com, and I have a box full of Lokmat here. Chinese version of a SmartWatch and Android SmartWatch that's gon na hit your Android sweet tooth isn't it that we've seen before actually we've reviewed this watch as the Janice that's right. This is by lock mats the same watch same watch with higher end packaging and literally made for the Chinese market with all of its writing, so we're gon na dig into this and see. Is it exactly identical? Does it differ whoops and how does it differ if it does differ and all that kind of stuff? First of all, it's exquisitely packaged shrink wrapped, really really ready for mass distribution in this format, with a plastic cover there, all our reflections are gone. Finally, and a bright red insert and the watch itself loads right inside here on a pillow Wow Wow, now just to remind you, the original Janus is a watch that was designed by an American pilot who's working over in Shinzon and loved smart watches and yep same Strap look at this it's got this really nice TPU strap on the backside. Leather on the front side anyway, he put together a kind of a beginning. Attempt at a watch of his dreams, came up with something that has two cameras on it. This really nice band larger overall screen, just a sweet, sweet, smart watch at the nano sim compartment heart rate, monitor charging area buttons, and this one that's got its own.

Little lock mat cover they've, put on it too whoa whoa little interesting sweet treats on here. What else is in the box get out? Oh wait, whoa whoa! Before I go any further, I want to tell you where you can guy here. Are you going we're gon na get it? Where can I get it? I want that you could get it from bang. Good bang good is carrying this now for the mass distribution. The model is the x360, its 4G LTE 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 full gigabytes of storage ha 1.6 inch of screen on it it's a really top of the line watch as far as specs go we've got more detail here: um black color black leather band. On this one 320 by 320, pixel screen it's, not AMOLED, but it's, a really nice overall large edge to edge screen with a little flat tire at the bottom yep exactly the same as the Janus now. One difference is the battery check this out at six hundred and twenty milliamp hour, and that was the original size for the Janus, but it's been upgraded on the Janus to 800, so that watch has a newer overall battery. I don't believe it's on the lock mat. One, so if battery life is not a big deal for you, this is pretty much the same watch as the original um of the Janus there's. A special features. It'S got the optical heart rate center sports functions all of that kind of a typical Android, 7.

1.1 one. So it's got this nice little cardboard insert. Somebody went all out on packaging for this inside this compartment. We have the charging cable and we have a little lock mat manual and, of course, the cable itself is our four pin standard magnetic connected tada strong, almost strong enough to hold the watch but it's a heavy watch yeah USB nice little charger and as far as The manual goes, oh, you know, because this is a Chinese version. We might have the Chinese manual. We do all right. It was the first point where I'm gon na refer you to the video for the Janice, because in that video we got the exact same manual, but we have the English manual instead. Now all of these waters should be universal in terms of the languages we just have to get in them and change them, and that may be the same cases. This I'm sure it supports English, but because it's for the Chinese market, it probably ships in Chinese but we'll – find that out I'm gon na take some time to charge it up, and I will run it through its paces. Okay, with two buttons on the side: camera in the middle, we press and hold the top button and we get the lokmat new boot up. Logo it's really bright on. This watch definitely easy to read outdoors in the sunlight for the Janice and the x360 um. This is new, of course, this is the lokmat custom Buddha page with all that's fancy, graphics, sound design and that cool.

I like that and, of course, once it stabilizes on its opening watch face. Oh, oh that's right we got to go through setup. First. Is it set for English yeah, great okay? So, even though it's an international version with Chinese writing all over the box, the default is English, so you just simply have to hit confirm, set up your parameters for your height and weight and so forth it okay, then it's gon na come in for the pairing. You can choose to pair to the WI. I watch too app if you want to scan that QR code to get it or just check the show notes of this video download it to your phone and have it ready. If you want to, then you be able to do that connection with the QR code directly to the app got ta make sure bluetooth is turned on scan that QR code from within the app and you'll be paired. If you don't want to go through all that right now, like I'm, not going to at the X and it bails you out of that part, mmm takes you right into the first locked Matt watch face so that's. Something unique to this watch. Is this watch face, and it also is a good way to show off this whole edge to edge screen. It actually is a really really nice overall screen, if you don't mind having the little flat tire on the bottom, it bugs a lot of folks.

But personally I get used to it pretty quick and it doesn't interfere with what you see on the screen. Obviously the second hand divot there is going around and it's masked by that, but other than that it's, a it's kind of minor. There may be some different watch faces, so let's look at these yep. There are there's another lock matt face, so we try to show you some of the differences between this and the Janus and then I'm gon na basically say watch the full review on the Janus. If you want the big detailed look at everything, because since these are identical watches we just saw that one, then all the other features are going to be the same. So I'll show you the differences and that you can look for that being the watch faces now. This is the area where you could add your own picture and make your own watch face, and then here when you're on Wi Fi, you hit the little plus button and you go into the server where you can download a variety of watch faces that are the Same ones, you can download from any of these Android standalone smartwatches running the latest operating system. So the layouts, the same you scroll down you get to this page shows you your charge. I know I cheated I'd even charged it yet. Usually I charge it all the way up, but I really wanted to keep going so it came with 55 here's the place where you can make it silent.

If you want to quiet mode, you can adjust the brightness and we've been looking at it on the lowest level. Look at that that's full bright there it's way too bright. I'Ve literally got to put it on the lowest one for the video, otherwise it's gon na wash it out. That'S, you twist your wrist to see the time airplane mode, cellular data connection, location services, which I'm going to go ahead and turn on. Because we're going to talk about that bluetooth is on Wi Fi. You can turn on set it up on the Wi Fi network, which is how you check, if there's any updates to the firmware right you're. All with me on all that you can clean up the the watch. This is all straight Android, seven 11. You have a music player over here and then you have your weather once you sync it up to your location for which you have to have Wi Fi. When you go to the left, you get notifications pushed from your phone to the right. You get your app drawer with all the different installed apps right once more and you get your overall fitness area where you can execute fitness, and this is the first place. We want to look to see how up to date, the X 360 is turns out. There'S, a few different versions of the fitness app and depending on which one is installed: you'll either have the benefit of the fitness working with the GPS, which is why I turned location services on within the watch or you won't and here's how it goes.

You got to go down to that fitness app, not the the ones that way over on the side, and you see all the color pictures with all the different things now, an outdoor run or an outdoor walk and bike riding are the three functions that typically create Distance and it's, either done by calculating using the pedometer function or GPS and there's a really quick and easy way to find out if you've got it or not. When you scroll over to the history section, you look up here. If you got two dots it's the old version and it only works with the pedometer, if you get three dots and you'll, see that if you watch our video on the update to the Janice watch, aha, the original Janice was just like this, but the update that They came out with, fortunately for us that Jason was able to work directly in shinjin with the factory to get that update for us when you, when you go to there you'll find that there's another dot. You slide it over and it says GPS. You turn the switch on and all of a sudden, all these functions that have distance in them will work correctly using the GPS model module built into it. So of all of these different apps that you can see when you look at the Janus review, that was the most important one to check to see whether or not it has the updated app for fitness now.

Can it be updated through a firmware push? Possibly. I don't know that's the other thing. We got a check, we got to go into settings and look at the configuration on here. You always can check this by going on any of these watches all the way down to about, and in here you look. First of all, to see what model it is: it's, the x360 – by name what version of the Android? It is 7. 1 1 don't really need to look at security and baseband, but the kernel version tells you the latest update date may 16 20 and the build number these to kind of give you an idea of how up to date, the watch is so make note of these Dates and what I would do and I'll do, that off. Camera is go through and set it up on. Wi Fi then come in here. It see in here to the wireless update, which is at the top of this whole list and when you go in there it's gon na check for updates. If there's one waiting, you can install it, but you have to be on Wi Fi for that to happen. So let me set all that up and do it right now and we'll both know all done. I'M connected on Wi Fi now I'm, going into about the watch Wireless update, checking automatically for updates. It says your device is currently to the latest version, so I do not have an over the air update waiting for me to allow an an update to the fitness app to integrate with the GPS module so not sure if it's coming or capable of coming actually To these watches, so just keep that in mind that the fitness app on this watch will just work off of pedometer steps.

Only ok, I think that's about all the oh, yes, updating the weather now that I'm on Wi Fi everything there that's. All. I want to cover with you on this one: we've looked at all the different brightness levels and house and seriously bright. This thing can get when you have it in that mode, which is great for outdoors. As far as looks go, if I were to put it on, you see it's a nice looking watch it's a little on the thick side, but the way it bezels down there. It doesn't quite look at it because it kind of sinks into your arm. Yeah speakers over here front facing camera. Again we we've tested that and have that whole thing in the Janus video side facing camera here, all in all, it's a really nice dual camera Android standalone, SmartWatch phone 4G connectivity. If you put a an appropriate nano SIM card in here and also look in the show notes below, because we got a recommended source for you to install a SIM card if you're in the USA anyway, that works with the t mobile on network called speed. Talk mobile and really really nice plan available for that, so well, that's again, the x360 from lock map the chinese version of the american created Janus SmartWatch is available directly from bang good chat. The price check the show notes, see if I can get you a discount on that, definitely should be able to lower that price a bit and if you like this particular model, this version once again the bezel the case, the band's everything are identical between this and The Janus this has the 610 milliamp hour battery in it and we've already talked about the fitness app integration.

If you like that one, you can pick it up from banggood.