This is the nebro air smartwatch and before you can use this, you have to download first, you neeblefit apnea. So that you can connect this to your phone via bluetooth, 5 and then functions, uh, heart rate, etc. Just keep on watching as i’m going to show you more about this app later Music. So the diameter is 42 millimeters, while the thickness is 9.2 millimeters. The numban dimension is 20 millimeters with the length of uh 248 millimeters. And of course you can change young ban yeah. So you know magenta, you can customize this watch for the palette channel strap. Then uh it weighs 40 grams, including atom his mumbai and, as you can see in the man, i a full metal badisha, which very stylish for me and maganda yong, kanyang texture. There then, for the display, uh it’s, a 1.28 inches eft screen with uh 240 by 240, pixel definition and major smudge pro neon canyon screen and most of the time i’m lagging. When you talk about glassine screen, of course, then uh. The battery capacity is 200 milliampere. Uh good for 25 days standby or it could also drop to 10 days if you use the 24 hours heart rate monitor just like with other smart watch. Very easy. Uh connect method, charger yeah, so there of course it’s magnet so that’s, very quick. You can just leave it alone. There, yeah, okay, so from the main uh face you can just swipe here.

Rotating dial menu first off is the donut booster mode. You can turn it off turn on and off this, so that in case you don’t want to be disturbed, especially at night for the notifications and such when disable then for the messages i don’t have messages yet little alabas guys you um chat, messages or email notifications And text messages from your phone there are currently i don’t have when i paired that – or rather i paired this uh watch to my phone for now then data there. I am just common data that the watch collected from your activity. Then here is the different sports mode, so we have here the outer running treadmill, walking football, badminton, tennis, cycling, tracking basketball, elliptical machine yoga and free training. I think there are 12 um activities here but it’s just weird, because this is ip68 dust and waterproof, but it’s kind of weird because you can find – or i cannot find any water related activity veto. So as you can see well, i’m, not swimming so i’m. Not sure kanye next is the camera there. So uh. You can use this as remote for your camera for taking pictures or video, but the downside on that is the next is the heart rate sensor or heart rate monitor. So again you can see here there so that’s for the hybrid monitor which uses the ppg optical heart rate sensor. Then next is the music control there. You can see uh, you can control your music do once a phone.

What, if ever now, so you can play or pause or next track, previous trackbun menus or buttons? Then next is the setting so very common uh settings. You have off time we can’t wait to race, so i think to turn on your screen. I prefer not close to conserve battery then uh about watches, start pairing with your phone again then shut down and factory reset timer, very common yeah. So you know, but i mean even in even on your phone, you have that option then find phone click monitor the lights on and when you’re in your phone Applause, so that you can find your phone in case you have misplaced. It then sleep report, so you can track your sleep here then weather there, there’s no information. Yet on the weather, stop watch they’re, very, very common. You know how to use this one. Then there you go we’re all okay, so just swipe here, so that you can see the other uh shortcut menus for the other menus swipe up. You can see the notifications supposed to be here. There then swipe down. You can see other information here for the brightness. After brightness, we also have the shutdown button here. Okay, then device mode watch. Then this is the do not disturb mode. Then. Another here is the do not disturb mode. I mean this. One is uh for the silent mode, then battery uh percentage mode there. This watch also cost around 1400 pesos and, of course, mug expect quality for that um price range, because all right guys.

Another issue that i found in this one is magnet here, so be very careful all right, so let’s check the mystic app. This is the home tab where you can see the different general health information, such as heart rate, sleep, weight, sports record, fatty and effective activity. The second tab is for the exercise where you can set the activity for run, walk cycle and climbing Music. The last tab is me or profile info, wherein you can see the correct device connected, which is yungamit, natin amiibro, air. The health report is just a general information on step down sleep, heart rate, etc. In case you want to track this. The leaderboard, i think, just shows the top users for this app i’m, just not sure how they upgrade this, perhaps based on their goals or activity records. There is also a menstrual assist available here. The medals menu shows some activities that you can do to unlock each medals. Maybe this contributes to the ranking on the leaderboard. This is good in case you can’t decide what activities you want to do. So if you cannot decide for a specific hour or a specific day, then maybe you can check this out guys, Music. Lastly, the help and feedback in case you need to troubleshoot something or like a problem. You watch or app Music upon clicking the mibro air. It just shows the usual features that i already showed on the watch like fine, bracelet, alarms, etc.

But i’ll just highlight some additional nice but limited functions for you guys to change the watch face. You can download some ready made styles in the dial market. Although super limited longing designs – 2, but only 11 – are available, make it 12, including the default watch face. You can also customize the screen saver or watch face by choosing the background, font style and color. Then text position but, as you can see guys on this demo, it is very limited as well: Music, Music, there’s, a camera remote function on the watch that you can take photos by shaking the watch, but you need to access the mirror fit app for you to Use it so major downside on that part. For me, it is better if sami small camera phone ugami para less hassle. I also hope that they still update the fit app and add other watch faces, so it can be more customizable as well as fix some issues with the listed exercise, activities, improved pairing and improve the camera. Remote functions overall, i’m. Still, okay with this watch, because at this given price, it performs many basic functions that other smartwatch can do. I also like the build quality and simple style of the watch, although the charging cable is not that good enough as the magnets are not that secure. Thank you for watching this video.