I mean i guess its louis vuitton hes got ta. You got ta show off a little bit yeah, but its a rainbow effect to it, which i didnt expect at least with the colors around there. I dont know if you can modify it so thats. What the front of it looks like a subtle smartwatch might go unnoticed in the office, but it takes a bolder timepiece to stand out among the fashionistas shoutout stuff.tv connected wristware thats, guaranteed to turn heads louis vuittons latest ticker will light up any salon, so its uh Got a kaleidoscope, inspiration here and the screen bends. It seems, like light up, features a ring of 24 illuminated motifs around the 1.2 inch touchscreen, backed by leds. These glowing glyphs shine bright. Whenever you get a message – oh okay, so it is, there is a luminescence going on there, so i dont think you have to have that rainbow effect. You could probably change the colors. The always on amoled display can be configured with eight dial setups, each of which echoes design elements from the french fashion houses. Illustrious history, you can also select from 11 gradients via the partner app screen. Animations will change the suit to chosen hues with lv set to launch themed holiday, graphics throughout the year ins, its a 44 millimeter case inside you have a snapdragon where 4100, however, the software is bespoke, okay, so its not wear os. I dont know if thats, good or bad, probably for me, not great yeah, so it could be better.

I i dont know whatever theyre trying to do uh, i think they they listed the did they list the price there or are you hunting for the price? No its right here: oh it is oh baby thats a price aint, it thats a price aint, it 2500 euros, 25.50 euros, yeah, um, yeah, itll cost you a few. I mean its got the lv name on it. Well, oh wow, that looked kind of cool. What was going on there is that the game of thrones huh is that game of thrones or do i have that wrong? Her? Is she from you know: okay, im crazy. You know what we dont have to kind of yeah. I dont think thats. You know what we dont have to. I dont. I know nothing all right. I watched the first season that actually kind of looks cool. Now that im, you know what i mean. 25, 50 euros is obviously not gon na be for a lot of people but and its not gon na. Look that good once you got the glass and all the crap and fingerprints and things, but i got ta say as i play with my uh withings watch over here, i got ta say: will that could be you maybe im uh, maybe im that is sophie turner. Please wait, wait, thats sophie turner. I was right, dude wow. She looks different in this doesnt. She i was right dude. I cant believe you cant, believe you doubted me.

You do know something. I cant, we you you you gave me the well. You know it looks very close: okay. Well, she didnt look like this well yeah, thats, very cute, im, a game of thrones fanatic and its very cute. You think you know what youre talking Laughter um. So are you? Are you watching any shows right now, because you had a real game of thrones thing going on um im watching this series called dexter new blood? Oh everybody know you, dont have to say it like that everybody knows what dexter is what man i uh. I made it through the first season of that show about a thousand years ago. I cant believe that cambodia is still doing it. They yeah they revised it. A reboot is that what it is uh sure yeah right new blood – oh i guess. Oh, i get it new blood which is different than old blood yeah. I have one more episode left. Oh okay and is: are things going well for you? I like it? Okay, all right, i like it because vins whole thing was lukewarm. When the time i know youre talking about it, i was very worried its hard to continue to watch it after his whole uh what he was putting out, but anyway yeah okay, lv uh luxury smartwatch. I dont know whats going on with the luxury smart watch. A lot of brands have uh entered uh. The other one that comes to mind is tag yeah.

They did one of these. I think the price was very similar uh, but theyre more of a watch brand than a luxury brand um lv, maybe more of a luxury. I mean the two things kind of go hand in hand, but i dont know how well these things sell. I dont know whos into it oftentimes. I i get this feeling that if youre going to buy a tag, watch then youre going to buy a traditional timepiece, not a smart watch, but then you look at these uh these brands and realize they got to move forward too.