If you haven’t checked out, make sure you check that out. I’Ll leave the link in the description box below i’m a bit late to this one. This is the mc72 pro, as you can tell. It’S got different packaging uh. You have a magic crown: 316l stainless steel, sapphire crystal retina display and a sport band. I can definitely tell you that is all false from information. You got the picture of the smartwatch here with the watch. It comes in four different colors i’ve opted for the silver one, this time, uh take a look at the other side. You’Ve got series six space, aluminium case 44 millimeters and a few information at the back include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life choice cycles and display life may vary by use and settings smartwatch, maybe need to may need to be serviced or replaced by an authorized service provider is spelled wrong. A few trademarks made in china, as is everything else so let’s check. What this watch is like and if you want to see a mc 99 pro versus the mc72 pro then make sure you give it a big thumbs up. Anyways take a look at the box. You’Ve got a nice paper that says smart watch. If you didn’t know what it was uh just before we take a look at the watch, we have got a white watch band, silicone watch band ever need, it might actually see if it fits on my original and i might use it depending on what kind of Tire i’ve got when it comes to wearing the white.

So just before we take a look at the watch itself, let’s see what else again inside the box. So this it has a two pin magnetic charger and also a manual. There is the manual as you can see pretty similar to the mc99 pro, but don’t worry. We will do a comparison between the both and that is in another language, so that is the manuals. Let’S take a look at the watch here. We have it. Let’S take off this plastic package in here and it is a 1.75 inch display 44 millimeter uh. It has the same design as the series 6, but let’s take a look at it in depth, so you can see. You’Ve got the crown here which actually works. You’Ve got the micro towel and you’ve also got this fake button. Right here looks like a bun but it’s, not a bun. Everything is done by the crown, but the crown is actually placed a little out and it’s supposed to be it’s, not uh pushed into the body it’s pushed more out, but yeah we’ll take a look at that later, as you can see on the back, you got A few sensors similar to the original, with a few text around the sensors and the two pin charger which we have right there take a look at the speakers. One is real. One is fake, as you can tell, and this is a silver stainless steel as it as it says, in the description, but you can get it in four different colors, so let’s push in the crown, and hopefully it should switch on.

You’Ve got a startup tone and a startup blogger battery is low as always because i never actually use these so let’s uh continue in english and, as you can see, we’ve got bart simpson uh starting started up with the watch phrase. So let’s see how much watch faces do we have so let’s hold it in to see if we can actually change it that way, no, we can’t let’s go straight to the menu, so let’s uh see on which watch faces. We got one two three, four. Five. Six: 7: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 20, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 67, 38, ‘, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 50, 52 watch face as well there’s a lot of watch faces on here, um. Another thing i actually realized earlier when you swipe it down. I was swiping it up when you swipe it down, it still carries on forward it. Doesn’T go backwards, so just bear that in mind. When you want to go backwards, it doesn’t actually do it won’t continue. So it just goes on continuous and you will go through all the watch faces if you missed one. So let’s uh stick with this one swiping. It down bluetooth is not connected. We’Ll connect that later swiping out give you your shortcuts. Uh that will have to this top left is find your device a smartwatch, but it has to be connected to your smartphone uh.

That is the torch which doesn’t do anything that’s. Your bluetooth, this is your menu styles and you can have five different menu styles. So first one is. We can tell that actually works. First, one is this one we’ll do all this style, five swipe it back up, let’s, check, style, 4 out that style, 4 style. 3 and it does actually when it’s really sluggish as well when it comes to using the crown style two and the last style style, one so um well, let’s just leave it on this one to begin. So when you push the crown in, it does go off. Um, it does have an always on display, as well, which i’m going to show you later in the video. So that is the asylum button and we’ll check with that out when we connect it to our phone. So it does have also have a split screen. So whatever i’ve used before will come up on there sos you have to connect it to your phone, and this qr code is to download the app and you’ve also got your time and date over there. So if you swipe it to the left, well that just changes the watch faces as you can, that is that was a good watch face, but i’m, not going through all 50 plus watch faces so take the menu you just got to tap the screen: bluetooth, music, It’S not got built in so you have to connect it to your smartphone dialer let’s.

Do it right there bluetooth, connect connection messaging using this crown to scroll down you’ve got your phone book call logs motion record physical training, as you can tell let’s see what physical training we can use check that out. All you got ta do is press it and start it from there. Swipe back does actually work, which is good using the crown again. We’Ve got your reminders. Blood pressure. Does the blood pressure actually work probably not allowed to use it because it’s uh the battery is low but i’m going to say i used it earlier. You do get your flash uh flashing christmas lights, but the um they don’t actually work properly, so that’s, instead of wasting time on there, it doesn’t actually work properly. Uh, like i said with all these clones, they don’t actually give you a real time uh when it comes to your health apps, so yeah let’s go back. Where are we uh blood pressure? Sleep monitor heart rate as well same again. It doesn’t actually work properly sound recorder. You can actually do some recording hello and welcome to all sorts make sure you subscribe. It’S been saved so yeah that does have a sound recorder voice recorder. That is good alarm. You can simulate to the other ones, find my device, which will show you later stopwatch, which is a little bit different calculator uh calendar app download that english download whatsapp that just gives you whatsapp notification, twitter notification, facebook notification, remote capture, remote notifier settings, breaths, um production Temperature and phone, so it does have games.

It’S got three different games. Uh fighter pilot is my favorite one, but i don’t think hold on i’m actually working. I think battery’s low anyway, so yeah it’s got three different games. So what i’ll do now is go into settings uh slide switch, that is, for your um swipe back security setting. It does have a passcode if you want to put passcode on bluetooth settings. We’Ll put that on later raise the lcd on you, don’t, put always on display and from there i’ll show you temperature time you can choose which temperature time you want lcd always on this is always on display. If i put it on it’ll, just kill off the battery straight away, so we’ll turn that switch stuff. I have tried it. It does actually work it just dims the screen uh to save battery as well, and it just stays on all the time so clock you can sync it and it automatically syncs. Once you’re connected to your app as well with the time and date sound, you can change the sound, the ringtones and the other tones message. Tones volume. You can change the volume as well display uh main menu style, five different menus, brightness and screen time out 60 seconds international. This is where you change your language, uh reset and about another. You can see mc72 pro with you a bit more information about it. So let’s use that qr code and download the app to see what other features we can use on this mc72.

Pro all right that we need to download is high watch so let’s go into settings. We need to delete that as we don’t mc6. M16. Pro is a good watch, make sure you check out my previous video, so let’s switch my bluetooth on and same again on the mc72 pro switch, your bluetooth on. Oh, that went a bit. Dafty let’s, add a device straightaway mc72 pro and hopefully it says connected right. There pair requests – yes we’ll pair it, as you can see straight away. The time has changed, so it does sync the time straight from your phone straight to the watch and also the date uh. With this app, you only can change the dial settings. As you can see right here. You only can change it to these. Oh quick drum call and update, successful and straight away. It’S changed the uh dial. So, as you can see, you got you pointed out and your digital dial, but you can’t, put custom watch faces, which is no good and that’s the only thing you can actually do on the high watch app when it comes to the mc72 pro so there’s, not A lot of different uh changes: you can do the only thing with these fake smartwatches you’ve got to go into settings and make sure it’s connected twice. The reason being is the second time is for the calls and text messages that you want to receive from your phone to the smart watch.

So let’s click mc72 pro and hopefully it should be connected twice, as you can see right there and now what we need to do is make a phone call from my other phone, which we are doing right now to see what notification we get when we receive A phone Music you’ve got torn call the phone and the smart watch, but it comes up with the number it doesn’t come up with the the name, which is no good. So that is the tone that shows you. You got a notification also it’s, miss call and let’s, send a text message and see what that says. Just send a text message. So we’ve got the notification on the phone and there’s a bit of a delay when it comes to the smart watch, but it does come and it says from also subscribe to also so that is the text. Messages and phone calls same again when it comes to the uh what’s up. You can actually get a notification from whatsapp to. Let me just check out what’s up now and i will actually show you send in a message from whatsapp now and you can actually go into whatsapp settings as you can see, what’s up right there, a bit of a delay uh. It still says sms from all source. You got a message, so let’s go back and let’s go into the what’s up notification, which we have there and says all source message, but you can’t, actually i just said hi, but it doesn’t actually show you’re gon na go into the phone.

So that is it. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the mc72 pro. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you want to see a comparison between this and the mc99 pro. Let me know also know in the comments and make sure you hit the like button.