You know whether metallica smartwatch is a legit product or a scam, one and friends. This is not a product. If you have never ordered this product before then, this unboxed review will help you in deciding the answer of this question. Should i buy this product or not, and if you have experienced any product over this product, then watch this video end because i’ll share the way to get your money back so stay tuned with us guys and let’s get started so guys. Metallica smartwatch is a smart watch and an innovative activity tracker with a small investment. This smartwatch has a 1.4 inches display and an adjustable length of 4.7 to 7.8. So this is the amazing picture of metallica smartwatch. You can take a look here and guys here. You can read the entire information related to this innovative device now before going further, i request you all to like this video share it with your friends and subscribe our channel and guys let’s move on to the most important points on which we can judge this product. As a scam or legit product, so guys let’s talk about the specifications of this device. First and here you can see, the total length is 10.2 inches and the material material is including plastic alloy based metal based. The color is black here and guys. It performs multiple functions, including the tracking of steps, distance and calories, multi, sport activities, more and data, sleep, monitor, body pressure, blood, oxygen message and call notifications, control, music, and it performs controllable activities, including phone calls, sms facebook and many more apps.

Apart from that guys, this particular device comes in multiple colors, including black, ivory, blue gray and pink, and you can find the various options, including time date alarms and battery argon on the dashboard. And apart from that, you can find built in bluetooth connection guys. The battery lifetime is of seven days and use and 20 days stand by and it supports languages, including english, spanish, italian, german, french, chinese, russian and many more and the charging hours are three hours and guys. The manufacturer is giving 30 day warranty on this ultimate device or smart watch and guys talking about the price of this innovative smart watch. So the price is dollar 44.99. So these were the specifications of this innovative device, and the most important thing about this device is that you can track your daily activity, including steps, calories, burned, mileage, heart rate, blood, oxygen level, etc. So this is an amazing thing here and guys are talking about the pros of this watch. This smartwatch is available at a reasonable price. You can get the best offers, and, yes, it comes with 30 days warranty and supports numerous languages. So these are the prawns of the smartwatch and guys talking about the metallica smartwatch reviews. We have found positive reviews about the smartwatch, but yes, we have also found mixed reviews and you can find the positive reviews on the social or official website which is and yes, uh. This metallica smartwatch has no social media present.

So this is a negative sign here, guys guys in the final conclusion i would say this product of smartwatch is legit. You can make a wise decision by exploring the specifications and entire information related to the smartwatch, and i request you all to share experience with this product guys. If you have any problem with your money, then you can get your money back by checking our links in the description area. Do comment your thought about this video guys, because we read all your comments over every video, so keep commenting. Keep supporting.