If you haven’t seen this video make sure you check out my previous videos, i will leave the link in the description box below but anyways. This is the upgraded version, and this is the m16 pro, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and Also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So, as you can see, it, you’ve got a few features. You have got games. Yes, apparently, it’s got a built in uh memory, which gives you videos, as you can see, local video and music players, so it’s got mp4 player and mp3 player and it’s also got split screen. So this is the first smartwatch that actually has a video player. I will show you later in the video, so the app you need to download is high watch, which will be already probably downloaded, considering all the fake smart witches, i’ve, um, unboxed and reviewed previously come in four different. Colors i’ve got the rose gold color, but this is like a a gold sticker. Here we have series 6 based aluminium case 44 millimeter and uh yeah. Apparently the crown works as well, which we’ll check later in the video now take a look at the back. Pretty basic and similar to other ones include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual.

Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life charge cycles and display life may vary by using settings. Smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider. A few trademarks and made in china, as is everything else also provider, is actually spelled right as well, so they are getting uh to grip after they probably are watching my videos because they always get that spelling mistake right there, but anyways let’s open this up. Let’S see what we get inside here we have the smart watch, and here we have the manuals and also a pink watch band as well. So i thought i’d get a different kind of color because i always get the black one, not that that i use them anyway, but so i’ll show you different colors as well. So we’ve got a pink watch band with with a rose gold, uh body, but i’ll show you that later so here is. The manual comes in two different languages. Now the new feature they actually got. As you can see in the manual they actually save it. It says music play, the built in songs can be downloaded through usb. You can be played locally after the next good, whatever that means, and video plays them again. You’Ve got to connect this to your computer with the usb charger, and it will actually bring up a window. You can actually put in some videos or music whatever you want to play or watch so yeah.

That is the two new features on this m16 pro and that’s the qr code for the app which we’ll show you later in the video so let’s, take it off and straight away get into it. So here is the m16 pro. Take this plastic off a bit of plastic. There, a bit of plastic there, and here we have it check that out a different color, as you can see so straight away. You’Ve got 1.78 inch display. 44 millimeter is a really big body. To be honest and quite thick uh. You have got a crown here with the red outline, a micro towel, and this button right here is fake. So everything is done by this crown right here. Uh, take a look at the other side. You’Ve got one cut out for the speaker, the other one is fake. Take a look at the back. You’Ve got your sensors with text all around it and a four pin charger, which is that one right there? This is what you need. Obviously, when you put it on right, there connect it to your computer. You can add some videos or some music, so it’s all built in so let’s power. This on and straight away, let’s get into it. You got vibration with the startup tone and logo and straight away you got the watch face so let’s see how much watch faces. We’Ve actually got. Oh that went straight into uh. The watch menu, which i’ll show you got five different watch menus.

So let’s see how many watch faces one two: three: four: five: six: seven: eight, nine 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. I think 30 that was 30 or 31 32. anyways yeah about 32 33 watch faces, as you can see, i’m pretty sure so, mario as well, but the bad thing about this is even if you swipe it the other way it just carries the ongoing you can’t Go back so you have to go through all the watch faces again, see that’s doing it that way and that’s doing it. That way. Still the same, you can’t actually go through that, but i’m pretty sure yep check that mario watch face out. That is really good. So let’s swipe it down you’ve got to be connected to blue tools, uh swapping it to the left. As you can see, you’ve got split screen, which gives you a time date and the apps that you’ve already used and the sos, and you can actually scan the qr code to download the app swiping it up. You’Ve got your shortcuts, so the top left is find. The watch, which only works when it’s connected uh top right you’ve, got the torch, which doesn’t do anything. This one is the bluetooth device, and here we have the watch menu. So you got five diff: oh 36 different styles, so let’s start off with style, one yeah to pop up the menu you can use.

Well, you can’t use the crown uh. You have to hit the screen anyway in the screen and it will come up with the menu. So that’s number one let’s go back into number two tap it again, let’s tap it. The crown does work as well. As you can see, it goes back. At least it works on that let’s go and check the other ones out style, three that’s, not style three, so that is style three, which is the smart, smart style let’s go into style four and, as you can see, you’ve got a nine hour view, but it’s Not a list, one let’s go into five, which solely this is a new one by the way which has a motion with it as well, so it’s a a six up view which gives you which app it is, and it actually gives you a motion. So let’s show you how that is checked out, see that so that’s really good and last but not least, we’ve got style, six, which is another new one, and that is it right there. So let’s go back into that uh style five, which is definitely a new one. So obviously, if you swipe it to the left, it just changed. The watch faces, if you didn’t, want to do it with the crown, so that is it. Let’S go into um the menu, so audio player it’s already got some music already on right. Let’S go back audio player, i hope that’s not and not, copyright, but, as you can see, the music is playing it’s, not connected to the phone or anything so yeah that is the music player.

Remote noise, fire uh remote sound as well that i can you can mute your sound choose which ringtone you’ve got a sound recorder that has to be connected to your phone. For some reason settings let’s go into settings, tts is you can switch it on and off or the volume settings you can change the volume settings from right. There um slide switch that’s the animation, um security settings. You can put a passcode on it as well, which has all the good features bluetooth settings raise lcd on temperature time you can have in centigrade or fahrenheit lcd, always on so it’s off so wow that actually has always on display clock, it’s, really good. The brightness has actually gone down and actually save the battery from there. I’Ll just switch that off. We actually let’s switch it on and let’s go back and let’s leave it like that and let’s see how how long it takes. It should actually give you stay on, but we’ll actually check in a few seconds. As you can see, the always on display is actually working, it’s, actually dimmed uh. You can see it properly on camera, but it’s actually dimmed when you’re just looking at it from there. So yeah that is really good. That is a really good feature to have always on display. So let’s just switch it up, so we can actually get as you can see, it’s brightened up when it’s actually switched off because it’s uh saving battery when it’s on so clock.

As you can see right there sound volume display, you can choose the style screen. Timer i’m sure pretty sure went over 10 seconds earlier when it was on always on display international. You can change your language reset about, as you can see m16 pro, and it gives you a few information about it. So that is the settings. The crown does work as well let’s check out the temperature we’ll just see if it actually works off an object, and you probably would know that uh more all of these fake smartwatches, they don’t, actually give you accurate readings, actually forgot to show you the flashing christmas Lights, which we have right there, but this time it’s in red, so as you can see, 36.4 is the temperature of some fresh air app download that’s the qr code turn on bluetooth, let’s quit it. Oh let’s go back and, as you can see, you got alarm stopwatch remote capture find my uh smartwatch calendar, uh calculator. What else we got bluetooth, music um, which i’ve showed you earlier that’s? Actually, if you want to play from your phone breathing, you can start it’s. Also got fun, which has three different games: magic, sushi um, which no idea oh yeah. This is like a bit like candy crush, as you can see so let’s. Take that off let’s go back into phone; ninja, climb, start game; i’ll say you just jump across that’s. Quite good fun, again fighter pilot, which is my favorite game, and this is like, but look at that it’s really good.

Look at the sensitivity it’s actually moving, where i want it to which is good, not like a few of them, which were really slow. So it’s got three different games: uh let’s go back in so you got video player, and this is what i wanted to show you earlier. The video play same again: you’ve got to connect it to your computer uh, but uh it wasn’t actually showing up on my computer itself, because i think um. My usb slot is now upgraded at the software, so you can actually put videos on this um. I will find out – and let you know in the comment section below what kind of memory it has got on the watch. It didn’t actually say in the description when i bought it, but yeah. That is definitely a first. Then you’ve got your facebook notifications and also your whatsapp and twitter that’s about it. So going back, you’ve got your dialer phone book call logs messaging motion recorder, heart rate, which doesn’t actually work; blood pressure, doesn’t work blood oxygen just because it all just gives you a similar reading physical training. It actually shows you what you can actually do as well. Let’S, go back and reminder to sit down or stand up, bluetooth connection and sleep monitor and there you go your audio play which is already built in and that is about it. Wow this m16 pro is really good. It’S got a lot of good features.

Shame about the design it’s really thick, this bone doesn’t actually work it’s a fake microtub, but if you actually ignore all of these, it has always on display game split screen, passcode built in music player built in video player and much more features. So what i’m going to do now is download the high watch app and let’s see what other features we can use on the app or when it’s connected to the smartwatch, as you can see, we’ve already got high watch already downloaded, like i said with all of The watches i’ve reviewed previously so let’s switch bluetooth on going to high watch click to add device m16 pro straight away and let’s dismiss that console. Bringing notifications m16 pro connected let’s just see what else we can do on the phone so find device Music, as you can see, let’s stop that because we’ve already found it dial settings unless you can put custom dial faces on so you’ve got your pointer dial, which Are right there and your digital dials, which are right here, so you can actually download these straight to the smartwatch, but you can’t actually put your own uh custom smart watch face, which is a shame so about that let’s get the information and you can actually set The temporary unit – and that is about it – for the changes on the m16 pro uh when it comes to the app all the information will get synced straight to um the app itself.

It says i’ve done 16 steps, no idea where i’ve done them and yeah start measurement let’s see if actually it’s not actually coming on, but let’s see. If it actually gives us a reading. The lights are actually still flashing, as you can see so it’s giving us the reading of 65 um beats per minute. So all this information will be synced straight to your uh smartwatch. Now, of course, with all these fake smart watches, you have to connect them twice. Uh reason being if you want all of the features like the notification from the uh phone calls and text you’ve got to make sure that they have connected twice so you’ve got m16 just come up right, there make sure that’s connected and what you need to do. Now is get you oh well, let’s try and get another phone call so i’m calling from my other phone let’s see what we get as you can see. It says also it’s on the phone, but you just come up with the number on the smartwatch and it is a shame but it’s on silent as well that’s. Why you’re not why you’re not getting any tone so let’s, send a text message and show you what it’s like when you receive a text message dismiss it. So a text message should come up on the let’s, send it first, you need to send it sending it for my other phone. So as you can see, you should get a text message right there and you’ve got a text message from all sorts.

It says subscribe to all sorts and yes, so you can actually get notifications from whatsapp, instagram and different other apps, which is really good, but overall, it is a really good watch. All of the features you ever wanted on this watch, like i said i do uh, but the only thing i dislike is the uh. How thick it is and stuff like that to get the design it’s, not that good it’d be better if they had that bone. As well, and if the design was much more identical to the original, i think i would actually be using this watch that’s how good it is and that’s how much features it’s actually got.