I just needed a webcam, as you all know, coronavirus the pandemic. We are all from home. Doing meetings and everything i do have a macbook pro with a webcam, but often i do use the pc as well, and i do not have a webcam for that. Yet so let’s get a look around the box, as you can see the actual webcam itself, hd branding microsoft. It says 720p hd video chat because i was on a budget. I just went for the cheapest option i could find – and this is one of the well reviewed options. So i’ve got this one 720p hd video recording chat so i’m guessing there’s. Also a mic on top we’ll be testing all of that in a bit. So, on the back, just some information and yeah let’s open this up: okay, so i’m, guessing it just pops open and the webcam is at the top. So, as you can see right here, it has just a pull tab at the back. Okay, it’s a bit of a fiddly box, not on the line i’m just going to rip it open i’m, not going to need this. Take the webcam out box throw away, and the webcam is here itself. Okay, let’s put this to the side, see what’s else in the box. We’Ve got quick user manual. I guess how to use it on your computer. Okay, we’ve also got more books, probably just explaining terms and conditions, product guide and all of that.

Okay, so let’s just put all of that back in the box and take a look at the webcam, so here it is, this is the webcam, and first thing i can know is this: is not your regular clip on webcam? You can adjust this to whatever monitor you have so, as you can see here this. This is like this adjustable rubbery part. I guess you can probably just mold this onto whatever monitor or tv you’re using this with, and this will stay there. We’Ve also got a nice usb cable, not braided, or anything, nothing special, just a normal usb cable. Let’S. Put this on my desktop, see how i look you can see. I’Ve put the webcam on my monitor to be honest. First impressions, it does move a lot it’s, not stuck onto the monitor so little taps or little wiggles onto the monitor. It does move quite a lot, but i guess you won’t be touching it a lot once again, all you have to do is mold it to how your monitor is so that’s what i did – and it is now facing me if i wanted to, i could adjust It a bit more just by molding the overall plastic on the back. Let me plug this in and give you a quick test on how this looks. So this is what the webcam looks like and also sounds like. This is with the built in microphone and, of course, the lens.

What do you guys think? Does it look good, and does it sound good from what i’m seeing in the viewfinder it does have a bit of a red hue on my face, it may be a bit disorienting depending on where you are what you’re. Looking at. You really need the correct amount of light. My blinds are about halfway, shut and there’s, still a bit of overexposure behind me on the wall and yeah from what i’m seeing in the viewfinder, i guess it’s usable for your average microsoft teams, if you’re not doing anything hardcore, but spending a little bit more money. Could can can give you much better quality in sound and camera. I have also noticed when using the webcam that, when you launch whatever photo or thing you are using the light, turns blue to indicate that the camera is being used, which is a handy feature and something that i like to have. It just shows some privacy. The only thing i could have added to this door is like a flap or something just to cover up the lens, but i am going to be unplugging this whenever i’m, not using this so that’s, just something i like to do for security measures, so that’s been It guys this is the microsoft, quick, webcam, unboxing and review honestly. The quality can be much better. Of course, you can’t pay a bit more to get some better sound and quality. The only things i cannote at the end is that fps is quite low.

It should be 60 fps when i’m, clearly not seeing that and also 720p, not the best and color reproduction does need a bit of work. It does have a slightly red tone to my face, which, in reality, trust me my face is not that red. If you have watched my other videos, but just for using microsoft teams for your school and for work just for temporary, this is completely fine. So thank you guys for watching. Thank you for watching this quick review and unboxing and yeah staff.