This is the box on the left. Side has got some icons and basically it shows you what sort of you sort of functions. You should expect from this watch uh and this is actually a sleeve. So the actual box is on the inside and lets see whats inside of the box. Sure enough youll get the watch itself. Ive opt out for the maximum version. With extra two wrist bands. You can choose the colors yourself theres a manual with the chinese and english language, theres a warranty card theres, also a product quality inspection. Little triangle watch is shaped with a protection glass for the screen and theres a 4 pin magnetic charger which allows to transfer information onto the watch. So first of all lets see whats inside of the watch in terms of like the hardware the processor inside of this watch is hs6621. The screen size is 1.69 inches across with resolution of 240 by 280 pixels. I said million times before that its a very comfortable resolution to work with theres, also another three sensors in this particular model, which is heart rate sensor, which is rhs 3300 theres, a dedicated bluetooth module, which is bt, 8858 and theres. Also, a g sensor, which is sc7820. This watch comes with two bluetooth modules, because it allows you to make phone calls one. Bluetooth is 5.0, the other one is 3.0. The battery inside of this watch is 230 milliamp battery, which, with a good use, should last you for a good week or even more.

However, if youre going to be using, this watch as a phone call capability device, then expect this watch to drain its battery within a day or two, so its going to drain it by far quicker than that. The actual size of the watch is 37.3 millimeters across with a height of 43.1 millimeters, with a thickness of 9.8 millimeters. The watch uses application, which is called wear, fit pro and weve seen this application many times before, but were still gon na, have a look at it later on. This watch comes with the ip rating 68, meaning you can take it into a swimming pool into the river into the ocean, and it should be just fine just make sure you always rinse it with a tap water afterwards, theres also a built in memory which is 128 megabytes, which should allow you to transfer a good amount of music that you can take this watch for a run and you shouldnt worry about it whatsoever. So a quick look at the watch. Weve got a hardened screen which shouldnt scratch anytime soon its got a curved edge to it. The bezel of the watch is made out of nice. Aluminium youve got a number of colors to choose from theres one button. One physical button on the right side, theres also cut out for the microphone. You can actually see the mesh so its protected, so the water shouldnt get inside there. At the back of the watch, youve got your sensors, including that little little metal sort of circle right.

There thats for your temperature probe youve got your magnetic platform for your connection for your charger and youve got your hard sensor and you go to your blood pressure sensor and all those good things. Uh youve got quick release mechanism for both um silicone straps and on the left side of the watch. Youve actually got proper, two cut outs for the speaker. I will demonstrate how the speaker sounds just in a bit so now lets take a look at whats going on inside of the actual watch. So, like quick actions and all those things if you scroll from top to bottom, the first icon allows you to connect your secondary bluetooth to make phone calls from the watch and then the second icon is allowing you to have a always on display. Thats a cool feature, i believe, and then you got your alipay, so that allows you to actually upload information about your paypal or alipay. As long as youre in china, i believe you can make uh payments um not through like a bluetooth module but like uh. Its gon na show like a qr code, and the seller can just a scan qr code and they can debit you that way or credit. You that way and also theres other functions. You can jump into the settings and theres also like a business card. Um option just down there, but also you have to download you have to download it and you have to upload it onto the watch through the app ill show you that, maybe later on, if you scroll from left to right, that gives you access to your like.

Frequently used apps and also shows you the date and the time and its got the sos call button just in case, if you need that, if you scroll from bottom to top that usually shows you your messages. It shows you six messages at a time. You cant reply to those messages, but you can read them and you can delete those messages and then, if you scroll from right to left that usually gives you a quick access to things like heart rate, uh monitoring your data uh about your day. So how many steps youre doing? How many calories you burn and all those good things? It shows you the weather for one day, only so not just not for the week, but for one day only and then its got the music player and then you can add extra apps like extra applications. If you feel like you need those on in that menu. So what ill do now is ill quickly jump into the main menu which you should access by just pressing that right button there. There are three menu styles, so one looks like this and then, if you double tap this button, it will change it to a menu which we have seen in the past from fk8 and fk99. Some people like it, but i personally find it a bit disturbing and its a little bit harder for me to use. I dont, i dont, really see the information really well, because theres many different colors and the final menu looks like this.

Its got like an apple menu apple watch menu and its got a very, very smooth animation, which is which is crazy, smooth, i believe, for the price that youre paying youre getting a really good watch. So what id like to demonstrate? You first of all, is ill show you the temperature measurement, its, not the quickest and its best. If you keep your watch on the wrist for a long period of time, because then the sensor has a chance to actually warm up to your body temperature, but it usually shows you a very good figures. So you can see its just taking my temperature and, like i said, i probably advise you to keep your watch on the wrist for as long as you possibly can, i will quickly take a heart rate. Measurement is its a fairly good sensor. It takes a bit of time to take a reading, but its very accurate, and i cant fault it. Its been working, pretty good um and all you have to do once again is just to allow for your heart rate to be monitored 24 hours a day and then its going to be super accurate and youre going to be happy with the results. So, taking a look at the main menu youve got things like heart rate sensor: youve got your oxygen sensor. Youve got your blood pressure. Um indoor and outdoor activities are exactly the same. The only difference is when youre going to be tapping outdoor activities.

The gps will kick in uh to give you better results, whether it was indoor activities, wont use the gps on your phone um and youve got things like indoor running indoor, cycling, swimming pool, meaning you can take this watch into a swimming pool, but, like ive mentioned Before make sure you rinse the watch with a tap water afterwards sit ups push ups and free movements, so pretty decent amount of different activities. Youve got your phone call capabilities, so you can dial the number or you can save your preferred contact numbers through the app which i will show you later on. Youve got your sleep tracking, which is decent. Youve got your weather report. Youve got your stopwatch, which is very simple, nothing fancy about that, but it works pretty well. Youve got things like messages settings you got your calculator and what ill do now is ill quickly demonstrate to you how the speaker sounds and then well jump into the settings and further on ill show you how the microphone sounds in this watch as well, so well Jump into the music, the music player is fairly cool. So, as you can see, there are three different options you can choose from. You can choose for the music to be played from the watch. You can choose for the music to be played from the phone and you can connect the headphones directly to the to the watches. If you dont want to take a phone with you, so currently its going to be playing from the watch itself, you can control the volume the speaker, the speaker, gets loud enough for you to have a decent conversation in a loud environment, and you shouldnt worry about That whatsoever, youll be just fine.

So what ill do is ill quickly demonstrate to you how the microphone sounds and then were going to come back and im going to show you some of the settings in this watch so guys. The watch is about 20 centimeters away from my face im in a quiet room uh, and this is what you should expect: uh quality wise when youre going to be having conversation through the mx 7 watch um. I think the policy is fairly good but its obviously its up to you to decide whether the quality is good enough for your need or not so lets jump into the main settings and see whats going on there. So you can, you can change the brightness. You can change the uh bright screen so how long its going to stay on so, for instance, we can change it up to 30 seconds. Lets. Do that then youve got your phone settings, so you can dial the mute um and you can dial the vibration and call vibration. You can choose for those to be like on or off so, for instance, if you dont want to be. If you dont want for your watch to vibrate, whilst youre dialing the phone number, you can turn it off, then you go to this option where, if you raise rear wrist, the screen will come on. You can turn that on and off youve got do not disturb mode sound and the vibration you can choose how loud or how quiet the sound is going to be, and the intensity of vibration, thats very cool as well, and then weve got some languages im.

Just going to scroll through, you can have a look, and you can see if there is a language of your choice there. If it supports theres, got a fair few amount of different languages and obviously you can connect to your mobile phone through there. You can set a password if you dont want for other people to use your watch and you can reboot and you can restore and you can shut it down so thats for the settings. So what well do now is quickly jump into the warefit pro app and im going to come back and im going to summarize todays video and im going to express some of my thoughts about this particular product from mafaam right guys. So lets take a look at the wear fit pro app youve seen it before youve seen it actually in the past couple of reviews, but in my opinion, its been actually updating itself and its getting better. So just a quick recap: on the first page, you see things like how many steps youve done. You know your previous nights, sleep and your heart rate and all the other things that this particular watch and this app could have gathered about you and its also very useful, especially if youre doing like sports and all those things on the second page. Youve got your exercise activities. If you use this page whilst doing those exercise activities, it will kick in the gps mode from your phone, which will allow for a much better and more accurate reading to be taken.

So if you jump into the third page, you can see that mx7 is connected. You can see the remaining charge. You can see a quick recap about how many steps youve done calories burned and what sort of mileage youve traveled today from the quick settings, youve got things like your wallet. This is where you can um. You can upload information about your paypal, alipay or wechat, but you have to have those setup before you can use it within this app uh. Then youve got your business card. Once again, you can use those social medias to upload your business card and you can use it later on to show people the qr code for your business card. Youve got your health reminders, so things like drinking water, uh, making making sure youre doing some activities for the notifications, which is one of the most important things. People always ask me about. You can see all these social medias available, including the um in contact and youve, got alipay and nailed and all those good things so theres good amount of different things you can set up for the notifications to come through. You can take a picture using your watch as a remote uh. You can also set up your favorite contacts and theres a weather weather application, so you can turn it on and off. If you dont want the weather its not going to show it, you can set your alarms, you can choose between as many alarms as you want.

You can find your watch if youve lost it and for the other settings. Youve got hourly point measurement. So for your heart rate sensor for your oxygen sensor and all those things you can set it up to take reading every single hour and you can also choose between different time formats, so 12 hour format or 24 hour format. If you prefer uh, you can do the firmware update ive done mine mine is the latest and now lets jump into the watch faces. This is, was the achilles heel um and before it was really really horrible, because you you had you had to pay for like absolutely almost every single watch face, whereas now the the situation changes slightly. So if you jump into the new and you click for more, it will take a second to update. You actually see a lot more watch faces and these watch faces, which are now free free of charge, and you can download those and you can upload those. You can see. Theres a squid game, a couple of watch faces and theres, also like a japanese themed and theres, also like a ring and the adventure times and its all its all, looking very, very cool and also like an apple watch. Seven uh theme as well going on there, and there are many many different watch faces to choose from really you can choose between, like almost like 300 watch faces to download, but, like i said, some of them are paid for some of them are free.

There is a way to get a free watch face, even though its like it says you have to pay for it. All you have to do is jump onto the last page, so go into me and down here in the bottom right corner. You will see this like a gift thing. If you click on that, that would take you to the big prizes, and here you can either complete some uh. You can complete some tasks or you can play little games like that and youve got a choice like youve got a chance to actually win like a free uh. I know it sounds a bit silly, but you can you can win like a free paid watch face if you really really want to so thats like a little uh little like a little life hack for you there and thats. Basically it about the the app and lets jump back into the review right guys. So now that you had a chance to actually have a good look at this particular watch ill show it to you once again, just a bit close up, so you can see what its made out of and what it looks like. Personally, i think its a great product for the price, its a good, its got great microphone and a good speaker and its got a decent amount of different options and for the price, you really, you really cant fault it, its really good product. So my thoughts are its a very good product for the price, so if you want grab yourself a product, if you like this particular design, its a product for you personally, i enjoyed wearing for two weeks and i think its a very good product yeah.

So, thank you very much for watching guys and thank you very much for supporting this channel. If you still got any questions, dont hesitate, comment down below and ill do my best to answer your questions as soon as i possibly can make sure you always follow the links that i leave down in the description, because i usually leave a good link that you Can follow that you should be able to use for a purchase of a decent product and yeah.