The me watch. 2 live this one actually have more features that anyone would expect thats. Why, today, i will tell you everything you need to know about. Its features is worth the buy or not or other other budget. Smart watches that are just as good or even better, but first hey folks. My name is leonard youre watching the product, reviewer and thats me. As you can see, the mi watch has a square case with a display size of 1.55 inches and a resolution of 360 by 320 pixels. Now swiping, left and right on this bad boy will get you through your different tiles, of which you have six. By default. You get a 24 7 heart rate tracker that shows you your current heart rate, as well as your resting heart rate and your average over the day. Next, we have an spo2 tracker. Now the spo2 tracker or a blood oxygen saturation tracker measures how well your blood carries your oxygen and if you have no clue what your numbers on the screens mean, you can click the top right info button to see what percentages are normal and which are not Particularly great in excel me whereaf, which you, by the way need for this watch, you can look up even more stats for your heart rate and spo2 right here. You see your daily highs and lows and you can set the frequency of readings. The one from the heart rate ranges from one minute intervals, all the way up to 30 minutes long intervals will save you more battery life.

That also works with the spo2 tracker. But in addition, you can tell the watch if it should track your spo 2 level during the night as well, but now back to the watch. The mini watch 2 light has a weather, widget, a widget for sport mode and your daily activities and for less your main screen. You can actually add more widgets to the rotation like a sleep, tracker, stress, tracker or your music player, but keep in mind that your widgets are capped to seven. At a time now, speaking of the sleep and stress tracker and the app you will get to see way more, it actually tells you how long youve been in your different sleep cycles, your average heart rate and your sbo2 level during the night by long pressing, the Home button, you can change your watch face on default. You only have like four available watch faces, but in the excel me app you can download plenty more. As you can see, we have one physical button on the side of the watch with which we get to our app menu and back now over here, you see a few more features on this watch over here we got stuff like a flashlight timer stopwatch alarm and A final phone feature: besides these features that i have already mentioned, you can do some breathing exercises to calm down. You can set a timer between one to five minutes and tell the watch how fast you want to do these exercises.

The only thing i know, different breathing intervals have a different effect on your body. Now, if you go back to the home screen and swipe up, you get to your quick panel and if you swipe down to our notifications, youll get notifications from just about any app on your smartphone. Okay lets finally get to the sport mode and, with the me watch 2 light you get over 100 different small modes to choose from thats like the most i have ever seen on a budget smartwatch. So you can imagine that you have standard sport modes covered like running hiking, swimming and cycling, but if you scroll all the way down and click, add you get to choose from a few different categories with extra sport modes like trainings, dance, combat sport or ball sport Once you finish your workout, it is getting added to your record list where you can look up all of your past workouts and see them stats. As for the accuracy of the heart rate and the built in gps, this watch is actually pretty good and yes, this watch has built in gps, galileo, baidu and qzss. So now for the gps, i was walking through our park and it basically was spot on for the most of the time. Only when i got near buildings, the gps started to be a bit weaker and airlines were not that precise anymore, but overall, pretty good for a 70 euros smartwatch. Now next up we got a battery life and this one is actually very good.

Now i did two workouts for about an hour with the gps turned on. I get a few notifications here and there and i have my heart rate monitoring set on constant, so one minute interval something like that and i get about one week of battery life. Maybe not as good as the promised ten days, but still very good. Now. The only problem is that it takes about an hour and a half to fully charge from zero percent to one hundred percent. Now do i recommend this watch or is there anything better? Now? I truly believe that this watch is one of the best watches for under 70 euros that you can get now. The only other budget smartwatch that i would draw a comparison to is the tickwatch gth. So if you want to check that one out, i will leave the link in the description below, since i did a full video on that one as well now this watch has a few upsides and a few downsides. Now i have two upsides. One is that you have all day sp02 tracking, so sp2 tracking is a little bit normal on smartwatches nowadays, but all day, not so much only with a little bit more expensive small watches. The other thing is that you have a built in gps, not a lot of budget smartwatches have a built in gps, which is actually working very good. Now. The two downsides are that you cannot customize your watch faces, so i always like to customize.

My watch faces to see the metrics that i want to see, and i cannot do it on this one, which is a little bummer and the other one is the navigation of this watch. It feels a little bit clunky, so its not that responsive as on other smart watches, but besides these things, its a good budget, smart watch and folks thats already for the video, if you like it, dont forget to leave a like and subscribe to my channel.