. So if you guys enjoy this video and what are we waiting for let’s get right into the video okay, so the first major thing about this watch is obviously the bigger display. So basically, it now uses the full screen instead of the old ones and specifically 1.56 inches, and that is 156 by 486 pixels amoled display and it has 450 nits of brightness and it has no home button, as you can see, and the battery life is like Similar through all of the mi band series, after the mi band 4 – and it has 125 milliamps of hours of battery – and it usually goes for 14 days and yeah. So the new thing about me, man 6, is the blood oxygen sensor, which is right here, and you can just press this and it will track actually just scan your blood oxygen level in your body right now, it’s measuring, as you can see, just popped out as 97 on halfway – oh it’s, actually done so currently it’s 97, which is quite good, and this is not that accurate, so you can’t trust it but it’s just for, like you know, helping understanding and stuff like that, okay, so the next thing is, it has upgraded the Ram to two megabytes instead of i think it was one megabyte i don’t know it has 30 different types of workout settings and there’s. Even more, can you believe this like what what even is zumba anyways that’s about that, and you can now go to workout history, which is also nice, and i have this weird thing and yeah.

I don’t even know what i did on that. The next thing is the shortcuts you can go to left shortcuts to control music and go to weather and stuff like that and yeah it’s, just so cool and they’re all fully customizable, because the app is like programmed so well and then you can just do it. Pretty much to any app you want, and it just overall has better ui and all stuff, so it has like this. I don’t know what you call it, but you can like do it fast and they’ll go fast, speed like that and if you’re slow, you just go like this it’s like a smartphone, so now i’ll just go through the apps quickly to show you guys what they Are so status is like status of your day? How much you’ve gone and stuff like that, and you can see the history in here too. I’Ve done 10 000 steps according to the me band, and the heart rate is similar to miun5. It has all these weird stuff and stuff like that and there’s the blood oxygen sensor, as you can see and notification center, which i have, and you can just clear it by doing that, yeah seriously. Who’S gon na use all this like. No one like a history which i talked about and the stress level tester and you can just test your stress level according to this Music, okay, so my test has gone down a bit actually and yeah.

So then there are some breathing exercises like that, and then you can just do two minute three minute: five minutes you can do it up to five minutes: inhale exhale, okay, it’s stuff, like that, you know and there’s the events tab which i haven’t set up yet And there’s the alarm time, which i probably can’t, wake up because it’s just with the vibration of the watch, which is kind of weak, you could say and there’s the weather app: okay, that’s some privacy and the music app stuff like that and the world clock. I just set it up and there’s the settings actually and you can send a bunch of other stuff. You can in fact reset it and you can reboot it, and there are more so you can just use it as a camera shutter button which i’m not gon na, do right now and yeah that’s about it, Music, okay, guys! So, thank you so much for watching, subscribe and like button and the bell notification button and today’s video was fun and it was good to review the new mi band 6.