This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos i’m going to do the unboxing, and we are also going to give our initial review of the m5 smartwatch all right guys. So i actually got this one from shoppie and if you want, you can also check aliexpress or other online shop. So i only got this one for around four dollars, so it’s a very affordable, smart watch, so let’s open it guys. Okay, wow it’s good guys, because with the price it has a free, strap here in yellow, which is really cute. Thanks for you know giving me this one: okay, it’s, nice and uh. Okay, we have here the m5 smartwatch. The box is quite like it’s broken and, as you can see, there is the m5 smartwatch and the 5 branding below. So it says, they’re also smart bracelet and the m5 sign on top okay. It kind of reminds me of the m5 or the xiaomi mi 5. Smart watch, i think this is just quite like the clone i’m, not sure guys, all right, so we have on the side, so it says there. I think it supports facebook. It has tabs motion pattern which i call sleep monitoring and uh. Yes, at the back, so it has here the model name and the wireless connection. It supports bluetooth, 5.0 and the battery capacity it’s 135 milliamperes, and it supports android, 5 or ios 10 version. Okay, so now guys let’s open the box Music, okay, okay – and we have here the typical manual that we have so it’s in chinese.

It has also the english version. So if you have any questions about your product, you can just refer to your manual okay, and we have here the charger, wow it’s, my first time to to have this kind of charger with like kind of protruding pins in there, okay and okay. We have here the smart bracelet itself. Okay, so let’s set this aside and we have here the black strap okay. So it feels nice guys so it’s, not plastic, so it’s like matte style, yes or like a tpu material, all right and then we have here the smart watch or the smart bracelet. So let’s take this one off okay and on top okay there’s, nothing here but uh at the bottom. You can see there’s a circular icon there, which is, i think, for the when you browse the menu and on the side guys. So there are none okay and at the back, so i believe this are the sensors, okay and the charging area is also located here. Okay and uh guys, it feels light yes and, of course, because it’s also made of plastic. Yes, there is no glass in here. I believe so it feels light. Alright, so let’s try to put the watch on the strap. Okay let’s, try to turn it on Music, all right, so it’s, not turning on guys so let’s just charge it for a couple of minutes and we’ll be right back. Okay, so, but before that guys, i will be showing you the way on how to charge this watch.

So you have here the okay just try to connect them here and it’s, magnet guys, yes and okay guys. I have a little bit of a problem there and guys i didn’t mention that on the packaging, there is another charger here which is nice. They included two chargers here. I don’t know why they included this one and it’s, not charging at all. Okay, let’s see let’s wait for a couple of oh yes, guys it’s charging but i’m, not sure if it can hold yes, so as you can see, it’s quite dim guys. I will be right back and i will let you know about the features later on. All right guys so we’ll come back, so i actually charge the m5 smartwatch using the clip charger that they included because the other one it easily detaches guys so yeah now let’s try to take it out from the charger now. Let’S turn it on guys. Okay, so for you to turn it on, all you just have to do is you’re going to long press this circular icon here all right. So this is the the home screen of the m5 smartwatch, so it’s a little bit dim guys. So hopefully we can adjust it later on and in the middle there is time and uh below. I believe there is like some kind of measurement there, including the heart rate. Okay, guys so now let’s try to tap it and we have the steps here and then we have the heart rate.

So let’s try to long press that one and okay it has the sensor is lighting guys and then it measures our blood pressure, our spo2 and the heart rate. So let’s try guys all right guys, so our heart rate, it’s 77. Our blood pressure is 110 over 70 and our spo2 is 98, so i’m, not sure guys if it’s really accurate – and i advise you if you have any problems, you have to really use the approved medical device for that. Okay. This is just only a reference guys. Okay and then we have also the sports, so let’s check it out, so it supports running skipping sit up. We also have the message so let’s try to check that one. It says now guys because it hasn’t connected to your smartphone. Yet so we will do that later on, okay, and it also supports sleep, so let’s try to long press that one okay, so this is, i believe, your sleeping time. Okay, if you want to measure so we will check that one later on as well, and it also supports weather music and let’s click on more so it has also the camera remote camera control function, and when you lose your phone, then you can use to look For function as well, Music – and it has also theme – so you can choose the theme that you like so that’s – it guys and the reset and, of course, the qr code.

When you try to connect your m5 smartwatch to your smartphone and now guys i’m. Trying to wear the smart bracelet, okay, and here it is guys our m5 smart bracelet or smart watch, okay, guys so it’s really light, and it feels really comfortable to your hand. So when you want to run it will not really give you that uncomfortable feeling. Yes, okay, it’s, nice, guys and that’s, it guys so it’s, almost the same with the m4 smartwatch it’s, just like it has some differences when it comes to its features. Okay, if you want me to have a comparison of the m4 and the m5 guys just comment down below and uh, if you have any questions guys about the smart watch, just let me know as well. Okay and uh guys for my thoughts about this m5 smartwatch for the price, it’s really reasonable. Yes, for only four dollars like you, can already get a smart bracelet with a decent looking as well. But if you really want a premium smart watch, then you can choose the other uh one available on the market. Okay and yes, so it’s, not bad for the price. Okay, but for medical purpose. I don’t really recommend and you to depend on the smartwatch.