com. You know a lot of you guys. Go mr ticks! How in the world do you keep straight all of these different watches? How do you know which ones do what and which ones don't do what and to be honest with you, i can't keep them all straight like this one we're gon na get into this. Let me tell you the name. First of all, i'll try to keep that much straight. It'S called the lock mat. Sma tk05 smart watch, it's from tomtop and uh it's got certain things in it that flag it for me as being in a particular category like it's missing the word android. So i know it's not an android smart watch, it's, like android, watches, galaxy apple watches. You know the big boys, then you get into these other things that do fitness or do health or do phone calling all of that, and then we try to stratify them from there. So what is the tko5 it's? A multifunctional smartwatch? It includes all your basic. You know step count calorie monitoring, aha there's, a red flag, word gps. If the watch has gps in it, that means we're going to get more accurate data for uh fitness. This got motion tracking for running cycling, climbing marathon, even wow, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, uh, push notifications, they all pretty much do that uh remote camera when you're tethered real time, weather that's nice, you get weather report on it. It'S got a timer music player sedentary reminder.

That'S standard stuff too, so looks like a basic smart watch with the added features of having gps in it, but wait there's more as we get deeper into it. First, we go through the screen is an amoled or ips or tft, or whoever lcd it's a this is an ips 1.3 inch full crystal clear, and we like to know the resolution. Maybe we'll get to it later there. It is 240 by 240 it's on the low side they're up to 360 by 360. Now, but this one it's it's viewable, you know it's going to be okay in a 1.3 inch size. It does have built in gps. Ah, not too many have a compass or atmospheric pressure sensor that's a bonus on this one useful comparison for outdoor activities like cycling and climbing and hiking, and things so now we're starting to see the category. This watch fits in it's got accurate monitoring of heart rate blood pressure. You know the basic parameters for taking your vitals whoa whoa, now here's another one support sim card gsm that's the network that all of these run on. So you could put a sim card in it and use it for calling now that tells you it's got a speaker and a microphone and an antenna and circuitry to to do all of this stuff. So wow we've got a compass. We got gps, we've got uh sim card capability, it's starting to look like a full featured outdoorsy.

You know you're way out in the wilderness and as long as you can pick up, a cell tower you've got a phone you could make calls with. If you need to and check your altitude and position a direction, it's got ip67 marginal, don't know if you could really dunk it under water, but it should work in rain or sweat as long as you try to keep it dry and a bunch of different watch Faces so there's the specs, the model number zinc, alloy fiberglass polycarbonate silica, gel strap. I know we want to look at the watch, not the specs, so let me jump over not much ram or rom you're not going to get a whole bunch of songs in it. There'S no tf card in it for that these are the languages supported and there you go okay, so from lock matt and they love this packaging of all of their, not all, but almost all their watches. They put in this fancy red box with a plastic cover and recessed watch in here, that's held on yep with a little thing in the back, and then you literally have to take the strap off so it's great for giving as a gift because unpacking it takes Some time and part of the joy of getting into a new present is the anticipation right. You all know about anticipation you put up with me. I never get there. Okay, we got a cover we can take off of it and that reveals what will be the watch face when we turn it on very flexible removable bands charging uh port connector looks like a speaker over here to me: yep yep, two holes, maybe a microphone.

Hopefully, one of those supposed to have yeah, you see the screws there getting the light, yeah yeah that's, where you open that up and you can put a sim card but wait. Mr ticks we've seen this one before i know you have, but this is different. This is the uh tk05 sma from lockman let's. Look at the charger. I'Ll answer your question. Yes, i will um. Okay we've got a clip on doc thing with the curved. I know you have seen this before now. You remember it don't you and you got to get it just right. Remember me saying i really don't like these things, but if you get it right, it works to always plug it in then connect it and wiggle it until you see the charging thing. So you know that the pins are aligned, yeah, that's, important okay, also in the box we've got. I would imagine in here a screwdriver. Oh some extra screws too, for oh, oh yeah, yeah, and this thing is for pulling the little sim card out of here. Yeah, yeah and and putting it in, i guess, it's it's not really spring loaded. So much so you have to have to use this to get them out and there's uh extra screws in case you strip them and the little screwdriver here that you would use to take them out all that's related to that. And then here we go the manual. The tko40 ko5 manual – i know now you know you have seen this before, because folks, this is exactly the same manual yeah um.

This happens. Occasionally mr tix gets in a different product by a different name, uh from a different company marketed by a different outlet. In this case tomtop, and when you dive into it, you actually find out that deja vu. You have looked at this one before over here somewhere, i got a bag there. It is um, and i i do this i'll toss a lot of similar watches together and this bag contains the ones we've reviewed as the m5s and the tko4, and this is the tk05, because somebody asked will you do that? One okay, but you know what it's pretty much identical to what we have already reviewed. So if you want to know more details, go back and uh and check out the reviews of the m5s and the tko4. But i do want to show you this one up front and personal here we go i've researched, the heck out of it gang and honestly. The only difference i can tell between the two uh is the casing. You can see there's a definite difference in the layout of the bezel, on both of these other than that. The sides are the same on both of them with the speaker down below. There is a version that does not have the uh calling in it and there's. No speaker right here but it's, not the uh, tk04 or zero five and uh some of the watch faces are different and of course, the about so i'm gon na come in here into settings and show you way down here on about that we're.

Looking at the tko5 here and we're, looking at the tko4 here now watch this come back here to our opening screen slide down and you see there's a bit of a different layout in each of these pages. That'S been a change and there's. Only the two here here you also have the app a calendar and temperature display and it loops back then to the watch face which was coming down from here, and that takes us back. So we've got all the dots down here. One two three four five different pages, this one: we only have these two different pages and that's it from there. You get back to the watch face now. Let'S look at the watch faces then, because that's what's different, you can get the same color bands. I believe interchangeable with each of them. I particularly like this green with this particular green display, but everybody has their different preferences. So when we go in here, you find i'm just going to page through them, and you can see for yourself that they are completely different. Watch faces so if the functions are all the same, what you may want to do is decide based on the watch face. You see that you like yeah, interesting, that they are radically different between the two of them and now we're back to where we were okay, bluetooth calling is not mentioned anywhere in the literature and both of them support it, and that is so bizarre because that's, one Of the best selling features, i think when you go into uh either of them.

This is the 05 here right, new one and you go into making a call with a dialer, and you put in a number – and you do this – you see you can make it a local call or a bluetooth call. When you see that kind of thing, it doesn't just jump and start to call, but it gives you a choice of local or bluetooth. Then that means it supports both the sim card and the um bluetooth connection to your phone and there they both are here. So both of them are dual mode, meaning you can put the sim card in here if you want to, but you don't have to as long as you're tethered to your phone and we talk about that extensively in the review of the tko4 on how you set This thing up both the tether to the app and to tether separately to your phone for bluetooth, calling so gang it's your choice. I i printed out the tko4 to compare with the tk05 and when you look at them side by side, the model number is different, but everything else until you get down to the item weight is the same and i honestly think that's just a mistake on the Weight the packaging weight is slightly different too, but all the other features are the same slight different uh layout in the user interface, but insignificant. Really, unless you really want a calendar and a temperature display right here, you can get to all of those from the apps from within uh down here as well from here, you go into your motion records your step, count there's your graph for your heart rate, there's, The graph for your um, what you call uh barometric pressure and this one's been activated so that's.

Why you're not seeing anything there? There'S your altitude, stuff, there's, the compass? Is it the same compass? This has got that green kind of integrated one yeah yeah same basic compass. I mean they're, pretty much identical back to the watch faces, so you can get the brand new tk05 and not you can't find that very many places, but you can get it from tomtop. So if you like this one and it's a good price overall, comparatively check uh check out the other sources for the other ones. But if you come on back use the link that we've got in the show notes to take you over here and pick up from tomtop the sma tko5 with sim calling bluetooth calling gps all the other things that you saw in it.