At smart watch ticks comm. You can find this anytime you'd, like, ladies and gentlemen, I'm introducing you today to a new company, Mac's top that makes smart watches. This is all of their information. Their email, their contact address and all of that because it's good to know these guys have got some very interesting products, we're starting out our first collaboration cooperation review with a fitness tracker that they make and it's called actually the y13 here it is let's. Take a look at it available on their Amazon account. I have just the extract of the description of the watch and you can find a link to it in the show notes down below that'll. Take you over. There got some fine print which I've blown up for you, make it a little easier to read. They they're calling it the Mac's top SmartWatch for Android phones, even teenagers would like it. The description tells you a little bit about it. That it's not just a watch. You know it's a heartrate, monitor blood pressure, sleep monitoring, waterproof yeah, all kinds of good stuff in this fast, convenient to charge and satisfaction guarantee from their descriptor they've got this pictorial colored diagram, basically not a spec sheet per se, so I don't have a list of All the different specs for you, but maybe it'll, reveal itself as we dive into the unboxing and the review again. It'S Mac's top welcome next up so it's packaged in a nice white box.

Ah, ok, it comes folded over with easy, flexible removable bands. Nice construction looks like molded all the way across you've got the charging ports, the heart rate, diode a curve to it. You notice that curve. Look at that surface, that's, pretty cool. It has a little cover on it right now. That shows you how big the digits are gon na be so this will be an easy one to see at a distance, that's nice. We can open up and find hey, look there's another set of bands in blue. That comes with it too, so I could have it in black or blue and I believe you can order different colors as well. Just up to you yep. Here we go the y13 manual and the charging connector, which is a basic two pin magnetic connector. Aha yep it's got a little key notch right there that lines it up make sure you're in the right spot and it's strong enough to hold the watch. You love all the little tests. I do yeah that should be fine for charging. Okay, okay and okay. Let'S walk you through the manual. This is gon na, give us much more information that I could find on the website. The English part is upfront and it talks about appearance and directions for first time use. It will, of course, tether to a phone and it uses the H band. Now. The interesting thing about the H band, I believe, is I had it's, got some extra features in it nowadays that has been updated.

That gives it some extra capabilities now see if this watch band takes advantage of some of those here's, the primary functions manual, test, automatic monitoring of heart rate, okay, combination of color pictures and text anytime, you need to check the manual just come back and freeze frame The YouTube on your screen, you should be able to read through it and cover the things that I'm not covering in this quick review, got stopwatch countdown timer in it alarm. Clocks, mm, hmm message: reminders nice, a heart rate alarm, look at that! You can turn on the switch to do the heart rate alarm. We won't be doing an in depth review of the H band app because we've done several already in the past. What I will do for you is give you the link in the show notes for other reviews, we've done and take you specifically to the section where we actually look at the app here's the thing I was gon na point out it. It also has the capability to monitor physiological periods for females, so it can track different aspects of the pregnancy cycle, which is something new. We haven't seen that in any other bands or watches other than the ones that tether to this H band and only if they actually incorporate it. Okay, we are now moving on to a different language and that's the manual yeah. How does it look or we even get into it? I really like the curve.

Look at that a natural curve, so it literally fits your arm and they're right. It would work for a man or a woman, a nice overall size, even a teenager. I know I know I'm having too much fun I'll charge it up for you well with no buttons on the side, smooth sides. The only button would be right here in the front, so we press and hold on the front of the watch. Give it a moment to lash hello, it vibrated Wow and we are into a super bright screen. It looks white on the camera for me, but it's actually a a light blue. If I turn it to the side. Hey look at that. You can see it right up to the edge too it's. Actually, a blue color we'll have to get in see if we can change the brightness. Our opening screens got all kinds of stuff on here the date. The time day of the week, battery level step count and it times out rather quickly and we're, playing with swiping here's your step count, information and calories burned and distance travel. Oh okay, we can just press it. Look at this. We'Ll get a heart rate chart once we get this thing going: there's your latest heart rate when you're tied in with the wow that one's flashing, really while I'm getting star patterns on the screen. Anyway. Yes, you get heart rate information and a chart that it'll track. It latest and highest or average.

You also have blood pressure. Last night's sleep results on this one there's a sports section. It says long press so it's guiding you through all of this okay and now we are into a timing step count process where it's gon na monitor your calories, burned your heart rate, your step count against time with the actual time of day in the corner. Sorry, it is really washed out, but that's what's up there on the right, long press in the pause screen and I vibrates and comes to hear long press and this folder screen and it takes us back to the overall sport. One more tap gets us to the off button and the tethering information you're. Looking for why 13 to tether it and that's it that loops it all the way around. So it has all the basic functions of a simple fitness band, with some vital statistics on here of heart rate blood pressure that can be accumulated as well, and the heart rate looks pretty cool. It'S gon na create a graph I've gone ahead and paired this to the H band app simply because you've really got to see some of the things in here that affect what's on here, for example, go over to mine I'm, already tethered go over to Y 13. Come on down here here we go setting a main face: interface that's, your watch face so it's got this really great bright default setting, I can say style one and switch it style to looks like this and so forth.

You'Ve got a little analog kind of digital thing, going there and then sort of a cityscape with black and white time, all of which look really good on this very bright watch and speaking of very bright because it is so bright. I need to dim it down a little bit so I'm gon na go up here to screen brightness here it's in Ottawa just now, so that if it's dim inside it's gon na dim it down a little bit get out in the bright Sun, it'll brighten it It'S got an automatic detector for that, but I can turn this off and you notice it's at full, brightness, now I'm gon na bring it all the way down to the lowest one and now you're, starting to see some color it's still too bright for the room And I think it would be awfully bright at night, actually it's, not a dim watch by any means, but you do have some control over all of that right here. So, for the sake of the review I'm gon na keep it on its lowest setting. But if I put it on automatic adjustment, it'll brighten it even more. So those are a couple of things: you've got blood pressure, private mode. We talked about that in other videos, where you set your known, systolic and diastolic readings, and then the deviation from those normals is what the band well watch will report for you and give you a better accuracy.

Based on your specific situation, I set the screen on time on this one to thirty seconds so that it can stay on a long time, because I want to use it, and I want to be able to see it and I'm not worried about getting thirty days Of battery life out of it, I want to get a reasonable amount of time, but I also like an always on screen or close to it. So I got thirty seconds instead of just five seconds there, and these are the kind of things that you'll find in the app along with the step, goals and stuff you can put in here. You can change your unit settings the overall themes that seem like a short thirty seconds, but I guess it was and when you collect data it's, all gon na show up here on the chart day by day, so check out the H app the Y 13. Oh and by the way I'm in here as May, instead of female, if I register as female I'll get an extra card here that talks about the minstrel cycles, so that's an added benefit that you get. I don't believe you'll see anything on the watch for it, but it'll show up on the app okay. Wow we've covered a lot on this one it's a very robust you. You also have a few more functions that you can add to it. If you want to like countdown timers and and those kind of things, of course, you turn risk detection, you can do that.

You can add a countdown timer and set the time that it normally would run for and so forth. Usual time anyway, you can set all that stuff up and then add that here you can count up count down. Those will be additional cards that will show up on the watch itself. Once again, then, this is a new watch coming to us from a new partner with us. Max top is bringing the Y 13 through Amazon. You can go right over to your favorite, whatever country you're in and pick it up, using the show, notes, link down below and welcome max top glad that you're part of our family now you've been watching. Smart Watch sticks.