I thought about making this for subscribers only but there's so much I'm, just gon na put it out for everybody if you're interested watch on watch on, if not watch off three different topics here, but starting with a little update from sin Bono, so sorry everybody we Did a great review on the s10 if you remember this fun little watch from sin, Bono and unfortunately, it's no longer available right now the manufacturers changing the chip inside of it should come back pretty much in the same form factor. So if you are interested in this one, I probably says that it's out of stock hang in there, we hopefully will get something back for you again. That was the sin. Bono. S10. Now we have two watches that we've been following really really closely: the lympho le m9, with its firmware update issue related to the bracelet mode and the always on display and the number one Deepti 28, which has had some funky things going on with ECG charts, we're Gon na cover those in a minute, but for those of you who need to know now, did you see the article out today, yeah it's about whatsapp and, as you know, many, if not most of these Android watches come with whatsapp, either install or it's accessible. When you go down into either the Google Play Store, where you can download it or you go past, the Google Play Store and into the App Store, and when you're in here you have whatsapp uh huh, well there's an article out saying that there is spyware installation That can go automatically into your phone or your watch with a call, a phone call that you don't even answer a missed phone call.

So skim this for just a second I'll, give you a synopsis, you read it. You can look for it on on the web, because it's from the verge it's, basically saying that there's a serious form of spyware out there that will allow the bad actor once they've implemented this in your device to do all kinds of things. Like turn on your camera, your microphone harvest, your contacts and other information it's, just a really nasty thing talks about which versions of what's app prior to these particular versions that you should definitely do an update to fix the bug. That'S, all fine and good. However, not so sure you can actually do that on watches I'm, not a fan and never have been of whatsapp. Actually myself it's a Facebook product, and that should say it all. But if you use whatsapp just be aware, it's potentially vulnerable to malware intrusion. If you receive a phone call now, what I understand with whatsapp it's tied to your phone number – and you have to have a SIM card installed to use it in your phone or in your watch and that's how you could get a phone call coming in a Missed phone call that then can transfer the malware into your device, so be careful if you're, a whatsapp user and attempt a few kin to update it to these newer versions: okay, that's it now let's, which one you want to talk about all right: the the le M9 cuz that's everybody's hot on this one right.

This is the watch. One of the many coming out that has a dual processor means: it's got your basic Android CPU in here, and it's got a secondary processor that allows the watch to go into bracelet mode. Now, in the review we did on this, we were all happy that when you turn the screen off instead of it going black, it would enough second or to switch, and it would turn on to a colorful ambient mode screen. They call it an always time display and you could get into that by going over here into settings and I'm walking you through this. So you can check yours if you have an lem nine, if you have one of the early ones, you might still have this. Should go into display and, in addition to notifications, bright screen, which was added, there was a thing right above it that said always time display switch it on and off. If you had it on you'd get the ambient display to show up right now when the watch is off well, they did some firmware updates and they took that out. They supposedly are working on it and are gon na put it back in, but not yet. Ah, when you go into bracelet mode, sorry, I got ta bring that this is a long long process, but you really need those. Are you interested need to understand it? I went into this app and what this app is doing is shutting down the Android watch and booting up into this one.

Now you see, I haven't even pulled the cover off of this because it's brand new. This is how they're shipping right now and did you see the ambient display come on and then did you see it go off in the previous firmware? It would come on and it would stay on when you push the bottom button. You have a display that shows you Wow. Okay, if there's been another firmware update that shows you you're throwing me off now, because it used to stay on all the time as well. All three of the screens you're gon na see right now used to stay on all the time. That'S that's. What bracelet mode is everybody that's? What it's supposed to be look at the tick watch, bro bracelet mode, always on ambient screen right? Well, it's supposed to be uh. This is your fitness, okay, okay, okay, we're back on the main screen. Sorry, you see how it comes on for just a second and then goes off that's the main time screen. If you press it and press it a second time there we go there's the fitness screen and it's staying on they haven't messed with that one yet press it once more and you're getting into the continuous heart rate mode. Now it's freaking me out, if they're so hot, on saving battery by shutting off the screen for the time mode. Why? In the world they they leave the electronics going to continuously, monitor and display your heart rate.

That'S got a the battery more than anything, but anyway, this screen and the second screen stay on. But now the new, the original time screen goes off like that it's supposed to have the twist your wrist to light it up, which doesn't seem to be working well or you press the button and it'll light it. I guess it does not have the twist your wrist, because that would take extra energy. It appears that's, my own interpretation, that the powers that be making the firmware behind these dual mode – dual processor watches, is chasing the grand Kahuna of power, longevity more than they are customers support. Real users are gon na wear these watches for real reasons and that bracelet mode with an always on dimmed ambient screen was great. But if you want to squeeze for 5 10 3000 days of life out of these things, you do junk like this and you make it intermittent so there you go bracelet mode to see the time you have to reach over and press the button, and you got To look at it for no more than two seconds before it goes off that's the latest update we're working hard behind the scenes, for you guys folks to try and get some sanity and an insane world and bring back the always time display that would flip on. When you're in regular Android mode and if not restore this one to always on, for goodness sakes at least, add one more screen that will always have time for those of us who actually would like a bracelet mode.

That always has the time on and is okay with the watch only living two or three days instead of 28 days or whatever they're thinking they're gon na get by having it shut off like that off my soapbox now, but it's good for you guys to know. If you have ordered the le m9, this is what you're gon na get when you get it in the package, but hang in there, because there is new firmware supposedly on the way that's going to modify all of this stuff and if we can have in influence At all on them, we are going to one try to get a continuous screen back in the bracelet mode and to get this or another display that will light up when you're, actually in the Android mode, and you push the button or at times out from your Normal watch screen so that time will show up and you'll have always time display le m9. Why do we be labor this? Because this is the first of the dual processor watches the optimus pro from cos? Pet is coming. The m3 from Makeba is coming. The Thor 5 from Z. Blaze is coming and more probably from finer and who else knows same concept, dual processors, one of them supposed to handle bracelet mode. Will they all have this kind of firmware? Will it all be like this? We hope not well we'll see. Ok, oh sorry, I tend to let my emotions get carried away.

Sometimes ha DT number one: the Det 28. We have seen this watch in a review that talks about the ECG right, electrocardiograph heart wave reporting. Now let me get set up for this one okay by way of review. One of the features that the dt 28 is supposed to do is ECG readings. When you press this button, it says hold down here, you're supposed to be able to touch the screen and it vibrates, and it starts going into this little square. Aha didn't, like that, so I'm gon na press it again there you go I've got solid contact with the screen. Now the non conductive non electric screen ECG requires three electrodes to actually create a heart wave chart. Two of them have to be on one side of the body and one on the other. Now, if I could turn the watch over I'd show you there's two electric plates on the bottom of this watch and the case self forms and a third, the one that's supposed to be connected from the other side. Like this, there I've made a complete circuit, but the instructions were to just touch the screen. What happens in the DT number one app when you go into this and you go into ECG detection. You run this whole process of touching the screen. It sends a signal C to the app and it produces what looks like an ECG heart wave chart with the systolic diastolic pulses and all of the apparatus, the waves and things that we non trained.

People look at and go cool there's. My heart! Well, it's, not folks, that's, a simulation every single chart on everybody's phone using the DT number one everywhere in the world, is getting exactly the same simulated chart. Not only that we pointed it out in another video. We did that you can take the watch off. Put it on a napkin touch, just the screen like I'm doing right here and get a heart rate, a heart wave everything without it even being connected to your body, so it's stuck in simulation mode and that's, been reported well, I'm. Here now to tell you that there's apparently been a firmware update to the watch not to the app but to the watch here it says you can view the report and it everything looks like you've got an actual ECG report that you could rely on for your Heart health but it's not it's a simulation, so we're gon na do something here: we're going to go into firmware, update it's in version zero, zero, seven and we're gon na start the upgrade. This is sending a firmware update to the watch through the app we're. Not updating the app that happens through the Google Play Store, but it's going to go through this I'll be back when it's completed now during this update process, the watch is basically in Opera because it's transferring the the update file directly to the watch. For those of you who have this and are planning on doing an update, we do you see what it does after the update, though okay we're almost complete we're at 99 percent and a hundred so we're updating to version 0.

013. Here it is back up again already default time, it's not connected to our current time. So I'm gon na go back end tether the watch again again when you look for it to tether in the app its SmartWatch is the name of it and it's connected and now we're gon na come down here and we're gon na go into the ECG detection. Just like we were before and put it back on my arm and it has synchronized the time. So we know that we are up and running again. So do we get a real ECG chart or not we're gon na tap the button it says hold down here. Just like before says, process receiving ECG instructions. Please wait I'm getting the simulated square on the watch. It should be calculating my heart rate. The chart is not started yet. On the app there we go I'm getting my heart rate I'm. Getting my chart. I'M gon na move my finger around a little bit. Doesn'T change, I'm gon na touch the screen. Oh look at that. It says to app already view report huh exactly the same simulated report but shorter this time. Let'S, try it once again: oh look it's still going when I was playing that that's, what it does we're gon na retest come back here. If some are gon na. Do it kind of the real way I've got the two plates touching my arm I'm gon na touch the case.

If you, if you know the, then the newsy blaze vibe three ECG, it has four buttons right and you have to hold these opposite buttons here and press the start button. But as long as you're holding those – and the case is touching, you, you get an ECG. So the way we really should get it here is, I have to touch the case and the two plates touch my arm. I open this app and then I press the screen. Now, if it's, really working and I've completed the circuit, I should be able to get a real ECG chart on the app and, of course, in the watch too, because, theoretically, you can do this test offline and transfer it to the app later. Just like you can, with all the other ECG watches there is the chart and either I am a really really great health, with no heart rate variability at all or that's a simulation again. It went for just a few seconds and it's stopped. It'S got my basic parameters in here. I got this information and I've got a simulated heart wave. So, as far as I can tell with the update it, didn't have anything to do with the ECG testing other than perhaps shorten it from one minute to a few seconds before it bailed out we're still not getting valid. Data transferred from the watch to the app do not trust the ECG function of the DT 28 yet, but hang in there, because obviously they are still working on the firmware.

So there you go. We have got the issue going with the what you might call it. The LEM 9 – I have two of them here now to be monitoring what's, going on with the firmware changes to hopefully get that resolved. We have the DT 28 ECG report happening. We have the fact that syn Bono's s 10 is no longer available, but is hopefully going to be re released and you guys with whatsapp well better get on it to make sure you're not vulnerable to a very easy way of hacking into your watch or your Phone thanks for watching, we appreciate your subscription. Like I said, these kind of things are very technical. I may just make this for subscribers only in the future. So if you want to be aware of this happening, please subscribe if this is not your interest area, you're, probably already left and that's. Okay, alright we'll see you again soon, thanks for your thumbs up, if you like this kind of thing, just a couple of more things, here's a really great comment: we just got in from John prosper, who has a big collection of watches and is willing to share He'S letting us know that, on his lympho LM a LEM 8 and 9 he's got the new 9 and his cost pet hope that the Maps app didn't work for he says it does not actually start route directions in Google Maps to get around this. On all watches he says I downloaded the Chrome browser and also the Google Map Go app, the latter designed to run quicker and smoother on devices with limited memory.

I then made Google map go the default map. Option works like a treat that's great news. Thank you. John, why the Maps doesn't work, I don't know, is it the watch's internet browser is in Chinese settings or incompatible in some way. Good questions also on the lympho le m9. It would not let you download the Google assistance said it was incompatible to get around this. He went to the Google account voice settings and he says, given smartwatches are so small. I rely on verbal instructions to watch when I'm out and about so. They should make Google assistant app a standard one in easy access to the users, and I would love to see the microphone button on the keyboards as well. I use that all the time when I can install an alternate keyboard that has it. So these are the main issues and he's, just basically sharing that with you. So some good info, if you're gon na, do tracking with your map of how to get around it, not working on any of these advanced Android smartwatches, in particular the LEM 8 9 and cos pet hope. And then I got a chuckle out of this and I just got to show you from choosie be choosey says. If my math teacher sounded like you, my parents would have been so proud of my great ah yeah. Thank you. I definitely got a chuckle from that.