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Matrix PowerWatch – remember this name, as it is likely the beginning of a new era! This is the most exciting piece of tech I’ve seen so far this year, and it feels like the Californian-based company called Matrix has no intention to settle. There is a new model the X – and the first batches are already being shipped.
Because I am sure there are tons of questions – like – how does it charge, what is this weird technology, is it really working, is it really that beautiful: Let’s begin! I can confirm that everything about this watch is legit, and is indeed a technological breakthrough!
First of all – this is not just another smartwatch. If you think of Android wear, or functionality you’d fin with Garmin’s watches – no – this thing is different. Right now it is somewhere between a fitness tracker with extras and a real smartwatch in the sense of Apple iWatch, Samsung’s Gear and so on.
The main thing is the power – there is a tiny thermoelectric generator (TEG) that senses body heat and converts it into energy. TEGs need to have a hot side and a cold side to operate. The hot side is the circular black aluminum plate on the back of the watch. The cold side is the entire metal bezel and body of the Powerwatch – and you will notice its very specific design which in some ways reminds of a heat sink. Quite obviously – the colder it is outside, the better the charging process will be.
Build quality is outstanding. Metal bezel, beautiful design and clean and good looking watch face. There is already a newer black edition with slightly different strap. I think I like this one better – material feels good to the skin and I feels like a natural fabric.
The most valuable metric this watch will give us – are the calories burnt. Its mechanism to count that is significantly better than any other smartwatch on the market.
Concerning hardware – it is not disclosed on the manufacturer’s website, but knowing that it uses Ambiq Apollo micro controller – my guess is that it utilizes Apollo 2 blue, because it supports Bluetooth. PowerWatch syncs wirelessly with the Matrix iOS and Android apps. This functionality is only possible because Ambiq Micro’s Apollo MCU consumes less than half the energy of similar MCUs.
At the end – inside the Matrix Powerwatch there is a battery. Capacity is not disclosed, and perhaps it is really small. I talk that much about the hardware, because it is important to set the expectations on the right level. The functions you can count on, besides date, time and the other well-known wristwatch functions – there is daily activity summary. There is running mode. Sleep counter, There is a stop-watch, and there is a way to adjust the settings, which by the way are not adjustable via the app. But that also makes the watch app-independent. Except for the initial setup.
The display is perfectly visible under direct sunlight – it is monochrome reflective display.
This is what we have. What we don’t have – no GPS, no actual smart OS, being it Android wear, or something else, no sport modes, no apps, no notifications. There seems to be an option to show notifications on the newer X-model though.

At the end – credits – A HUGE thanks to my dear friend Tony for borrowing his Powerwatch to me for a week 🙂 . He was the one who really inspired me about the idea of trying this tech, and I believe it is mind-blowing.
I am in fact looking forward to two things – firs – to the forthcoming updates that Matrix Powerwatch will get with the next firmware – and most likely there will be new features and watchfaces – and secondly – your opinion about it in the comments below.


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