This might be just right for you greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch, ticks comm, and today, we're gon na show you how you could get yourself a free, smart watch and a really nice one. Actually, this one right here to be exact: Mac stop is a company that is aggressively moving in to make high quality smart watches available to the public, and they need your help. Now, a lot of you, a lot of you have asked mister texts. How can I get all these fancy? Smart watches that you get, I really really want to get watches. I said easy answer. You'Ve got a review I'm gang once you start reviewing products, whether they're, smart watches or whatever, and you get a following of people who are interested in seeing what you have to say. Then it becomes pretty easy, because companies want to get their product before the public and you become an influencer. So how do you start from like nowhere or a small presence to become an influencer? You probably have to go out and buy products and review them and build a business from that or or like. Today, you get a company that is aggressively looking to expand their market presence and needs reviewers of smart watches, so here's the deal gang. This particular watch. The y13 is an awesome product. It'S got all kinds of goodies in it. In fact, we've already reviewed this here, but I'm gon na highlight a few things for you, because you're gon na need to know if you're really interested in getting this one ship to you totally for free it's, available right now on Amazon and the way you're gon Na be able to get this is by applying for it, and if the company accepts your to review the watch on Amazon, they'll ship it to you free and all you got to do – is write a review and the reviews.

Oh, they can be video reviews. They can be text reviews they can combine with pictures here's a little sampling of what's going on already on this watch and you'll just simply add your review to it, so the requirements for what we're getting into is this yeah? Oh, I know all my foreign viewers are going: oh no, I'm. Sorry! You got to live in the USA for this particular opportunity. We'Re gon na look for other things for other ways. You guys can get free goodies, but it's sold through Amazon u.s., and so you need to live in the USA for them to ship it to you. You need to have an Amazon account because you'll be actually placing an order through Amazon for it, but it won't cost you anything. You'Ll need to send your Amazon profile link to the address support at Mac's top dot CC. Okay, you got that support in Mac. Stop CC pretty much have to start there once you have got your Amazon account and they'll work with you to determine whether or not they would like to invite you to review their product, and you need to be willing to review the SmartWatch on Amazon of costs. It'S free for you, okay, that was the requirements they sent me ask me: can you let everybody know that we're doing this for at least thirty thirty of these watches yeah Mac stop gon na give away 30 of the y13 smart watches to folks who are agreeing To do a little review of it on Amazon, so let me give you guys some hints and ideas that you might work with in developing your review.

One of them is that not everything you see is on the watch. These things like countdown and count. Ups, stop watches are things that you can add through the app, and I want to run those through you real quick, here's, the app. So you get ideas of special things that you could put in you review, because that's what's gon na make it unique, oh by the way, if you do do a review for these guys, I'm gon na have the link in the show notes, of course, over to The Amazon page, where the reviews are to give you guys some exposure. If you do a video review and you have it posted on your own YouTube, page I'll put the link directly to your YouTube page down there as well. So that way, my viewers and fans can jump over and look at your review of this watch and then you get some more and you review some more and pretty soon we've got this little group network going of watch reviewers right cool. I love it all right! Here'S, the opening page of the H band app – and you see the Y 13 – is here when you click here. Oh wow, look at that we could take measurements and do all kinds of things from that more button. I didn't cover that in my review, that's something you might want to do, let's see. We also have the sports section where you can find out that you're getting the step count our early on here.

These are the steps from me for today, wearing this band, pretty darn cool. This is the kind of stuff if you get a little competitive edge, a little something new and different, not just going over the specs over and over again. That kind of stuff is what is really exciting. Come in here check this out, I can go down. I can have the turn the wrist detection on and off. So when you twist it it'll light up or not. I had it in last night mode, so I had it off while I slept with it, so I could get some sleep data you've got sedentary settings for the looping repeat of you know getting you to get up and get active that kind of stuff blood pressure. This thing is doing continuous blood pressure and you have a blood pressure private mode. Some of you guys want to talk about this. That would be awesome. This is where you calibrate the band. In essence, with your blood pressure. Now normal is 120 over 80 let's say that you are 135 over 85, normally, okay, that's what you get in your doctor's office and so forth. You save that and now, when it does a blood pressure reading on the watch, it's going to measure the difference that it's getting between your normal and give you a reading. That is most likely going to be closer to your true reading. Rather than using the default blood pressure adjustment, it's all done in the app folks, that's that's, the beautiful integration between the app and the watch itself got ta, learn all about that stuff.

Brightness adjustment. Look at this it's already bright and it's on its lowest setting. I can crank that puppy up and it gets really nice and bright or or – and this is a nice feature of this watch – you have the automatic adjustment when you turn that on. Did you see it just before it timed out it? It dimmed down a little bit that adjusted there it's maximum brightness here it's ambient setting, so it's got a sensor that can let it be darker in the dark and brighter in the bright light, and that is a really neat new feature that not too many watches Have especially at the price point that we're looking out for this one now match the brightness with this screen on time, which gives you control of how long the actual display will remain on when you touch it and wake it up from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. I can say confirm: I could set this thing and save it and now, when you actually activate it and you're in a particular mode, it'll stay there for 3 seconds and then it'll disappear by the way. We got pretty neat data for sleep time on there, but these are fats that went away because I set it in for three and then there's the switch settings. This is the fun thing. This is where you have all these different things you can activate or deactivate. For example, you can take off the stopwatch if you don't plan on using that you have the blood pressure automatic monitoring, if you're not going to be doing that, you can turn that off and heart rate save on battery and keep that little green diode from flashing.

Where detection all of these disconnect alert, all these are available to you, including fine phone. Now this one, I noticed when I was testing it if you're out of range of your phone, this thing will vibrate like every few minutes for you and it gets kind of annoying. So you only leave that one on, if you're going to be definitely near your phone and not out away from it, okay, Wow it just goes on and on and on so check it out. You can check for firmware upgrades. Some of you might want to talk about that. You go in here and it checks to see if there's a new one and if there is it'll, do it and if there isn't and that it'll tell you you're up to date. The nice thing I like about the Y 13 is: it has lots of different capabilities to it. That gives you a chance to really shine in your review. It'S, not just the basic watch that does basic stuff. Okay, so once again, we're looking for people that live in the USA that have an Amazon account that are willing to connect with Mac, stop at the email support at Mac, stop dot CC and send over your Amazon profile link that way they can be in communication With you on on this particular giveaway and, of course, like they said what they would want from you in return, when you get the watch is to give a review on Amazon now, of course, in the email.

Let them know that you're replying from the video you saw at smart watch ticks. Okay, mister ticks. He gave you the information for this because we're working back and forth I'm talking to them about this all the time and that you'd like to have an opportunity to review their y13 SmartWatch and hopefully you'll be selected as one of the individuals that gets a free Watch in a chance to review now it's starting right now, beginning of September, all the way through the month of September, so it ends at the end of September or it ends once they've agreed with 30 different people to send free watches. Your review should follow within a week or two probably of getting your watch and posts it on Amazon and once again, I'll have links here in our show notes over there. So all of us can see what you did. I'M really excited to see how you guys tackle it. What you'd like to talk about on this particular device? Great great graphics on here this – is that scattergram kind of approach to heart rate. It gives you a different dot. Each hour you have like I said, blood pressure is built into this and last night's sleep time, it's, even rated any one of those. You could go into detail if it's, something that like really excites you in your review of the of the device. Finally, there's more ideas check the show notes again for other links and possibilities to upcoming ways that you could expand into making reviews for products that you can get for free just by getting connected at the right place at the right time, which you're doing right now.

You'Ve been watching smart watch ticks sorry I'm totally sweaty is really hot. Here. We'Ll see you again soon, thanks for watching, and I hope you'll participate I'd really like to see some of your guys's thoughts online. Oh one last thing: I wanted to show you guys quickly how you tether your watch to your phone with the H band 2. App first thing you want to make sure you do is turn off your watch and turn it back on so I'm gon na tap on here there, okay, we got it off. This way is gon na kind of refresh it when it comes back up. You'Re gon na make sure that you've got your Bluetooth turned on on your phone tap and hold says hello. Give it a moment to actually get settled and it's ready now you click here to connect device now it's going to look for all the different devices. If you have more than one on Bluetooth, radiating you'll see them all there. This is the Y 13, so I'm going to tap here and it's gon na say are connected. Please wait a moment to ensure the equipment in a search condition that basically means I've seen the watch because it showed up on the thing that mean it was broadcasting its name out and we're connecting, and it takes a moment or two to get that link connected And there we go we're in our home page, our dashboard and whatever data you've got that synchronized is there and it'll update as necessary, so like to give a shout out to Mack stop for bringing this idea up it's a great way for us to reach you Who are interested in smart watches to come in and get yourself a really nice free watch and give a review of it man? I wish this was happening when I started out.

Everybody'S got to start somewhere, and this is a really great way to test the water to see. If you're cut out for doing watch reviews again, you can do it either in text or with pictures or with video, whatever you'd like.