So today, here all these smartwatches here will work with both ios and android and, of course, we’re going to be taking a quick look at all. The devices that i have right here and just a quick comparison on what you need to know before you make your purchase decision so we’ll be checking out, first and foremost, all the smartwatches that i have here, and then we will check out the audio devices that I have the tws anc earbuds at the back all right, so i have these watches here, arranged from the lowest price towards the highest price right here and first up. Let me just introduce to you uh these huawei smart watches right here. So on the left. We have the huawei watch fit this one here is the huawei gt2e. This is the huawei gt2, and this is the most premium guy, the gt2 pro right. So if you notice that these three devices here are the gt2 series and yeah, let me just come up with a few examples on the similarities and the differences so i’m just going to take one watch here and just show it to you very quickly. In terms of software and all that all devices here comes with at least about two weeks of battery life, so you can expect some pretty good battery life there. The second thing that you should take note of here is also the fitness tracking, so all devices here on this desk right here.

They all support spo2 uh, for your tracking of your blood oxygen levels. It supports your all day, heart rate monitoring. It tracks the sleep. It tracks the stress so you’re pretty much covered across all devices here, that’s one thing that is very important for you to take note of about these devices right here, so very good, all right. So the next point i need to take note of here is that all devices right here comes with gps built in so, if you’re going for your activities, outdoor runs, you know cycling and all that bear in mind that all devices here covers gps. So you don’t have to worry about. You know having to carry your phone with you when you go out for those sport activities, it’s very good – that all comes with gps across the board. So one final thing that you need to know here is that obviously we have different designs of watches right here, so they are tailored for different situations. So these are the four different watches here, starting from the watch feed that gives you the minimalist feel and many monies look very lightweight. Then you go up to the round phase one the gt2e here, which is an affordable, sporty kind of device right here. Moving up one rank, you go into the gt2. This one is the one that comes with a slightly more premium, look as well as the built in speaker for your music playing and, last but not least, the gt2 pro here, which is the most premium guy.

That comes with everything built in all right, so just to recap, one more time all devices here comes with your heart rate, tracking, your spo2 tracking, your stress, tracking and sleep tracking, and they come with gps built in, and these three guys here comes with music storage. On board, all right, so at the end of the day, what’s the main problem with all these guys right here i would say that that’s, just a small thing that i wish would be slightly better and that is if you’re, using ios or iphone. You are not able to access some of the features like the music controls, as well as the camera shutter, so you can’t use that that, but otherwise this is still a very good device to use on ios and even android as well. Last but not least in terms of the app that you use to sync these devices here, all you need to do is go to the app store and download the huawei health app or scan the qr code from your huawei device, the box itself, and then you Can get the latest version of the huawei health app so just in case you’re wondering how all these huawei smartwatches looks like on your wrist. Let me just show you a very quick take here on each smartwatch on my wrist, so just for your reference. I’M. Quite a skinny fella here, as you can see by the thickness of my wrist, but i did notice that all the smart watches still looks pretty good on myself.

So whether or not you will look good on it, i think you will also look pretty alright with that on your wrist. More importantly, i think what is really important here is that i must really point out that these straps on all the huawei smart watches here are very comfortable, regardless of whether you are chilling at home or outside on the run. It just feels very comfortable on my wrist, so yeah expect it to be pretty good on yourself too, all right guys. So now that we’ve done talking about the watches, let’s check out the wireless earbuds that we have here. These are the offerings from huawei right now. You have the free buds 4i and you have the free buds pro. So all right, so obviously in terms of pricing, this is a bit cheaper and it comes in at rm379, whereas this bigger brother here comes in the rm699, all right, so let’s just take a look at the the more affordable one. First uh. It does actually feel quite good. The audio quality coming from this three butts 4i is actually, quite surprisingly good in such that it comes with very strong bass and the anc blocks out your noise from your surrounding environment very, very well here. So i really appreciate that about the three butts for i, so, although it’s coming in at a more affordable price range, you are not sacrificing anything in terms of audio and a and c.

Another thing you need to take note of here is the battery life coming from these guys here, so with the case itself, you can get about 22 hours of music playback, and that is definitely enough for you. Even if you listen to a lot of music all day, so definitely this is one of the pretty good ones here, let’s check out the bigger brother. Now this is the free buds pro and first off you can just notice by the the design itself, the build materials everything looks just way more premium here. It has this really nice a matte black kind of look here, which i absolutely love, and the design of the earbuds here are very small and tiny, but it still looks very good as well. So i love the way this looks um how you operate. This is a bit different, it’s, not tap, but you do squeeze the sides here a little bit apart from that this earphones, the main highlight here, is that it comes with the intelligent, dynamic anc, and what that really means is that it is able to detect your Surrounding environment, noises from all that and actually come up with the most suitable kind of blockage, the anc to suit your current needs, so that’s very good right there, because it’s able to detect the environmental noise to adjust the anc – and i love that about this device. Right here, apart from that, it does come with 30 hours of music playback with the case itself.

So obviously this case is a bit larger, so it can get you more battery. But yes, this is what you can get here. The base as well audio and mic for calling and all that is all very good on this device right here so in terms of which should you get. Naturally, if you have a very strong budget, you can always consider the free buds pro right here. This is coming in, like i said, rm699 yeah, but if your budget is a little bit tighter don’t worry, you can also get the free butts 4i here and not sacrifice anything in terms of audio and a and c all right done with the audio items. All right so just like how i showed you guys the smartwatch on my wrist, and this is also how the earphones actually look like in your ears, so here’s a few take here very quickly of the huawei free buds pro, and it looks really nice in my Ears, because of that really small form factor and it’s very, very comfortable, and apart from that, this is also how the huawei free butts, 4i looks like on your ears: do you prefer the black or white version? Let me know down in the comment section below, regardless of the free buds pro or the free buds, for i i must say that again, both are very comfortable on the ears and yeah. This is exactly how you would look like with the earphones in your ears.

Alright guys we’ve now reached the end of the video. I hope you’ve learned something about all the different kinds of smartwatches and wireless tws anc earbuds from huawei. Just so you know, huawei is actually running this. A very quick raya campaign where you can get these devices here at a pretty good discount. So if you’re looking for a brand new smartwatch or a brand new wireless anc earbuds, you should definitely check out the link down in description below. So you can enjoy some pretty good offers other than that. If you do have any further questions regarding any of these smart watches right here or even the wireless anc earbuds feel free to leave a comment down below and i’ll. Try my best to help you out in solving your questions and with that i would like to wish everyone from malaysia here.