The purchase link down below lets have a quick unboxing tool. Shall we, and, as you can see here, you have ai assistant alexa actually built in on this watch, but unfortunately, you cant use alexa in malaysia and to the left to the right and if you unbox it. So this is where they place. The watch im already availing it and from here you can actually have this usb a to a magnetic two pin charger, which is very strong, and here you have a verity user manual, which is in various languages to show you guys the magnetic two pin charger its Actually very strong once it gets hold on to the watch so its actually right and the watch will vibrate and immediately it will charge your watch so full charging from zero to 100 will take around two and a half hours. Ive been using this watch for seven days already, just to show you guys on the remaining battery life now its at uh 66. So i fully charge this watch before i use it, and i use this watch during my exercise receiving notification measuring heart rate and blood oxygen level, spo2, which is quite good to be honest, the battery life. The watch case is made like aluminium alloy, which feel very solid and give you that kind of premium feel, but its very light at 24 gram, excluding the watch, strap and the strap weave is 23 millimeter, as i mentioned before in my previous videos, i appreciate watch Straps, which are soft but tough and at the same time maintaining the conventional design of the watch, strap so itll be easier to wear, to watch with zero learning curve to wake the watch, press the side button or raise the weight theres no tab to wait.

This is a 1.69 inch display which is much bigger than other smart watches at this price range, although this is just a tft lcd screen, but the colors are pleasant and the viewing angles are good. I totally have no issues looking under bright sunlight and you can change the brightness level from 1 to 5. to me brightness level around 3 to 4, or it is sufficient for me to see the watch under bright sunlight. If you swipe up, you can see your battery percentage and its connected to my xiaomi mi 11, and this is actually the do not disturb button raise to week brightness level, one two, three four five and back to one – and this is actually your find my phone Button, if you swipe down its your notification center for your sms facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc and the maximum, you will appear that notification and theres no support for emoji. But there is a small bug which i noticed whereby the same one notification received. It will be repeated. Two to three times, which can be quite hilarious to me, so i hope that mimo will solve this issue soon, while software update so swiping to the left and right will lead you to this shortcut. Heart rate stress level, monitor and your workout modes. This is the recent one that i use weather app and this is your alexa app yep, its not supported, as i mentioned just now – and this is your overall activity the slide button here when you push it will lead you to the app menu.

So the first one is actually the help data your overall activity for the day calorie burn steps taken – and this is a workout modes. So you have 13 workout modes in total available and it covers all the basic. But i wish that there are more workout modes for users to choose, so perhaps mimo can add more workout modes in the future software updates, and since this watch has 5 atm waterproof, so you can bring it for swimming. However, theres no gps built in this watch, so you have to rely on your phone gps to track your running route. So if you go down further more, you can see that this watch actually measures heart rate and blood, oxygen level and stress level. To me, the heart rate and spo2 monitors are actually quite accurate and consistent, and the sleep tracker is also quite good. It managed to record my sleeping patterns quite accurately, and the rest of the apps are actually quite standard. So to link your watch to your phone. You actually need to download this mimo fit app, which is available for android phones and also iphones, and once you press it, it actually comes with in three pages. So the first one is actually your overall health status, your heart rate, stress level, energy level. Your sleep record for the previous night and also your blood oxygen level record and for the second page, actually tells you your watch battery level and from here you can actually choose your watch faces.

So there are four actually preset here and you can actually download more than 50 plus of watch faces available for you to choose from here. You have a few options that you can set to customize your watch to your liking, and one thing i need to point out here is that for the health monitoring for heart rate monitoring, you can choose to have your heart rate, monitored, measured every five minutes or 24 7, which will drain more battery, and from here you can choose what type of app that you want to be appear. Notification appear on your watch like i choose, call whatsapp and messages only and from the last option. Here you can choose okay to see whether there are updates or not, for your watch, so just to keep your watch updated all the time and for the third page you have your fitness overview and also your calories and steps and sending and sleep targets that you Want to achieve a day and sell your personal infos, and you can actually link this watch to your google feed, thats nice and you can use your facebook or google account to link to this uh watch and this app and some feedback, and also your app setting. So, overall, this app is actually quite user friendly and simple.