Well, I got ta have to turn it on. First really: sweet little watch, look at this carbon fiber body, two buttons flashlight let's, take the cover off and tell you what we're looking at for we get too far into this. This is a microwave product, it's the l5. It comes to us from bang, good and indeed, carbon fiber text, your body with an LED light on the edge, got an edge to edge screen nice visuals great great fun. Little watch here's more of the specifics on it. Heart rate monitor ip68, it says for the waterproofness you've got a full touchscreen uses the fun do tethering app when do pro. All of these different languages are supported. We have a variety of sport modes in this one you've got notifications, bluetooth, music control. It says a weather forecast in it to which I'm sure is pushed from your phone to the watch. 1.3 inch, TFT 240 by 240 screen 7 days of usage time nice about 30 days of overall standby time on its 380 milliamp hour battery. What else we got in the box? Well, we should have some sort of a charging system right yep we got a manual. We'Ve got a 2 pin. What kind of connector are we looking at yep yep magnetic 2 pin connector that attaches to the back and is strong enough? Just about hold the watts we have a user's manual 2 and in English on this side will run through that.

For you briefly talks about the instructions for charging it's, always a good idea to charge it all the way up before you use it. The first time, just you know, make sure you got a good full charge in there using the fundu app it says, yeah. It should be the fun do pro automatically and in another couple of pages in here, giving you basic stuff. Well, look at that does blood oxygen as well as heart rate, awesome and then Chinese on this side. Alright, a I'll take my own advice and charge it up and turn it on. You ever find something you just really really like. I really really like this watch a lot of different reasons. Let me start before. I turn it on with the band it's stretchy. I didn't realize this folks there's some kinds that are pretty stiff, there's, some Android ones that are really stiff and they're non removable bands, unlike these, but these really stretchy one with holes that go all the way on both of them are so easy to wear. When you put this in and you clasp it down, you can hunker it down tight to your arm without it hurting there's, so much flexibility. If you want to get a good heart rate, especially at night, when you're sleeping so you roll over, you don't get the green diode flashing in your face. Little subtle things like that I'm very impressed with the bands so much so that when I'm, not using this, if it's the right size, I'll probably put the band on some of the other watches, I wear regularly.

I like the band what, but, unlike any other watch anywhere, this is really cool it's, not a 20 megapixel camera it's, not even an 8 megapixel camera heck it's, not even a camera, it's a flashlight! Oh, I know I'm excited about the littlest things. Let'S turn it on and I'll show you, but you know ever since I was a kid: the Cracker Jack boxes. I am dating myself the CD cases when they gave you that little free free thing you could save coupons for they had a wrist flashlight. Oh, I love that idea. Well today, today I have my wrist last light. It really works, it's awesome deck with the watch, good fans and a flashlight that's all I need it really really works. In fact, okay, I got to tell you guys I fully charged it up. I put this on yesterday at 1000. In the morning I checked it an hour later no change in battery. I checked it three hours later no change in battery. I checked it. Six hours later, I ran this thing for 12 hours, with just the light on every now and then I turn it on and I'd look at the bars down at the bottom to see how far they went down and I'd only lost two at a five bars. After 12 hours it was cool man, it was almost like bedtime, so they turned it off. I didn't want to go all night and have it shining in the house, but it was really I'm in very, very impressed.

The battery is strong enough to power that light. Let'S get on with the watch. I know you want to see what the watch will drew to the plight is totally independent of the watch. There are two completely different things in here: you've got some very bright watch faces that are easy to see outside some icons. At the top that identifies a little identify things like my messages, text, messages and phone call and stuff like that there's the day of the week AM PM, although it won't change it's, always in 24 hour mode, one bummer, I wish you could switch it even in The app I haven't been able to and more information down here, including your power across the body. When you start swiping you get into your overall settings, there's a connected mode. It says and do not disturb so it's gon na be quiet and unobtrusive. When that is lit up, this is your overall brightness and if I bring that thing all the way bright and I bring you back to the watch face, you don't even see color there do you it's washed out so much in the camera. It'S still full color see it it's. Just this is so bright. You can see it in direct sunlight, not in direct sunlight but in direct sunlight, there's, the lowest setting and that's. Just about right for doing the review I'll make it number two just give it a little bit more then you've got settings in here too, and you got two dots I can swipe over and I can show you the weather in Fahrenheit.

If you want it and the whole weather conditions, so you got these two panels at the top and settings in settings. You'Ve got an overall about this thing. It'S, the l5 and you'll need all that stuff for for Bluetooth, connecting if you're gon na look for the device, the QR code, which brings up the fundu pro app that da da da here it is. You can also get it in the google play store using the link down below and you can open it and when you've already logged in and set up your account and you've tethered. The two together it's gon na automatically update all of the information for you directly to the app as we go along we'll show you all of that to then in settings. You also have this whole reset thing. It'S. Only three things in here are related to settings. So if you want to reset your watch and put it away, you can do that now. When I go this way, I get into a Lipe it's, not NFC. This is a whole different way of doing it, and I don't know what countries that will work in it's, not working as far as I know in the US, so I couldn't test it, but I think it gives you a QR code or something that you can Scan it to terminal and it'll do a transaction again it's, not your standard NFC. As far as I understand you go this way you get into any messages, it's working a lot like an Android phone isn't.

It got all these different directions that are very familiar and any messages pushed from your phone to the watch will appear over there and when you go this way now we get into all the goodies here's today's step count followed by distance travel computed from the step Count followed by heart rate: by touching the screen, you have a choice of doing your heart rate or your blood oxygen select heart rate, the diodes get going if I wasn't too late for it. Starting and it's gon na read your heart rate. You all see that I'm not gon na belittle it when you go blood oxygen, same kind of thing: you'll get your blood oxygen percentage, how it turns out pretty quickly and you'll, get those numbers there as well. So you got your bio Rick's right here. No blood pressure but blood oxygen and heart rate, which are two good things for when you're working out to make sure you're in your zone, blood pressure, I don't know what you use, how you use that other than to see. If you got a problem last night's sleep time, I slept with this one seven hours, 12 minutes. I got an hour and 41 deep 531 light we'll see what that looks like on the app. Then you get into a stopwatch that you can run a music player on board and more go into the more you can set up alarms. You can do sedentary reminders and you can find your phone here and it'll make the phone ring over there, which is currently in silent mode, and that is it for all of the sections here.

Back to your time, press and hold. We get a selection of a few different watch faces. I'Ll show you those that's, a pretty nifty one in fact, I'm going to start slapping it on, because we want to do some stuff with the app while I run through the watch faces for you see what I mean with it. They'Re close together and they're really easy to to find. I can make it super tight or I can make it somewhat looser and it just fits really. Nice it's, a good with that carbon fiber look to it it's a really attractive watch. You guys know when I'm smitten don t you can tell that's, like, oh god, he's smitten over a watch again let's see how long this one lasts right, here's another watch baby. So I was a heck of a teenager. You guys should have seen me here's another one. I love the 3d kind of effect. I don't know if it's coming out on video, but the red looks like it's way down below where the white is and again you got all this stuff haven't charged this thing since I charged it the first time about three days ago, and that includes running that Flashlight for 12 hours and using the watch and being tethered all of that stuff, unfortunately always goes back to the first watch face. Alright, those are all of them, four of them, so you have to start from the beginning and move if you want to get to any of the others.

Ah, alright, we are going to bring over the app we're going to keep moving on. Here we have 100. Thirty five steps, yeah and calories burned and all that stuff we've got the heart rate on here. So we're, looking at blood oxygen here, if we've done some measurements, we'd see them. Here'S, your heart pulse rate, their last night's sleep time which show up here yeah and your overall step count, and then the sports section. If you do any of the different sports, those will all show up here. That'S under here, you have an analysis tab. You have a me tab where you put in all your parameters and stuff. You have reports on a daily basis that get filled in as you update from the watch, and you have more it's connected to the l5. This is where you set all of these things. Up and again, all of these are discussed and gone into detail and a different several different reviews, its synchronizing right now so check the show notes down below where I give you the link to the tethering out fondue Pro and you'll see direct clicks into other videos That will take you right to the section where we actually evaluate the app all right. We looking at the microware l5 it's a heck of a watch it's a fun thing: it's got the flashlight built into it, that's a long, lasting thing and it's really handy to have with you right on your arm it's available directly from banggood.

You can pick it up check the show notes if we've got a coupon for you, you can apply it and get it even lower price.