So me band the fitness tracker that changed the game and more or less made these devices popular. It was somewhat struggling to beat the competition in the past couple of years in terms of innovation, but since it was already overwhelmingly famous for being a great pack at a great price, this wasn’t any problem for xiaomi. Now my review is based on just a few days of using the 6th generation. However, i’ve performed enough tests to give you the full picture of how it performs and whether it’s a wealthy upgrade just to mention it at the start. By the time you watch this video, there might be some new features with the tracker available and every single feature that mi band 6 offers is either going to be as good or even better. After a few firmware update cycles, most smart wearables these days have options to upgrade the firmware anytime. This brings optimizations and some new features. The me band 6 will for sure participate in some more of my videos this year and will totally become a bestseller just like the predecessors lodging at around 45 euro. We know well that in a few months time the price will go down to 30 on some good days, even less so make sure to check the video description for the best price i managed to find online for you now let’s check what is included this time With the pack within the last two generations, i didn’t spare the criticism about the way they presented and, while the me band 5 was a bit better with the 6, it obviously is improved again, while keeping it simple, xiaomi underlines style and make it feel really good.

Most major features are stamped on the box with xiaomi, highlighting this time: sleep, tracking, the increased amount of workout modes and the water resistant inside the assembly. We can find the mi band 6, the charging kits and the user guide and some warranty cards nothing unusual. So far, probably except this ultra thick brick of paper, the charging is very similar to last year’s mi band edition. In fact, the charging cable is exactly the same. Good news is that it’s expected to be needed once in two or three weeks, which means that you can go for a one week, vacation without being nervous, whether to bring that extra cable or not a few words about the design compared to last year’s. Meep bands. It’S, surprisingly, similar, i think, with fitness trackers, we cannotice the same trend as it happens, with smartphone displays just now apply it on a smaller scale. We either get larger displays or we see improved screen to body ratio, in fact, with the mi band 6. Both of these happened and there’s significant improvement with the maximum brightness as well. This is usually the main issue with the trackers for many people, the letters are too hot to read and the icons are too small to see well not any longer. Let me quickly guide you through the specs major one, the 1.56 amoled display with peak brightness of 450 nits the same 125 milliamp hour battery as with the previous generation 30 fitness modes, six of which include auto detection, hr sensor, spo2 sensor finally, senses to track steps And movements, sleep stress and also deep, breathing tracking, so some of the features are brilliant, especially the new display that, although just a bit larger, makes a huge difference.

But on the other hand, there are some other aspects where the mid band is actually catching up with the competition honor band has spo2 measuring since two generations already and auto workout modes are already included with last year’s galaxy, fit 2 by samsung kind of strange, because Couple of years ago, the me band was something like a trendsetter about the innovations. I guess at this point. Xiaomi have decided to play it safe as they look to add exactly these features that the community was most vocal about missing with the mi band 5. Well, except for nfc and gps, both of which are still not typical for wearables of this price range, so in show the pack is great and you’re going to find all the important for 2021 features that a good fitness tracker should offer. On top of that, traditionally, for the mi band series there are tons of different replaceable straps and yes, those from me band 5 are compatible here as well. By the way the black color is certified as being ag plus antibacterial. Okay, let us go ahead and check the software and run a bunch of tests to see how the mi band 6 compares to the others. We’Ll start with the navigation that’s, the biggest change in case you come from an older me band took me some time to get used to no longer the capacitive button is now all about swipes. It is now officially one of the largest and brightest out there topping even the honor band 6 series display, so it’s not only much brighter, but also a lot larger than most other fitness bands.

This allows xiaomi to offer vastly improved user experience, which usually is the key for making a product truly successful, just pay attention to the much larger icons and the beautifully designed colors and menus. Yes, swiping actions are what we need to operate with swiping, left and right switches between some functions. We can call them cards, you can customize them. I found out that for me personally, i feel better keeping less of them active and doing these swiping actions. We can scroll through the navigation and the menus, so let’s see the available apps and functions. First is the hr sensor, i’ve stressed it a lot and it looks to respond really well even to sudden changes in your pulse. We count on continuous hr, which means it can monitor your heart rate 24 7, and this helps a lot to detect sleeping. So this is the next feature that we take a look at. Yes, you can find out a lot of details about your sleep cycles and all that data is nicely presented in the smartphone app. You can also measure your stress levels and that’s right. This is spo2 measuring blood oxygen saturation. I think, given the situation in the past months, we learned a lot about its importance. The hard way we obviously don’t have medically certified accuracy. But to me the tracking features seem to be quite good and up to par with the expectations, because i’ve been comparing the results to chest: hr, monitor and oximeter.

Besides, health tracking, the mi band is great at providing some tweaks to organize your day. Tasks convenient alarm that gently wakes. You up, my son uses it every morning to wake up for school with the mi band, 5 there’s, also, a timer pedometer activity, summary weather forecast, music player controller and plenty of other useful pieces of data. This time, even including a camera shutter, if we check the sports, we notice the next significant upgrade having 30 workout modes on a fitness tracker that’s a lot even most sports watches don’t support that much, let alone other trackers so great way of xiaomi to demonstrate their Commitment to athletes and their desires it’s very easy to start each one of these activities. If your smartphone is connected during the workout and the gps is on the mi band 6 will borrow the signal and its act even more, including speed, pace and route. The messages are getting some treatment too more letters, emojis and the possibility to expand and read them. You can select which apps will be allowed to show notifications on the band, and there are a number of messages that can stay in the queue you won’t be able to display images or read long emails, but that’s anyways, nothing that we can expect from a fitness Tracker, if i may show you the smartphone app it’s called me fit available for both android and ios it’s, very, very good. It has everything needed. The data collected by the tracker is being analyzed and shown in beautiful graphs and charts such a delight to read it.

There are plenty of configuration options, most of them are accessible from the settings menu in the mi band 6 as well, but definitely this huge library of watch faces is only available here. That’S right a store full of colorful and creative watch faces, which will make the mi band 6 look the way you like it. So i see the mi band 6 as a perfect match to almost everyone’s taste and needs it’s great for all of you, fans of having a modern watch with extra functions or athletes that need to record training data on the go or business people to receive notification. And set the reminders easily or people that need good hi and sleep tracker, or just take enthusiasts that want to try a lot from everything. Like me, i think it’s too early to say, it’s the best choice of 2021, not the smartest, given the fact that the galaxy fit 2 can send message responses. The honor band 6 has almost smartwatched like feeling and so on, but definitely the me band 6 makes a point that is pretty clear. The king is back, so i very much hope that you enjoyed this video and let me know what other tests you want me to perform with this fitness tracker. For my next comparison, videos would love to hear from you what you think of the me band 6 and is there another tracker you’d recommend over it. It’S been a lot of fun and thank you for staying with me until the end.