com. This premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, our next variable here, the m5 smartband, is finally here so we’re going to check it out, as you can see. Obviously this is a clone or a copycat of the popular xiaomi mi band 5. So right now we’re going to unbox it and check if it’s really somewhat similar to the popular smart band by xiaomi or adc, or maybe it is a disappointing copy, so we’ll check it out again. If you have any questions regarding the smartband, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer your queries. As you can see here, the smart band is pretty similar to the xiaomi mi band 5 packaging. We ordered we ordered this one online. It says the m5 pro smart band, so it is an upgraded m5, but i do believe that it is still just an m5 smart band with no changes at all. Okay, we ordered before it previews m5 smart button, as you can see here very simple packaging. So this one is much better, okay, very similar, although very similar in appearance, but this one looks more cheap. This is also an m5 smart band. Then we tried to order another m5, an upgraded one but seems like we received just the same smart band. It is just the m, it is just an m5 smart button. It is really not an m5 pro smart band, so it is just a i don’t know.

If you can call it a scam or a rebranded lie for the m5 they put m5 pro. But the truth is, it is just an m5 smartband, so be careful on getting one online okay, so we have here the m5 smartband. Well, we’ll just call it an m5 so because we do believe that it’s not really the m5 pro okay, so similar backs packaging with a box packaging with a me band five. So we have here the original me band five. So take a look at it, so it is somewhat similar. Okay in appearance, okay, we also have the specs here and at the back we have the specs for the mi band 5 and we have the m5 okay, so they are trying to copy the xiaomi mi band 5 anyway, on our next video, maybe we’ll show you The mi band 5 versus the m5 we’ll have a comparison over here. If we have the time okay. So here on the box, we have pictures here. Facebook steps, reach motion, pattern, wechat slip, automatic, okay monitoring for the specs. Here we have even the product model here, similar to the mi band 5. They are using xms here h07h. So while this one is 10m, but almost the same 250 maah bluetooth, 5.0 lithium ion polymer battery uh uh input current for this one 250 ma max well. For the battery capacity we have 135 mah okay, so it supports android, 5.0 and ios 10.

0 version and above okay, so let’s remove it from its box and try to check if the mi band 5 issue, if the m5 is similar to the mi band file, so We have here the packaging first let’s check for the user manual here, so we have the user manual. We have the charging cable similar to the mi band 5, and we have here the capsule like body off. We accidentally turn it on very sensitive touch button key here: the capsule body. Okay, let’s, have a closer look: okay, let’s remove it, so we can appreciate the screen more okay. So this is the body here, the heart rate monitor and the connector here power connector. So the same design we have here the strap, okay, flexible, strap, let’s, try and put it on okay, so that’s it. So, oh, it looks similar to the me band 5. Obviously, but obviously it is, it looks. Cheap looks ordinary okay, so here is your m5. When we order the m5 before this one right, it has a very different charging. Cable i’ll show you okay, it’s, somewhat similar to the m4 mi band 4. Okay, it says: it’s m5 is on the box here, but it has a very different charging cable. Okay, so it looks similar to the me band 4 for the strap. We pick this one guess so very i think it’s just the same so this one, it is trying to copy the look of the me band five.

Okay, so this is your m5 smart band. You say it is the m5 pro smart band, but trust me. I think it is just an m5 smart man. Okay, so that is the display screen. Let’S have a closer look steps. You have the heart rate. The sports let’s take a look at the sports here. What are the sports included? We have running skipping, sit up, okay, that’s it only three sports. You have. The message function, sleep monitoring where the weather music. This is a bluetooth, music, there’s, no onboard storage, similar to the mi band 5 and for the settings here. We have gamma control so and i lost the theme. Let’S check it out. What are the themes here? Oh nice watch faces okay, we have at least three okay let’s try to change. It we’ll pick this one okay reset, so we have here the qr code. If you haven’t lost the support app, we have here the qr code and power off okay, so we have already successfully changed the watch face so on the watch face. We have the step counter here, the time the bits per minute and the date. Okay and, of course, the battery status here so far, it is simple, it’s, not bad at all. It cost around less than five us dollars and we have at least three sports mode here. Let me check it again. So for the sports we have running skipping sit up. I think, with the mi band 5 bit has more than 10 sports mode, all right, okay for the heart rate, let’s check long press.

So we have okay, so we have here the bits per minute. We also have the blood pressure, so it has a blood pressure function. We have the oxygen monitoring, so let’s. Try, okay, so seems like it’s, just dummy or fake monitoring worthy blood pressure, let’s try again: okay anyways! You can’t rely really on the health monitoring of these smart bandwidth, smart watches of this kind. They are very way off, but it is okay when it comes to step counter, i think it’s much closer or they are very useful in message, notifications. Okay, so if you don’t want to spend too much on the variable – and you want to see simple notifications uh – this is okay. Okay, if you want a simple step counter, the m5 is just an okay, smart man it’s, not really that impressive. Okay, so we have here the result: okay, so next time, we’re going to show you on how to connect this to the support app. I think the support app for this one is defeat. Pro let’s check it out on the qr code and we also have a video comparison for this one. With the m5 smart band, i mean the me band 5 smart band we’ll check the details on the specs, as well as the design of the mi band 5 versus the m5 okay. So again for the specs. For this one let’s check we have here in the smartwatch Let me adjust the display here, so we have here the m5 Music okay, so it has a 0.

96 inch dft lcd ip67 waterproof rated. So it supports support social apps phone call, monitoring as well as message monitoring or message notifications. So it has a heart rate: monitor blood pressure here: okay and blood oxygen, so notification function includes wechat, whatsapp, kakaotalk, facebook, twitter and other popular social apps. It doesn’t support built in gps. It has no built in gps, but it has. It supports connected gps okay, so it is an entry level, smart band for your activity, monitoring, okay, so far, it’s okay, with the m5 smart band, we don’t know if how long the battery lasts, we’ll check it out, based on we’ll check it out and test it. Okay in the next few days, but i can complain much on the design very simple. It looks that, like the me band 5, but not that it’s not that premium looking, but it looks the lightly mi band 5. It has a full color screen, touch button, key operation and loaded with call and message notifications, as well as a few sport modes.