It'S smart watch ticks calm and I've got a Makeba Xin here. This is a follow up now. Whoo nice built in GPS, yeah heart rate variability cool. This is a follow up to the makita's b r1 and it's called the b r3. So let's take the lid off to get you started on looking at this salivating for it interesting packaging, huh, okay i've got a little cushion to put it on a really nice dual tone: TPU band and there it is the watch itself with a little cover that We can pull out simulating a watch face and let's take a look at it. Mokuba'S charging port one nice silver round button on this side, silver highlight around the screen: two buttons on that side: removable very flexible holes from beginning to end all fit anybody. Breathable band let's talk about it right now. Geek buying has this one for you and at a pretty darn good price, to check the show notes to see if we're, more or less than that, one because we're going through the window of Black Friday Cyber Monday when I'm doing all of this. So the prices are changing like crazy, but we'll try to get you the best coupon price deal we can. This is the mchavez br3. I also want to show you the BR one, which is pretty much the same price, and it does some different things and we're gon na contrast, the two together for you, because that's the best way to make a decision on which of these mokuba's watches.

You would like here's the stuff that's inside it, but before we get to that, let me show you the overall chart. Okay, this is comparing a huawei band 3 pro with the BR 3 and the BR 1. So we've got built in GPS on all of them. Ecg is on the BR one it's, not on the BR three or this one. Strava integration is on both of these, so we lose the ECG on this one. They got the same curved glass, they got the same size screen. The watch case is PC ip68 higher waterproofing on the BR three then on the BR one, because we got that ECG stuff, I guess they tightened up the water protection specs same size battery here 15 days, GPS, five days on battery life. So, overall, the two looks similar except there's, no GPS. I means no ECG report being generated on the BR three and when we look at the back of that, you'll probably see why, with those electrodes let's go through the specs built in GPS ip68, like it says, I'm gon na. Let you skim through this. In fact, I'm gon na, let you hold it and freeze frame it if you want to, because this is all the stuff talking about the br3, and these are the specs on the BR one and bring it out the same chart down below and everything so you'll Have two different things to compare against so let's, look at this watch and compare it with the the other one, but first let's go through here.

I think this is supposed to be in here. This is the charger and, oh you know what it's it's the charger to the dock. Let me go get that for you here. It is see, I've been charging it up and using it and playing with it and forget to pack it back in the back. For a unboxing after I reboxed it right, I know I try to fake you guys out, but you can tell here we go it slaps on the bottom like this and it snaps in place, and you got the connector here now for the wire to charge it Up in the BR one, it actually comes with a very integrated, sophisticated charging wire that goes across all these ports here so bit different charging mechanism – and I don't believe this is gon na work on the one but we'll try it simply because of the layout of The buttons and stuff that are different, okay we've got the manual as the last thing before we dive into it. To show you how it works. Br3 power watch with the English manual right up front, the things that it comes with mm; hmm: how to do the dock it's connection and what the different presses do short press and long press on buttons. A B and C it's really good to know how to use these a and B are basically and up and back down or a back and forth, and your C is your mean button.

Okay, now you take the band's off the quick disconnect where you should place it for heart rate, monitoring, here's about fatigue, monitoring the information on GPS – and this is interesting. This is something new I don't believe is on the other one Illume a run where the watch will actually light up in different colors to tell you what zone you're in. So you don't even need to try to look at anything other than the color of your screen. That'S cool it's got swimming support, especially with ip68 waterproofing instructions. Okay, swim shower wash hands only under cold water, not safe for warm water. None of these really are device care, cleaning the device and your overall maintenance, okay and that's it other ones, are different languages now let's play with them. Well, if it wasn't for the insides being practically identical, I would say these are two completely different watches. All the way around, first of all, the BR one here it is you've, got the same one button, two buttons, but oh my goodness, there really look different it's a little bit bigger overall watch. Its contour differently uses this charging connector on the back it's, not really strong enough to hold it just barely, whereas this one of course has the little charging dock that we've seen, but the same five pin on the back you're getting to get the feel that the New one is a little thinner overall, the band is he mungus, but very airy with lots of holes on it.

It'S been refined and made removable on this one that the three the br3 and thickness wise I don't know I think they're pretty close. The original one might be a little bit, thicker, the buttons are kind of more plastic and just oh, I just went into a mode there and just kind of hanging on the edge, whereas these have now been made into metal. So it's a bit of a dressier watch overall, okay we're in some event, where we're looking for GPS can do the same thing over here, go into something and hit start and it's gon na look for GPS and so forth. So we're gon na go into the technical details of what they do and don't do so you can compare them just to remember that I've already gotten bunch of reviews actually up on this Mac IBAs dr. vive, a couple of other different versions of this same B: R1 and now we're, looking at the b r3, so let's get out of this thing here, whatever we're in I'm gon na yes out of that, that was a run and it's got all of the data for you and while we're in run, which was over here I'M gon na show you something and this one as well: I'm gon na bail out of here I'm gon na go into the settings on both of these. So you can see that they're identical you can put heartrate alert in here. If you want to – and you can specify if it doesn't timeout on me – which thing you want, the warm up, I've got it.

Ah man, I got to keep moving okay, your warmup period, your fast burning and you notice, the color or the the heart rate is different. That'S because it's, based literally on the data that you put in your age and gender and all of those kind of things. But there's the different zones. So if you wanted to work out in extreme zone, you could select that and it's going to keep you notified about it. With this illuminated running capability, you saw that where the screen is going to turn colors to match the zone, that you're in you can have an alert, every kilometer or not, you can have a GPS trace, turned on or not, which will show you your path back. On the app and that's on these all of these different apps, so that's coming in this part notice, the graphics is, are identical: we've got run cycle, we've got fast, walk and climb all of the same exact icons, even in the same order sitting yoga jumping rope Dancing, I mean nothing has changed here in the software it's. Just this is more water proven. This does not support ECG. What where's that? Well, you go over this direction and you see here we have heartrate and ECG and fatigue, and here we only have heartrate and fatigue so that's. The element that's been lost from this one. Otherwise the settings and all the other functions are the same. You'Ve got push messages, events a stopwatch timer.

You have a compass built into this one: okay, there's something different and settings. So the new one has a compass. This one had ECG yeah we're, finding something different let's do a calibration and I'm sitting in the North. So it should be pointed directly to me that hand, okay, yeah it's, not even moving mm. Hmm there is that better, all right, you just got to mess with it to get it calibrated, and I might be too close to all these magnetic things here as well. So all right, yeah yeah yeah, so I really I'm here. It should be pointing that way to North Moore LS it's, still a little bit cocky, but it's, okay, it's it's in the neighborhood and that's something that's different in here that we didn't see on the other. One overall settings now to show you that we don't want it to time out. Come here come here and down to settings we've got the different watch faces. What you can set the long press on the side button to do. You'Ve got this smart track feature 20. For our heartrate capability, by the way I want to turn those off for storage here after we're done. Do not disturb is in there 24 hour. Time is in there. So you can basically watch the review of the br1 and learn everything about it, including learning about the ECG that you can get from here, and this is the one where you see the compass and other than that.

This is more water proof. On the back. You see how they did make it more waterproof that area where they had the two plates and there was possible water seepage. I guess through all of here is now totally sealed. Up with a glass covered, heart rate sensor looks like it's the same sensor on here and although this is the same, the back is the same screwed in the same, but it's a little bit thinner and definitely a redesign to cover and removable bands. Now so your choice, your choice, if you want ECG or compass that's about it waterproof if you're, really gon na swim with it I'd go for the BR three. If not then head on over and pick up the BR one. Both of them are available from geek buying. Both of the links are in the show notes, and they should take you there and we do appreciate when you use our links to buy, because that gives them non acknowledgment that you've learned about them through our videos and they'll, keep sending watches out to us and Helps us get good discount prices for you as well. Alrighty you've been watching. Smart watch ticks and we appreciate your subscription too and just be in here game. Thank you. We'Ll see you again soon. Oh, I didn't talk about the tethering app yeah, because there wasn't a QR code in there uh in the booklet or on the box or anywhere. In fact, you have to look really carefully in one sentence.

It talks about tethering to the zero nur health row, which I have here we have talked about this before I'll have also a link in the notes where you can go over and see a review of the app because I'm just gon na walk through it. You come in here to the device you pick out your watch. It should pop right up on the screen for the BR three and you get tethered then from here you go into all of the details of what you can do and the data you can collect and again that is in a more extensive review of the app. So well, let's go over to another video to see that part all right now, we're done sorry. I forgot that, but hey they forgot it. The first time I've seen a watch. It didn't have a QR code for downloading the app, but you don't need it. We got it in the show notes down below just click there, take you to the Google Play Store and you can download it there. We are we're all connected everything good to go.