It comes in three different colors black silver and rose gold. We have the rose gold here with some pink bands, but just before i get started, people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always pull sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and Also hit the bell notification, someone upload any video you’ll actually be notified anyways. If you want to see any other smart watches. Reviews then make sure you check out my fake watches playlist as there’s loads of smart watches that you might be interested in. You can purchase this from ali express cost around 20 to 25 pounds, including shipping, depending on whereabouts. You are in the country and yeah let’s get straight into it. So, as you can see, here’s the box you’ve got a stick on what color you’ve got the picture of the watch. It says six, because this is the series six clone you’ve got watch right. There take a look at the back uh same information as they put on every other. Fake smartwatch include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life charge cycles and display life may vary by use and settings. Smart watch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider it’s just a copy and paste because they always get provided wrong when it comes to spelling mistakes and you’ve got a few trademarks made in china, as is everything else, and if you didn’t know What it was it’s a series, 6 space, aluminium case, 44 millimeter, and that is about it.

What you get on the box, so mc72 let’s see what it’s like opening up the box. If you didn’t know what it was, that is what it is: smart watch but it’s a new new style of paper that you get in the box now. So, as you can see here, we’ve got some pink uh watch buttons, which we have right here, a cheap, silly contour. As you can see the colors just right off right there you can see, but uh. We need to do a realist effect to see if these fake bands uh work on the original one, because i’ve got original series six. So, as you can see here, the sticker was supposed to be on the watch but it’s down here, but just before we take a look at the watch. Let’S see what we’ll get inside so as you can see, that’s supposed to be the sticker on there. If you want to know what charger it is, it’s a two pin magnetic charger, as you can see right there, uh with the usb and some manuals let’s check these manual out. This is the different kind of manuals. To be honest. So, as you can see here, smartwatch user manual that’s the qr code to download the app does. It say the app’s name. No, it doesn’t i’m, not even reading it properly and if you didn’t know how to charge it that’s how you charge it. So it comes in two different languages, which english is one, as you can see and i’m pretty sure, chinese or japanese, whatever anyways that’s the other language.

So it comes in two different languages: anyways let’s check out the smartwatch here we have it here is the sticker. We’Ve got some plastic packaging around the watch, and here is the rose gold color, as you can see right there. Look at that. So let’s take a look around the body. First, as you can see here, you’ve got the crown uh, which i’ve no idea. If it works, we’re going to check that out later in the video, so stay tuned for that, we’ve also got the mic cutout and if you’re thinking we’ve got uh an um a button here, but it’s a fake button it’s. What they’ve done is just engraved an outline of the button uh on the body, but it’s not a real button, so mc72 come on, make a nice series six kilometer. At least you could put the power button on so yeah that’s, a fake button and uh take a look at the other side. You’Ve got two cutouts for the speaker, but one is fake and one is real as you can see right there. But what do you think of the color? Let me know so. This is a one point. Seven two uh five inch, this uh ips display um. As you can see, the screen is pushed a little bit. How you’ve got a bezel at the bottom. It’S got a 250 mah battery. Uh we’ll see how that is late in the video taking a look at the back.

The sensors are outdated. As you can see, this is the old version. Siri base still says: series 6, 44 millimeter along aluminum it’s, spelled aluminium wrong and ceramic case ecg heart rate bluetooth watch here is the two pin charger. As you can see right there. So we’ve got a few spelling mistakes right there and that’s the fake sensors that we have for the help outs on the watch, and that is about it. For the body to be honest, let’s push the button in as this one is a fake. So all you got to do push the crown in and hopefully it should power on. It does take time to power on as well, so you get vibrate startup logo on the startup animation and straight in we straight into the watch. As you can see here now you can see what the bezels are from the top and the bottom. So the new feature with this watch is the menu transition so um when you swipe it to the left. It just changes the watch faces so let’s see how many watch faces we have so we have one two three four five was like here: six: seven, eight, nine ten, eleven twelve 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 20. Yeah, 20. 21. Now this is a different one, as you can see: 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, ‘, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 52 watch faces yep, so that’s 52.

. It we did have a similar one, but that had different uh apps around the watch face so 52 watch faces, which is really good, so you won’t get bored and now, if you swipe it left and right, that’s uh that’s what it does it just changes. The watch face swiping it down ever. You need to connect it to bluetooth. Swiping up gives you your shortcuts, so you have a pair with phone in mediatek, so that’s, your music i’m. Pretty sure you’ve got your torch right there, which simply doesn’t do nothing. You can switch your bluetooth on and off from your shortcuts right there. As you can see, brightness will put that uh. Well that’s. You can just put that on and off uh. So here we have the main menu style, so you got four different main menu. Styles and you’ve also got new transitions, so let me show you how to get the menu up, how to get the menu. All you got to do is tap on the screen and, as you can see here, it brings on the menu, but does the crown work? Yes, it does, and it also gives you a tone with that as well, so pushing the crowning goes back into the menu, as you can see here, that’s the try, if you click the menu, that’s the transition and it goes into the menu and it’s a that Is the information it gives you on the menu as well, so that’s menu number one? So if we swipe up go back into style, two so let’s see what this is.

So the transition is here it’s, like it’s, a round circle and, as you can see here, you can swipe to choose which app you want so that’s menu, two um men’s style three, and you can see right here. This is a smart style. It does zoom in and out as well and that’s the apps you can actually get, and if we i think we have one more style for and, as you can see, this is the nine app view. So what i’m gon na do is change it to the first one, the information that gives you the information about the app, so we know which one we are using, so that is about it when it comes to the main screen. I’Ll just change it to this one, so swiping it back uh, but let’s go into the menu and see what kind of apps we have so phone book. Of course, you need to connect it to your phone call logs motion record that uh records all the information that you’ve done when it comes to the exercise that you have done, as you can see, swipe back does work as well physical training. You can choose which kind of training that you’re doing it has got quite only a few options as well. Well, quite a few options. Look at that volleyball walk tennis, cycling climb, so yeah it’s got some decent menu options. Um reminder that can give you a reminder of anything you want to be honest, if you want to remind yourself blood pressure, that’s your blood pressure, but we’re, going to check heart rate let’s go into heart rate uh.

Please keep still so we’re gon na keep still and we’ll just move it. As you can see here, you’ve got a few flashing red lights right there and straight away. We’Ve got a reading of 67 beats per minute, so that just goes to show with these series. Six clones: you never get the right reading, so there’s no point checking all of the health apps, so that’s, the heart rate. If you want to know if the let’s go in some recorder first, that you can actually record the sound hello and welcome to all sorts and make sure you subscribe, saved and let’s check, check, check the quality out. Well, it’d be good. If you can put volume up, oh now, the watch has crushed. It definitely had battery on yeah, but so the watch is crushed. Let’S go back into it. I don’t know that’s uh let’s go where. Where did we actually go on so let’s uh, bluetooth, music, dialer? Oh nice, here the sound recorder let’s go back here, let’s play it, take it off, but you can’t put the volume up, which is not good anyway. How do you put the volume up on here? Can’T put the volume that up but anyways. That is the voice recorder. Uh let’s go back, so it does record the voice, which is good alarm. You can choose that alarm find my device. You have to make sure it’s connected to your smartphone stopwatch let’s go into calculator that’s the calculator uh calendar same as the previous ones, app download, that’s the qr code to download the app and it’s also got um social media apps.

That give you notifications on what um notifications you have on whatsapp, twitter and facebook. You also got remote capture remote notifier that’s. Also when it’s connected uh settings let’s go into bluetooth settings power on, and visibility on, raise lcd. That just raises it up a little bit more it’s, not always on display. So don’t get mixed up with that temperature type centigrade. Fahrenheit. You can choose between clock, it will automatically sync once you connect it to your phone and it will put the exact time and date on so that’s all right or if you want, you can change it on the settings. With the clock sound, you can mute it or put on a loud as well notifications, and when it comes to calls volume, you can change your volume as well display let’s go into my mini style. We’Ve seen that brightness, you can change that all the way up to high and also the screen out time is 60 seconds international, that is to change language, and you can put that auto sync on an office up to you about uh, so series six. If you want to know what uh, why it says, series 69 m72, if you scroll down to version, you can see m72 right there release time 28th of the 11th, and that is about it. For the settings, let’s go back temperature well breath. If you want to deep take the breath and temperature that is right there, we also have bluetooth music, dialer, bluetooth, connection and messaging, but all of these you have to connect it to your app.

So that is what we are going to do. Next let’s check it out when we connect it to that to see what other features we get with this smartwatch, all right that we need to download is this one high watch? This is the first time i’m using it so it’s a new app let’s see what features we can get so make sure our bluetooth is on and make sure it’s on um on the watch. As you can see, it’s a switching so should light up yeah once it’s on um now let’s go into the app. I would like to use bluetooth, yes, don’t allow and, as you can see right there, so click plus to add device and, as you can see here, series six straight away, let’s press that connected – and that is about it. So when it comes to um making phone calls, you have to connect it twice in the settings i’m, just allowing notifications and everything. So you have to go into settings and, as you can see, series 6 is connected, but you’ve also got to connect it twice on this bluetooth settings, because that will act activate all the notifications when it comes to your voice, calls and text messages and whatnot. So you need to have both of them connected, so let’s go back into the app and let’s see what we can do with it, because this is the first time i’m. Using this i have high watch app, so let’s find device.

As you can see, phone is missing. Watch we found it that’s good dial settings let’s see if we can do some custom ones point to dial digital dial, but we’ve got nothing right here. No idea! Why about this gives you information about it so yeah and set temperature unit since there’s several celsius on fahrenheit, and that is about it a bit more and to be honest, but not just give you the sport mode on what you can actually do with the sleep And everything the health mode that just calculates the health and put all the information on there um warning this. This chrome device is connected uh, but yeah that’s stop and that’s about it. So you can’t actually do a lot of well actually yeah. Look a whole of the um watch faces have come on, so you can download these uh appoint ones and digital ones just got ta wait to be honest, as you can see here, you’ve got pointed dials and digital ones, which is really really good. So you can download apps onto it, but you can’t, customize one which is not good and that’s. The only thing you can do with it when it comes to the uh these apps. To be honest, so now what we need to do is check out the notifications. When it comes to this smartwatch uh we’ll make a phone call first and we’ll see if the number comes up or if the name comes up so i’m, just getting out of the phone now and i’ll.

Do it all right, it’s calling now so let’s see if we get the name or the number and as you can see here, it says all sorts on the phone and it’s the number. Unfortunately, on the watch you still get a tone it doesn’t vibrate. So let’s take that off right there and uh. As you can see, you’ve got uh it’s failed, quality cell called fell because i’ve disconnected it. So that is the um. When you make phone calls now. What we need to do is send a text message. So we’re not going to use the social media i’m, just sending a text message from my phone and let’s see what notification we get and, as you can see, it gives you from not all sorts to say also says subscribe to all sorts. As you can see, you can view it like that. So, if you want to know, if you receive uh whatsapp message, what’s up notifications, let’s go into whatsapp and send a message. Now you can see. We’Ve got two notifications, let’s press view uh. It just says message: um from the whatsapp one, but let’s go into uh what’s up and, as you can see here, it just shows the notification to say all sorts of send you a message on what’s up magical, as you can see right there. So yeah. That is about it uh with this mc72. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think about it.

If you want to see any other videos with this phone, then do comment below the thing that i like with this watch is the the new menu transition. You got different kind of menus. Lots of watch faces as well. The crown does work. Shame about the power button being a fake one around. It it’d be good if that, if that was uh real to be honest but other than that it’s, a decent small watch, to be honest, got some good features.