Some sports you can get into with GPS support, running cycling, walking and a whole variety of other things, including yoga and swimming, as well as ice skating. Oh, my goodness, you also have push messages from your phone when you're tethered and events that you can track and on board smart stopwatch and countdown timer. It also supports a compass which is in here too, and you have your overall settings, which is where you can change watch faces, assign something to that long. Press of that button do smart tracks, which you'll have to learn about it's, a way that can automatically figure your stuff out 24 hour. Heart rate computation do not disturb so it won't light up at night, 24 hour or 12 hour time change. Your languages adjust your brightness and on and on and on it's a pretty cool little watch. It does a lot of things, including heart rate and fatigue measurements, to help you with your workouts.