We will see what we have in the box, what we have in the software. Like always, we will run some tests and see how this function will work like and and then we will have a conclusion. If this watch is worth to buy or not in the next video, we will show you how to connect it with android and ios. So if you are interested to see all of these videos hit the subscribe button and notification button, so you get notified when we post and let’s go ahead start with unboxing Music. The mibro air smartwatch has 1.28 inch screen very good resolution, 200 milliamp hour battery magnetic charger. As you can see in the side, we have here a couple of things that we will see in this watch all day: hard rate 25 days battery, etc. We have water, water and dust proof ip68 in the back, a couple of more information and, as you can see very good package and the first impression is very good. You can see the watch itself in the first place. Good package, as i said before, it’s protected in all the sites we have the charger and the user manual. The charger is very small, as you can see, that is what i like and the user manual in different languages, so we can under all understand it. This is all that we have in the bro air. We don’t have anything here underneath the package. This is just for more protection, so it doesn’t get damaged, while it’s shipping, as i said, it’s very lightweight, the mibra air – is very light.

I noticed that when i first touched it is very small, thin and very good design. Overall, you can see now that is turned on. We have the first view of the screen very good, color and resolution press and hold to change the faces like always, or you can do it later, and the settings we have here, the brightness, as you can see now, it’s all the way up, very good brightness And very clear to see we have some shortcuts, like do not disturb settings and other stuff they. These are the options that we have in the mibra air. Also, we can customize our faces and we will see that in the how to connect video as well as we can see over here. This is one of my favorite face and the mibra air is very simple and it goes with the theme of the watch. We have unit disturb silent, fine phone shutdown and the percentage of battery done. We have the messages and the right we have the menu. As you can see. Starting from do not disturb, we have timer find phone sleep weather stop watch do not disturb, as we saw messages, data sport, camera, heart rate, music control, settings timer again, and this is all the options that we have in the menu. You click in the middle to go in that place that you want, as you can see, we have off time, raise to wake about, watch, pair phone and restart shutdown and factory reset down below.

This is the settings of the mibro air in the right side. We don’t have anything else other than the menu in the left side. We have here some data that we did throughout the day weather hoard rate plus we can add more stuff here. If we want so this is the main options that we have in the mibra air other than that we don’t have anything else. So let’s begin with some tests, see what we got here. Let’S start with heart rate, which is one of the most useful thing here. We have the first result, as you can see highest and lowest. Also some statistic down below like we saw. This is the final result, as you can see the measurements just stopped. We are now at the sports, where we can find out the run in the run. Walking football badminton, tennis, cycling, alpinism, basketball, elliptical machine yoga and free training down below these are all the options for sport. Outdoor running is the first option. Let’S, try one of here, let’s, try walking, you can see, you can customize the options here and you can go, for example, just for a few miles or customize other things like time and burn calories or you can just go press and go with default options. As you can see, we have the time at the top seconds going blood pressure, burn, calories, kilometer and steps. This is the first page we don’t have any pay any other page other than in the left.

We can pause or end this session useful things to see. Not too many, but i will, i would say enough, so only these two options: wouldn’t have blood pressure or blood oxygen in this watch so guys this was all for today’s video.