At smart watch ticks calm, Lokmat is a watch company that makes watches and wholesales them and retails them, and well today, we're featuring the lock maptime personal store and some of the products they've got this one for the ladies is really sweet: it's, well, gold, silver, black Let'S take a look at it, see what it is. It'S called the lokmat time: luxurious 2020 SmartWatch for women, okay, full round display this is fun, bluetooth, 5.0, so low power and it won't drain your phone either with its tethered to it. It'S got a metal wristband to it, and a really good price check the show, notes and we'll see if we have a coupon discount for you from the lokmat time, Aliexpress store it's available and inside of it had. In addition to all the other features it is designed for the ladies, so it has the whole cycle tract and stuff, and you normally don't see this much detail. So I wanted to just print this out and show you all of the aspects of what it will do in case that's, something of interest to you now let's get into it fashionable design for women it's at 24. Hours of continuous detection of heart rate, blood pressure, monitoring, blood oxygen and sleep monitor built into this one and, like we said the female physiological period predict, is built into it as well. It'S a 1.1 inch full screen 240 by 240 display full touch 160 milliamp hour battery should give it a few days of life.

You'Ve got all kinds of apps in here alarm: clock, sedentary reminders, power, saving screen. You know your twist, your wrists to see the time is built into it, exercise real time, heart rate detection, with a continuous heart rate, monitor and all the different languages you see on the bottom support it there's Arabic. I guess somebody keeps asking me if Arabic is supported, it is okay, let's dig deeper into the box yeah. We have a user's manual and a charging dock a little round charging dock here, and it looks like with two pins on it that you just simply slide the watch in there's the pins there and yep it's magnetic. So it just lines up and it hooks on now the band is magnetic too so you're gon na have kind of fun with this one, but I figure, if you pick it up, you put it on and then you set it down on your nightstand. You should be okay, it's it's, just gon na be kind of stuck to it in the morning, but you simply plug it in a USB port and charge it up. The user's manual is a fold out thing in a variety of languages. English is up at the top here notice for use and operational diagram comes first, followed by the app for tethering the QR code, it's called the Fit cloud pro and that's what you want to install on your phone. You can scan the QR code right here from YouTube or you can click on the link in the show notes below this video that'll.

Take you to the Google Play Store and you can download it. Okay, then you've got function, introduction and different functions that you can do on the watch with color pictures explaining them nice and finally, some precautions for you as well: okay, other languages on the other side, so it's definitely a universal international device. What we're gon na do, of course, as we do on all of these, is charge it up and turn it on there's a tiny little tab here to pull off the cover yeah, so I'll get it ready for you and we'll run through it. Here we go all charged up, looks really attractive, of course, it's too small for my arm. In my opinion, it's a design for a lady's watch and the watch faces themselves are typically a female design. We'Ve got a lot of different things. To show you I could slide down and get to this circle we're in the center. We have the QR code that you can scan right off of your YouTube. To give you a link over to the tethering app or click on the show notes down below it. Will take you to the google play store, looks like it's kind of washed out on the screen. It'S really really bright, so I'm gon na come in here to brightness and turn it all the way down, but just to show you you can get it really really bright. It'S completely washing everything out there.

So let's go down all the way to the lowest brightness and come back over to this circle. We'Ve got a few different things: there's the actual brightness command there, which I could have gotten to without going through system. Here'S, your basic information for tethering and what to look for when you Bluetooth tether, there's a do not disturb mode, you can put it in too right away instantly. I mean it's got a lot of different. Oh that's, the find the phone thing. Okay, you can stop now and then what have we got here? This is your twist the wrist to see the time. So all of those features are here, and you can scroll back over to your watch face that way, not that way or back up that way. Okay, that's the scroll down scroll to the left now takes you to a variety of different things related to your sporting activities, and the data that you've collected in here is the overall daily step count: calories, burn, type of information, here's your different sports, walking running and Hiking and I'm pretty sure, if I'm back on here, if I press that button, I get to the same place. If you press it again, it picks one of them and just begins your timing and everything and all of the information it's collecting, so we're gon na end that that's a handy feature. Your bottom button is instantly taking you to your overall sporting section, but from here you have all these different sports, including yoga that you can actually do right on the watch.

Here'S your heart rate, it's, going to give you your active heart rate. You can also get to this from another screen. Showed you your last one and it starts all over to compute. It again go up and we've got last night's sleep time, which is right here, go up some more here's, your overall blood pressure, reading it'll calculate for you systolic over diastolic and again we're, not testing the accuracy of all of these. The best thing for you to do is if you're interested get one of these watches with these capabilities in it test it in your own body measure it against a calibrated cuff, in this case or heart rate meter, and find out what the difference is and whether It'S, accurate or not here's blood, oxygen, same kind of thing, it's, turning the little diodes on in the back. This one just uses green diodes and if you've watched our reviews before you know that in particular, blood oxygen works better if it has red diodes but that's on a much more sophisticated watch. This one is a basic entry level. Lady'S watch that does Fitness does health. It does period tracking and it's all in pink. So you know it's kind of in that middle zone of everything that you you can do here is the Wow. Where are we all right? This is this: is the most sophisticated menstrual cycle reporting I've ever seen in a watch when we tap onto that one it's, showing your pregnancy rate percentage.

For this particular day, you can enter this from a family planning perspective to either try to get pregnant or try not to, and just your overall cycle, so you're aware where you are very, very sophisticated. There is a remote music player on here and we all know how that works a stopwatch. What is that your messages pushed from your phone? If you have any waiting for you find your phone, we just got into that one and settings. So all of the a lot of the things that we saw from here are also available through here. Well, where are we okay? We want back into settings and from settings. Then we've got this overall brightness area where you can change your watch face to one of several different ones. I'Ll just show you quickly the stumbles of them all: okay, that's yeah. Most of them are really bright, there's, a couple, the digital ones and let's land. On this analog one, because we showed you that digital one here and that's what this one looks like on the watch and again this is at the lowest brightness, so it can get really really bright. What else in settings from in here we have the brightness control. You have the timing for how long the screen will stay on from as low as five seconds to nine seconds. I'Ve been keeping it long for the reviews and the twist your wrist to show the time. How long do you want it to be on when you twist the wrist I'm going to change it up to six seconds the longer it is the more battery it's going to use, of course, but all those capabilities are in here when you get in here.

You have two different styles: this is the line style and you have this thing called a smart style, which is the Apple way of doing these things. Personally, I find that pretty busy I'm, not even sure where we were. We were in settings, but you can do this. Oh no, no it's about shutting down. I don't want to shut down that must be settings there. Anyway, all your apps can be on the screen. I'Ll be back after I figure out how to get back where I was there. I switch back to list style, so we can go through them all and here's your vibration intensity, which you can have zero for none up to level. Three, a lot of really nice details on this one. This is the menu style. We did. You'Ve got languages that you can change and here's a variety of languages. Do I need it? A little bit brighter looks like it brightness I'm gon na raise it just a little. Is that Alright, when we get down into the it gets kind of small, and we were at language, okay, now it's a little bit more visible. These are the different languages that are supported in this watch, so it is a very universal watch very impressed with this for a relatively inexpensive women's watch. We haven't seen a lot of work in the women's watch area to go to this level of detail. There'S that QR code and system again – and that gets us back out of settings – and we had all that other stuff.

When you go this direction back in its now it's too bright, you get the panel that we saw, which is your step, count basic information. One more you go to your heart rate, one more you go to last night's sleep time and that's it. So you got these four different panels here, with the heart or with the time right there and then swiping up, get you into your notifications so that's about the watch it's. This Melanie's is that how you pronounce a type band from my hand, I literally, have to take it off completely to get it out, because it is designed for a lady's hand, because it's magnetic the whole thing can just cause the up like that. If you want to – and there you got yourself, your little watch on the stand, let's take a look at the app again. The link in the show notes will take you right there or you can go under fit cloud pro in the google play store and I wanted to show you there's a pro and there's a regular don't use the regular. I tried it. It won't tether, but with the fit cloud pro you can tether and when you get into it, you will find you're on your main home page here, syncs the data now once of course, you've been connected to the watch and you have your basic step count which You don't have much for today. I did use this yesterday quite a bit and got all kinds of things.

Last night, sleep time for the time of the night before, and I thought I was going to review it yesterday, to show you all that, but unfortunately had to wait a day. So I don't have any readings here for sleep time, for example, for you but it's in here, because it transfers it over. The cool thing is beyond the standard step, count stuff you get into some of the other details here and you can do live updates on these there's that women's health category I was talking about and when you dive into the calendar and the other aspects of this, I mean if you can get into this in the app alone, if you're female, you might want to just get this app it's free just for this purpose, because you can set the date any date now it's, not pairing, it does have a problem of dropping in And out of Bluetooth tethering, but fortunately all you need it for is to transfer the data because most everything you do directly on the watch anyway, you can get into this stuff. You can have it notify you about the start of menstruation and most recent one and where you are in the cycle and like it, showed you at that. Beginning page, your percentage security period, pregnancy rate percentage on each day, here's last night's sleep time and when you get into that it shows you your information for last night and let's, see if I can go back today week, there's yesterday, okay it's, bringing it up it Wasn'T much better at challenging night that night total four hours and it breaks it up into awake and deep and light sleep.

So you can get to all of that kind of information, your overall heart rate, highest lowest and average all broken down by average on each day and it's still attempting to connect and then here's your graph that you get for this. So really good. Sophisticated information available in each of these different categories – blood pressure, similar kind of stuff you've – got your readings in here. You can start one when you're tethered and it's working directly from the app and blood oxygen and the information that's in here and again, you can go into a specific day. It looks like and get the overall graph, which I can't really change, but you got the information highest lowest and average, and some details about it. Okay rough overview of the the app when you hit health measurement, if it's paired, really don't know why it's not pairing right now, but it's not, and therefore you get to see how this thing really works. If it were paired, I could hit health measurement and it would go through and it will calculate all of this stuff live right on the spot, your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen simultaneously on the watch with the green diode, while it's on your body, I Don'T know: did it reconnect all of a sudden yeah it's go okay, it's pulling in heart rate and blood oxygen, and it should take a little bit longer for blood pressure, but eventually it'll get that for you once again, when you're talking blood pressure, it's wise to Get a cuff measurement 122 over 76, get a cuff measurement and see it's changing 128 129, so it's live as it's doing it.

Oh and now it dropped out a sink again, get a cuff reading and then compare your readings with that cuff reading to see how it's a Sode look at that the blood pressure is still changing. Well, maybe it reconnected and now it's dropping because it's, not anyway yeah work with it. When you get it, tie it to the app and see what kind of numbers that you get. Okay, we've covered everything on this panel. We go to device here. It is yeah. Now, it's connected you have all these different things. You can have a sedentary reminder, alert, drink water, low alerts, your dial settings by the way, there's a lot more dials available than what we just showed you on the watch, and here they are. You could go through any of these thumbnails here and supposedly transfer a dial over directly to watch from here. This is gon na take a while, and there we go another nuance face, so you got all that capability and now. Finally, the last tab is through you. You can login and register, but I entered as a guest really loved these apps that you can go in as a guest and you don't have to create accounts and share your information with China directly, but can actually use the watch and the band and the app On the phone independently, but if you choose to you can create an account, you also can go in and link this to google fit so any of the workout information and everything else you're collecting on here that is, transferable – will go over to google fit and you Can track that on any of your devices, that's pretty cool, you can change your exercise goal.

You can modify the units metric or imperial for weight and distance for putting in your height and weight. I guess a fake use, here's the women's health area that you can activate. You can set it up to remind you on a variety of things: either just demonstration or preparation for pregnancy or the overall pregnancy period really sophisticated if they've thought it out. Definitely for the ladies, you have we run link capability, basic settings, the account management and version updates of the app can be checked, and then suggestions are available as well, so that's the app that's the watch and it is available once again directly from the Lokmat time Store they're selling it directly through Aliexpress check the show notes for the link to get over there, and you can pick this puppy up. It'S. A really decent price for everything that the watch can do, including all of the different watch, faces the period tracking the immediate access to all of your activities, it's, just all in all a nice device. You can get it in black, I believe silver gold. You have the Melanie's automatically adjusting band to it as well twist your wrist to see the time if you have that turned on it's a nice watch again it's coming to us from our newest partner, Lokmat and Lokmat time.