Just gon na go watch faces and you can also download like so much more watch faces. You know what i feel really really nice. This watch and thing it’s really like kind of classic vintage. I don’t know how to even explain it. So i have won this watch over the night and this is what a track. So it start tracking, like this step and stuff like that, since like 12 o’clock at night and then i’m, just gon na swipe up, you can literally like tap and it will pop like take a little bit of time to measure the heart rate. But it doesn’t really take that long, hopefully that’s normal, but anyway. So and then this is my sleep tracking thing said that i slept for like 9 hour and 12 minutes and my point averages like around 66 out of 100, which is like above average. I guess but like not the best, it also tell you like the weather, which is really nice, and then it said that like by having like that amount of step, i burn that amount of curry or something like that. And then you can also listen to music. But i’m not yet to know how to work that and then you swipe up here. If you go settings and then we have like that, you could literally like change it it’s, really really nice. This one is the coolest one, because the more step you walk, the more like the color, fill up the pipe thing.

So i guess it’s really really cool. If you press stop again, you can literally track like workout, whichever you want it to do, and then it has like activity and then this one is like today, data and things like that, but i’m only at home so i’m not sure how to use that yet And then we have the air pressure and things like that as well, so yeah that one is like bleeding and then swipe more. You have like alarm, stop watch and then we have timer as well and you could like custom the timer, the weather’s notification. I don’t think i set that up. Oh, this is a cool feature as well.