The me watch, which is right here on my wrist and i’ve, had it for a few days now and i’m going to tell you some things about it. Also before we get into the video youtube, told me that over 70 of you who watch my videos, aren’t subscribed. So if you do watch my videos and you like them, please consider subscribing as it helps me out a lot. Okay, now let’s unbox me watch so here’s the box. It looks pretty nice and if we open up the lid just struggling here, we can see first on top there was a piece of paper with the warranty notice, not very interesting, but underneath that something that is interesting is the actual watch. The me watch first impressions are very nice. I do like this. Black color and it’s got a slight text finish on the band. Now, if you lift up this paper insert inside the box, there are two miniature boxes and underneath the first one, we can see some more paperwork which isn’t very interesting and underneath the second box. Here we have inside this bag the charging cable, which you can charge. The me watch from zero to 100 in one hour with my usage that i’ve tested so it’s a quite fast charging cable overall, a good package for the me watch. Okay, now i’m, just going to quickly take you on a tour of the ui on the me watch, so, firstly, swiping left from the home screen.

You get your all of your activities summarized and quick page here. Swiping again, you get your music status same performance playing music. You can control the playback settings from your watch. So i think again you get your blood oxygen measuring you press this measure button to measure it. If you like swiping again, you get your stress levels. You get your high low and your average and an overall score in the center swiping. Again you get the weather and the air quality swapping again you get your sleep score and how long you slept for swiping again, you get your energy levels. Swiping again, you get your heart rate and swiping again, you’re back to the home page and the home page is quite a nice one. You have your steps, your calories amount of time stood up and rings, and your battery presented at the bottom swipe up from the bottom. Here you have a quick menu here. Here’S, a flashlight raised to weight, alarms, do not disturb always on display and settings, and this button up here is the electric button, but to use it you need to be able to. You have to activate it in the xiaomi where app before you use it. Now, if you go back to the home page you swipe up from here, you can see your notifications that your phone has got now pressing this home button. You can see all of your apps here now these first three are all fitness related.

This first one shows all of the sports mode, which has there are 117, in fact, which is one of the first, the watches main selling points. Now these two are for your heart rate and blood oxygen. Measuring here is your sleep tracking. Here are your stress levels? Your energy levels and some breathing exercises here is the alexa button here’s. The me music button here is the camera lab button, which is actually very nice it’s, a cool app that i’ll show you later here’s your alarm, stop watch and timer here’s, your weather, breathing exercises and compass. Here your notifications find my phone torch, help and settings, and that, basically, is the xiaomi where you are in a nutshell. Another cool feature on the me watch is the camera lab. So if you open your camera up on your phone here, you can press this button on your me watch here, and your phone will take a photo which is actually quite useful and when you don’t have a selfie stick. You just place your phone on a ledge anywhere and press the button on your me watch and your phone will take for it overall it’s. A very nice feature is actually quite good and easy to use now. Let’S just talk about the design of the mia watch. So, firstly, you can see that it’s a circular display instead of the square display, like your apple watch, like most android watches there is the circular display this time and really it’s quite a good display.

Like i mentioned before, and with the band, it comes in three colors and you can get this in black navy, blue and beige, and i have the black one here and then i have to say: it’s very comfortable and it’s got a very slightly textured finish, which Is very nice and also you can see there’s two buttons on the side there’s one button which says, which is the home button, which takes you to the home page and the other button automatically opens the sports mode quickly. If you just wanted to open it without fiddling with the display and really this me watch design is really really light. It only weighs 32 grams, and sometimes i forget, it’s even more my wrist it’s extremely light. One of the lightest smart watches out there. Now the battery on the me watch actually is quite good. It says on the website that it’s a 16 day watch. However, i seem to i find that it wasn’t really a 16 day watch. It was more of an eight day watch and the charging was very quick with the magnetic charger which is included in the box. I tried. I was able to charge my watch from zero to 100 in over just over an hour, which is very good anyway that’s. It for now guys, if you enjoyed my video on the me watch, please consider subscribing liking and share.