com, the premiere set for smart watch, specs news and use okay. Finally, we have here one of the most afford affordable, smart watch in the market, the amiibo, the bro air, smartwatch, okay, it is very affordable without sacrificing the durability, as well as the features of the smartwatch. So, if you’re going to, if you are going to buy a sports smartwatch, but you have a limited budget, i recommend this me bro air, smart watch. Okay, so we have here a beautiful packaging, okay with a specs and features here on the side and at the back we have the details of the of these sports smartwatch. So we have here the name: okay, let’s have a closer look. The me bro air, okay, xp8 w001 model and i have bluetooth version 5.0 compatible with the android 5.0 and ios 10.0 and above okay. So if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries again. As you can see here, what we have is the color silver okay, so we’re going to check it out. Okay, let’s have the unboxing of the me bro air, smart watch. If you’re interested on getting this one, please check out the links below we have the details on the smart watches: okay, the price on the bottom part of the video okay. If you have any questions, please drop a comment for this smartwatch. Okay, so let’s have the unboxing of the me broward again for the full specification of the smartwatch just search our website smartwatchspecifications.

com, and we have the detailed, specs and features of the smartwatch. Okay, so let’s check okay, so nice packaging here. So we have a metal slim body, multiple sports mode, okay, 25 days standby time again. This is our first video for the smartwatch we’re going to have a unboxing and a sneak preview of the smartwatch okay check. So we have the smartwatch okay, with the strap attached already we have the magnetic charging cable and the user manual. So these are the contents of the me bro air packaging or smart watch. Okay, so let’s check first the user manual. So we have here the qr code so swipe down the dial interfaces shift to control center click, the qr code, okay. So this description here, okay, so the me bro fit app. Okay, let’s have a closer look, so you’re going to use the me bro fit app available in ios and android platform. Hey, we have a magnetic charging cable here. Usb and let’s have a look at the smartwatch okay. I can feel the weight to it. Wow nice. Looking smartwatch this silver color beautiful smartwatch here so far it looks good. It looks premium okay, so the strap wheel is already attached to the smartwatch let’s check. First, the body here: okay, let’s, have a closer look, so this one is a sticker here. Oh, this is your smartwatch me bro air. This is how it will look like when we turn it on and you have here the watch face.

So at the back me bro air, smart watch, so this is a pc material. Here we have interchangeable, strap with its quick release, pin and we have the glossy semi glossy brush finish for the body very slim, bezel here metal button and a beautiful display screen. Okay, before i forget see, the smartwatch comes with a free, strap here: beautiful, strap much sporty and the color is beautiful. Also, okay, you can take it on the shopping side, but it’s compatible with the award me bro air smartwatch. Here: okay for the display, we’ll see let’s check out the specs here, so we have 1.28 inch. Tft screen with a full touch screen display 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay, it is equipped with a ppg bio heart rate sensor g sensor. Okay, it also has a bluetooth 5.0 compatible with the android and file and ios platform. It is ip67 waterproof, rated okay, so let’s check, casing metal and abs. We have here 200 mah battery standby time 25 days again for the full specification of the smartwatch check out our links below so 12 sports mode and it’s available in black and silver. Okay, again, let’s have a closer look at the smartwatch beautiful body: okay, very nice weight very durable. I think, based on the build here very slim, bezel, okay and we have interchangeable, strap array magnetic charging power cable. So i guess this is our heart rate. Monitor heart rate sensor, okay, so far it looks good.

I love the feel: the weight, okay, very simple, minimalist, yet elegant smartwatch from me, bro, okay, the me bro air. Okay, please check out the links below if you’re going to purchase the links below are trusted sellers. We already contacted them and they have the legit items for xiaomi devices, especially for the me bro air, okay, next time, we’re going to check on the features here and the menus, we all we are going also to demo on how to install it in android and Ios platform for the me bro app: okay, so again other additional specs here, so there’s, no microphone or bluetooth speaker. So this is a tempered glass, nice connectivity. It has a bluetooth, 5.0, no nfc and a 1.28 inch tft lcd okay. So i guess the only drawback for this one is there’s no built in gps. But if you have your smartphone this one i’m, pretty sure it it supports connected gps. So if you want a map trading, trajectory just connect it to your support app and, of course it will crack your location and your route with its connected gps function. Another good feature for this one is the long battery life as well as the 12 sports mall. Okay, beautiful xiaomi me bro air or in other product shopping site. Just call this one as the me bro air, smart watch, one of the most recommended affordable, smart watch in the market with its own dedicated application available in android and ios platform.

Okay, so check out the look all this silver color. I think this is much better compared to the classic black color. Again it is a semi glossy brush, finish: okay, stainless steel. Look in here button metal body, pc back Music interchangeable, strap with its quick release, pin and with a stainless steel, metal, enclosure, okay, medium size, okay, just the right weight, doesn’t, look cheap at all compared to other, affordable, smart watches. It looks premium we’ll see if it has. If the display is good also, it says it has a let’s see one point something: 1.28 inch, tft lcd with a 240×200 pixel resolution, we’ll check it out on our next video, so watch out again. This is your me. Bro air, smart watch; okay, so that’s it.