lift out, discloses the watch, which is wrapped around its own little protector here and you can't take it out unless you actually remove the watch. So for folks who like to unwrap presents. This is a delight because it takes a while to get inside of it. Here'S the watch itself. It'S got a little cover. You peel off and now it's revealing small writing on an inner bezel, which is way different than the m5s. That has a big bezel with all the writing on the outside right. Okay, they've got removable bands, the charging connection right here, the speaker, the buttons.

In fact, the whole back design microphone is identical as far as i can tell to the m5s it's, just the the bezel look here and some of the way the device operates inside the packaging. We have the screwdriver some screws and this device is for pulling out of the sim card or putting it in and where is it it's right here you see the screws there. You use a screwdriver open. This thing up, lift it out it's in there nice and tight, and then you can push the sim card in and when you push it to release it, you can pull it out with the tweezers here. Okay, that's, all in that side. This side, of course, is the charging dock, and, just like the m5 we've got a itself which, as i mentioned in that one, is not my favorite way. I much rather see the magnetic um cable. That would just slide. You know attach right here, but we have to use an alligator clip on this. One it's got curved connection to the pins, so as long as you line them up and drop it in and wiggle it nicely so that it locks in place, you can kind of feel it. Then you can charge the watch up directly with this device. Just be careful anytime, you're charging it that you make sure you've got it in the right place because it's easy to clip it on and it's not going to be connected feeling it as exactly right is a little bit tricky with this it's a tko 405.

I guess there's two versions of it, and this is the manual yeah, so they've got uh their own branding on the manual as well. But i think, if you compare it with the other manual side by side in the other review, you'll see that pretty much talk about the same thing, the layout of all of the different pages, the step count. Information watch faces again. We page through this for your ability to come back and check it later, and then we move into a different language here, so not a whole lot to the manual it's. Just it covers a lot of different languages. All righty we're ready to charge it up and see what's different on the inside, pushing the top button holding it that will uh fire it up as we've seen before, and it gave us a quick little lock mat logo and it's going into a bright and beautiful Colorful boot up process and boom we're right to the opening watch face. So how do we begin well, let's, just quickly go through everything when you slide down whoa first thing you notice is: this is all laid out differently, so the settings are they're all here, but the display of how they are arranged is different. Again, you can tap them to change things like the brightness, which is way too bright there that's better. You can turn on your motion stuff or flip to mute, an alarm. The wake up gesture is on which we like to have that on that's the twisty risk to see the time you can shake the watch to come back to the main menu can have all those things on and answer phone calls as well by shaking the watch.

That'S, all in there and we've gone through a lot of these things here. These are the different themes that we've been seeing in the background. Let'S go to theme, eight see what that looks like bubbles and stuff like that. It'S the colorful pattern that's in the very back of it and more and more controls, uh silent mode vibration, mode and, of course, the date and power level is all here too. But uh compared with the m5s it's a different way of presenting this information, so the firmware has been shifted between the models, as well as the bezel design. From here, though, we come over, we get the same layout of all of our activities. Indoor run outdoor run, riding and climbing, and these, of course tie in with gps, there's marathon and then there's records. If you have any, the motion, records would be in here and we've already gone over, setting this up and doing activities and seeing how it works. And so you can compare this review to the m5s and get a complete round picture of both of them. By doing that, a little sluggish on me, it seemed like. Well, maybe i don't swipe to get back. I guess you got ta constantly go this way. Okay, that's working so come over here and now we're into the app drawer and ago we've got the same breathing relaxation process we had before with the same times that you can set to calm yourself down messaging is um tied in with your calling right.

Are we at the very top? I guess they loop around okay, we're messaging for sim and or bluetooth connected text messaging. You got your sports mode here, and these are the same sports modes. We just looked at over on the other side and then call logs so messaging and call logs go together. Contacts and dialer are all part of the same thing. Go into dialer put something in to make a phone call and it asks you do you want local meaning using the sim in the watch or bluetooth, if you're tethered to your phone to place that call so that's a characteristic you look for in dual mode. Watches is having the choice of which phone number in a sense you're going to be using so that's part of contacts and dialer, and all of that notifications or any and all notifications pushed to the watch from the phone uh that can come through here as well. Then you got remote capture that, when you're tethered to the phone, let you use. This is a button to take a picture using the camera in your phone music control for the same thing, find your phone we're not tethered right now so i'm, not activating any of these. You can set alarms on the watch turn on sedentary reminders so that it will remind you every half hour hour hour and a half whatever you like to get up and move around you've got the motion, which again is the things that we looked for before we Want to twist your wrist to see the time on this one, you got your pedometer activity here.

Your step count is tracked. You got the themes we saw before then overall settings again now you can go into all of this here's all the different languages supported by this watch and i'm going to run through them. So, if they're different than what you saw in the m5s and your language is either here or not here. Well, that should tell you which one you should be looking deeply at again: it's a subset it's, not an extensive, exhaustive list. When you do auto sync, it will set the language to match your phone once you tether over there clock sound volume and display are all basic, um reset and overall about. The watch tells you that it's, the tk04 that's what you look for on your phone when you're doing the tethering to the app that's all in the settings. Siri is the same as the google trigger when you're set up with bluetooth connection. You can tap it here. Speak to siri or google, if you're on an android phone and get the information back, and you saw an example of how you can actually use that and a test of the speaker that we we did on the other watch. So make sure you check out. Both of these uh reviews here's how you just basically turn on bluetooth to tether to your phone bluetooth. Tethering happens two ways: you want to select your phone for tethering to connect for the bluetooth phone calling and siri, and you want to tether directly to the app on your phone for everything else to find your phone and all that kind of stuff.

Here'S. A heart rate calculator that are built into this one and blood pressure, all using the diode in the back basic stopwatch weather once you're connected. It knows where you are it'll push the weather in your area over here, a timer like the stopwatch for countdown timing and we're all the way back again, there's that relaxation program as well. So you probably notice that the layout of the apps are is different on this watch, the ordering of them, but they are all the same they're all identical and that's a good thing. That means it's a they're, very similar, uh watches. When you swipe up you get any motion records that you had and you don't go anywhere else from there. Oh yeah, you do that's right this loops, you keep going. You get step, count keep going here and now you get a chart of your heart rate. Your 24 hour heart rate monitoring and, of course you can trigger and begin a heart rate measurement right right from this panel as well or you could have gotten a heart rate from the left hand side when we swiped over and yeah, and probably from i all Over the place, you can get it. This is simulated down here, but the actual heart rate is coming in here and it's. Putting a dot on here that later would become a whole list of things here's the barometric pressure. We have one reading so far, so it's just popped in there.

For this, you don't need apparently tethering to the internet it's, giving you this information, your meter, height above sea level, is all in here and then there's. The compass ah come back here. Okay got ta, go this way to get to. There ran through the compass too fast, so i'm gon na do the calibration, even though it just says i don't don't need it. This has been a challenging point. The compass on a couple of these uh watches yeah it's, still not really working well, i'm sitting due north. So honestly, this should be pointed straight at me. See if i point it now: north is over there now it's. There yeah not too pleased with how the compass is working on this class of watch and i'm. Pretty sure if you check the m5s review, well, watch watch what i do on that one and how this works and then watch this one. Okay, now it's starting to settle down. You see that yeah. Maybe you just need to work with it: a bit yeah, okay, it's coming back closer to being due north, but i really wouldn't uh. I i checked the sun to make sure where the sun is to see if it looks like it's close, okay that's, pretty much it yeah we've covered everything on it, the apps all that the uh the bottom button takes you into the heart rate and right into A measurement so many many ways to get the heart rate, and this turns us on and off that gets us into there and there and from here i can press and hold and we'll take a look at the different watch faces too see if there's anything you Notice, it's different there purple and yellow that's kind of a different one: there's a nice digital green one i'm, going to take okay, just to see that yeah good, good layout, bright, colors yeah.

So if you're into watch faces and that's your deciding factor on which watch you want, if you don't care about which band design, then you might be checking out, these different watch faces to see which one you like in particular, okay, uh that's, pretty much it we're, Not going to go into the app like, i said, we've already done that uh review, including the app in the m5s, so we're going to wrap it up here and say if you are interested in the lock mat time stores, lock mats version of this particular watch That it's available check the prices, compare those and you can pick it up directly from the aliexpress store and again look in the show notes because hopefully, as this goes live i'll have a coupon to offer you a discount on that price as well that about it. Yeah it's, a nice watch sure i'll put it on you haven't seen it on yet have you it's nice, whoa, nice, tpu band, very sturdy, rugged watch uh should hold up well and it looks like this yeah there you go it's a little loose right now. I didn't put it on really tight, but uh. I i like it. I, like the uh, the dark black all around the subdued numbers that are on the screen: it's a good design, especially for dressy design. If you're going to be using it both in the office and for sporting activities, this one might fit a little nicer than the m5s, but use your judgment check both reviews and see which one you like, and we appreciate.

If you use the links in our show notes, no matter which one you buy, all righty gang you've been watching. Smartwatch ticks we're a youtube station on uh on the web and uh we're at I don't do this often, but i love their graphics, so let's just say goodbye with the logo.