This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video is we’re going to do the unboxing of this. My five wormy five smartwatch that i got from shoppi, so it only costs around ten dollars and what amazes me guys is because it really looks like the xiaomi mi watch light so because that one was quite expensive. So i was thinking. Maybe this one is good, especially if you’re on tight budget so come on and let’s do the unboxing okay now guys so let’s unbox, our me five smartwatch, but before that let’s just check the box so in front guys. So you have here the watch a design. Okay and on the sides there’s none, okay and at the back guys. So there are specifications. So we have here it’s waterproof ip67. So we are going to check that one. We have heart rate monitoring sleep, step, monitoring, alarm, remote control, full screen touch control, music, playback. We chat, calories, uh, wechat, move race to wake and sp02 blood pressure and sedentary reminder so guys, as you can see that there are lots of errors when it comes to the tax. So you know with the 10 price you will. You can’t really complain so let’s open this one: okay, let’s just Music, all right – and here it is guys. So we have here the watch itself. So let’s set this aside and we also have here the charger, so it’s clip style, and we have here the manual okay, it’s, very tiny, guys so yeah it’s in english and also chinese.

So if you have any questions, just refer to your manual and here it is guys the strap. So it feels really soft and it’s like silicon, yes yeah it’s, nice, and it feels good okay, now let’s set this aside and let’s go to our watch. Let’S. Take this one off all right so in front guys, so as you can see yeah there, the bezel is quite thick yeah and on the right, so you will have here the crown, and i think this is the on and off power button, and we also have Here the sensors and on top here there’s, the speaker and the charging pins – and we also have here on the left – there is a mic. Okay, so let’s turn it on guys it’s, not turning on so let’s try to press this crown here all right. So this is the on and off button guys. So, as you can see, it’s low battery it has low battery so let’s charge that one and for you to charge that one guys we’re going to get our power bank here and our charging cable. Okay, let’s attach our Music wire and let’s Music, clip it guys, okay and boom. Okay, as you can see, it is already charging so let’s wait for like five minutes until it has some juice in it. So we’ll be right back guys, all right guys, so we’ll come back, so it’s already turned on guys and as you can see, this is the watch face.

Okay and with the time all right, so let’s try to swipe down. Okay – and it just says, hear no message: okay, let’s scroll up, okay and you have here the shortcut we have for bluetooth, uh, brightness battery notification and also the style and flashlight, and the do not disturb mode. So, as you can see guys, it turns off or the screen shuts off quickly. So maybe we can set that one later on and let’s scroll to the right. So you have here the message and the shutdown, and i think that is already the menu guys. So also here, okay, now let’s try to check the menu here or the features so let’s just try to lower down the brightness so that it can be seen easily guys. Okay, all right. So here it is so we have here contact and dial. So it means that you can connect this one to your phone and you will you can call remotely. There is also record okay wow. This is nice. You can record maybe the conversation steps, okay, all right and heart rate. So, as you can see, the sensor is already working: okay, let’s try to check our heart rate, guys: Music; okay, so it says here: 79, okay, all right, and we have here the blood pressure, uh blood pressure, so let’s check that one out. Okay. Here it is. Okay, it’s 110 over 86. I hope that that is correct, because it means that we have a normal blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Okay, sleep monitoring is also there all right and sports. We have run okay cycle badminton football. Okay, so, though we have four sports modes, weather, okay and the camera control stop watch. Yes, it has stop watch which is nice and message, and we have here the settings guys. So in the settings you have your dial selection. It means that you can choose the watch face that you like all right, so i will make a tutorial later on guys if it’s possible to download or customize watch face of our my5 or me 5 smartwatch. So let’s try to choose this one guys all right and we have here Music, the find the phone app qr code. So if you want to download the application, just scan this qr code here, brightness setting volume, control and restore settings here and device information, okay and shut down all right, okay, so for me guys it’s quite really heavy. I think, with all the smart watches that i have, this is one of the heaviest so far yes and let’s wear it guys, and i will let you know what it feels whenever we whenever we we wear it. So actually the strap has this kind of slide here. So you can easily connect your strap. Okay, let’s see Music. Okay. Actually it has lots of holes guys, so you can adjust this one to whatever fits you Music, all right. So here is our our my five smartwatch, okay, the kind of replica okay.

So for me guys uh for the price, and if you just want a stylish, you know stylish watch with without spending too much money, then this one can be considered. Okay – and i will let you know guys about my review for about the smartwatch after uh, using this one for a couple of weeks, yeah and i will let you know my full review. Okay, so guys. Let me know about your thoughts and what can you say about this me five smartwatch, that we got all right so in the comment section.