You can buy right now at a sub 50 dollar price point. This watch is aimed at fitness enthusiasts, who are budget conscious, but want a premium. Looking smart watch right lets, check it out and see if it is worth your bucks all right lets start off with design uh. The me watch light follows a square form factor with smooth round edges. It measures 41 by 35 by 11 millimeters and weighs only 35 grams. Now the display is 1.4 inches and it is a tft touch screen with a resolution of 320 by 320 or 323 ppis. This watch comes in a number of colors, including pink ivory. Black navy, blue and olive, it also has configurable straps, so you can change straps to different colors that suit your style. For example, this watch came with black straps, but i change it to red colors and it looks great on the side. You have a wake up or navigation button that you can use to easily navigate the watch and to work it up right on two sensors. This watch has a heart rate sensor. It has an accelerometer, a gyroscope compass, biometric pressure sensor and then an ambient light sensor. It also comes with a built in gps which helps track. Your speed, distance and color is burnt now built in gps is really awesome for this watch at a 50 dollar price point Music. All right. This watch supports 11 fitness mods, including outdoor running treadmill.

You have outdoor cycling, indoor, cycling, car freestyle, walking, half trekking trail, run pole swimming open water and cricket. But if you want more fitness modes, then you will definitely just have to go with the pro version of this watch, which is the me watch costs twice as much, though all right, this watch is ipx4 waterproof, so you can take it swimming or to the bathroom And it will work just fine Music, all right. The me watch light works with a xiaomi wear app for setup and pairing process and also to view workout data. You can also see sleep analysis and you can do firmware updates from the xiaomi wear app now. This watch has 120 themed watch faces that you can download and customize to your tests. The other features you can find on this watch are sleep monitoring uh, you can view sleep data such as the light sleep and deep sleep and so forth. You also have breathing exercises with this watch. You also have music controls, so you can pause and play music that is playing on your phone, but it doesnt have built in storage for music, so you can download music onto it and play music off the watch itself. You also have app notifications on the white, so you can get sms or whatsapp or telegram, or social media notifications coming directly onto your watch and then now. This watch also has a flashlight that you can turn on at night when youre going to the bathroom or to the fridge, to pick up something.

So it is a little nifty feature to have Music right now. Some of the things that this watch doesnt have it has no spo2 blood oxygen sensor. The spl2 sensor is available on the pro version of this watch. The me watch, but its not available on this app on this watch. Sorry, i also dont have always on display, which is a bomber. A watch should always be on it. Doesnt have third party integration, such as google, feed or strava, and some of these integrations are available on the neighbor and six actually all right now on to battery the mi watch. Light has a 220 milliamp hour battery, which can take up to nine days or 10 hours, with continuous gps use its charged by a two pin dock charger, and it takes about one and a half hours to get full charge. Now i was able to get a 7 day battery with running with two running sessions per week, overall im impressed with the battery life of this watch and its really great compared to its competitors until price and availability. This watch costs 46 dollars on aliexpress and 47 pounds on amazon uk and about 100 on this kind of rip off, so you should buy it from aliexpress amazon, uk overall for a smartwatch with a built in gps at a sub 50 price point. This is a great bargain, its a good value, but if gps is not a big deal for you, then i suggest that you go with the mi band 6, which costs about 35 dollars and has more or less the same features and uh if spo2 blood oxygen Monitoring, music is a big deal for you.

Then you should go for the pro version of this watch, which is the me watch costs about 100 to 110 dollars all right. This has been the review of the me watch, light uh. If you found this video helpful uh, please go ahead and give us a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for more content.