This is my unboxing and detailed review of the me smart band 6, in which i’ll be covering everything it has to offer, as well as all its new features compared to its previous me band 5., the global price at the top right hand, corner exchange rate currently Converted from the euro – and we do have a magnetic charger in the box as well as the band itself and a manual which i guess is pretty interesting here – is the watch itself. It’S, nice and small, like i said before it comes in six different colors, with a heart rate sensor as well as an sp02 sensor at the back, and the magnetic charger over there can charge up the 125 milliamp hour battery and last about 14 days. The strap is antibacterial, but only for the black color and putting it on is very similar to other smart watches around just pop straight into it four different sizes. My wife tried it on and she has pretty tiny wrists. So even kids could wear this and you can use the mi fit app found in the play, store or the app store on ios, and it works with both android and ios, and pairing is a breeze to do. The main feature here is that 1.56 inch amoled display it is all display all day and the physical dimensions are similar to its predecessor, but remember that one is just a rectangular 1.1 inch, amoled display with hefty bezels at the top and bottom with a home screen Button at the bottom, the brightness is the same over here 30 pixels per inch has increased.

There are also over 60 watch faces that you can choose from in the store and you can even create your own one using a custom wallpaper and when paired with your smartphone wallpaper, i think it looks pretty darn neat. Of course, you can also customize the smart watch faces to show different things, such as your heart rates, battery life and weather, etc, and it does a great job and it looks really good pretty much like any other smartwatch would do, and you can of course change The brightness we have two megs of ram 32 megs of rom, definitely a big jump up from its predecessor and within the app itself we can enable lift wrist to show the display to wake it up and it’s pretty responsive. Like many other smart watches out there. You can also set whether you use your left wrist or your right. You can have vibrations notifications for pretty much any app on your device, also an idle alert which tells you, if you’re being a bit lazy, and you can set your heart rate, monitor to automatically record between 1 and 10 minutes. Or you can just do it yourself. Right over here, i’m pretty relaxed at the time being. We also have an option to share it with other devices around and we do have sleep breathing tracking, which is something new, as well as spo2 oxygen levels within your blood over here, which is something new for the me band 6 and healthy.

I guess i’m pretty healthy 96. We also have a stress measure tool over here, but i couldn’t really get it to work, but thankfully they do have a breathing exercise to relax me after not getting that to work, and you do have a bunch of different status alerts that can alert how you Have done in your past week, as well as a personal activity indicator which measures the heart health impact of physical activity? You can, of course, also set custom alarms, though it can sync with your phone as well as add any events which can remind you also have night mode to dim the display, while you’re sleeping and you can customize, which things pop up on your watch in your Regular vertical scrolling menu, as well as your shortcut settings when you go horizontally, which is nice and neat to jump into something on the fly here, is the weather options within the app, and it shows quite a bit of detail within the watch itself, and you can Also use it as a shutter button when popping your phone in a distance as well as change the tracks in any music app of your preference. We can also find our phone when it’s gone missing and find our watch too, and once you do decide to find your watch, you are welcome to 30 workout modes, 19 of which are completely new. Coming up from the me band 5., we can do the most obvious one which is tradable running over here and if you’re too lazy like me, you could just move your arm up and down.

Don’T tell health insurance companies, this pretty sure they know about it already, but it works really well, it picks up your distance as well as your time, your pace and more and of course, we can’t forget about the 5 atm 50 meter deep underwater water resistance, which Is a great little bonus on top for when you decide to take a nice swim with your new activity, tracker buddy, the me smart band 6.! So that pretty much covers everything for this review. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below. I think this is a very nifty little smart band that can do all the functionalities of a fully fledged smart watch. I’M, definitely going to be using it for the visible future. Let me know if you guys decide to pick up yours for one great price.