So without further ado, let’s unbox it and let’s see what comes from china from aliexpress for 42 us dollars. So in the box you’ll find the watch itself. There is a number of options you can choose from, so you can buy them in color, black or silver. Also, you can choose between the metal straps or the silicon straps, depending on your own preference in the pack. You also find a user manual in chinese and also in english, you’re gon na order watch with metal strap. You will receive a little screwdriver like that, um simply because to adjust the strap length for your wrist in order for you to actually unlock it. You’Re going to have to use something like that, and finally, you receive this magnetic charging cable. So, first of all, let’s talk about some of the figures of this watch um. So the uh processor in this watch is called mtk2502c. The watch has 256 megabyte ram, so it runs um animation pretty smoothly. The straps for this watch are 22 millimeter straps. The screen size is 1.3 inches across with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels, so it’s, a very nice and crisp picture. The watch features two bluetooth modules on board: bluetooth, 3.0 and 4.0. This watch comes with an ip rating of ip68, meaning that this watch can be taken into a swimming pool into a shower and it’s, not afraid of putting any water or any dust for that matter.

Effect inside of the watch you’ll find the battery, which is 330 milliamp battery, which at light use, will last you for a good week um and if you’re going to be making lots of phone calls and checking your emails and changing watch faces all the time. The battery should last between two to three working days, which is still good enough, because this watch features lots of different things inside of it. And, lastly, the application that this watch uses to connect to your phone is called, am active. So firstly, i’d like to talk about the actual design of the watch and the build quality. Um you’ve got the hardened glass screen, so it’s not afraid of any scratches whatsoever. The body of the watch is all made out of metal, as well as the three physical buttons that you can find on the right side. This is all made out of metal. The crown is actually what works for the rotation as you’ve just seen it a second ago when i’ve changed the watch face, so you can actually change the watch face, but because of a good uh thoughtful design, you you’re not gon na find yourself. I’M, changing watch faces accidentally throughout the day because the crown is actually protected by two buttons and it’s, not it’s, not that easy to rotate it so that’s, a very good design at the rear of the watch. We’Ve got the sensors. They are a very good sensors.

You know they’re not top of the top of the range, but they they sort of do take good readings and at the top, as you can see, there’s a little slot. This is where your speaker hides, and also, if you take a closer look at the top of the watch, there’s a small hole right at the top. This is your microphone and there is a secondary microphone which is just there underneath there. So the microphone quality which you will see later on in the review, is actually quite good. So let’s have a look at the some of the options of the watch. Um, so usual thing. If you scroll from top to bottom um excuse um, you know the thing that it’s not connected to my phone at the minute. I had to disconnect it um. So the first thing you’ll see is the icon for the qr code. So you can, you can tap that and you can download the app from here um then, obviously, where it’s, dark and grey at the minute. This is where you would have seen um your bluetooth connectivity status as well as this little icon here. This would have been lit up in one solid color. If it was connected, then you got your battery remaining charge. The screen is very bright um you i mean you can use it on the top brightness if you want, but really on a day to day basis. You know half of the brightness is more than enough to use it in in any conditions.

What’S very good is the screen gets so bright, and so vivid that you can see. I’Ve got my soft box on at the minute and that would simulate the real sun sort of thing and you can still see the screen clearly. So the screen quality is very, very good and finally, you’ve got the settings themselves and we’ll talk about that later on. But you can access settings from there quickly as well, if you scroll from bottom to top i’m, not going to show you because the bluetooth is not connected, but you’ll you’ll see your messages that came through to your watch. Um. You can read the message fully. It supports many different languages and it looks uh very good um. However, if you click on the message and you read it and you then exit it will be deleted automatically um, so that’s, just one of those things you have to take in account, then, if you scroll from right to left that takes you like into the round Menu that will bring you back here. So the first thing that shows you is how many steps you’ve done, how many miles you’ve traveled, you know how many calories you’ve earned. The second screen shows you the last night’s sleep uh. You know it also and also, if you click the top button that will show you, the history of your records, like sleep or your physical activities. The next section allows you to take your heart rate reading so i’ll pop it onto my wrist, like i said, it’s a good sensor, it’s, not the quickest, so it takes some time to actually take a reading, but most of the time it takes a very accurate Reading and i was up – you know – i’ve been very happy with this sensor and then, if we scroll further, this is where you’ll find all your physical activities.

So we’ll stop we’ll start with the swimming pool. So you’ve got the swimming pool um. You know rope, skipping basketball, badminton, you know table tennis and climbing all those things um, and then you can use your crown to actually choose between different sports and once you’re ready to actually, for instance, play tennis. All you have to do is just press in the middle and then you will see this go button. You press the go button. The countdown will take place and you you’ll you’ll start you. You know the watch will start tracking your activities. So, like you know, heart rate sensor um how many calories you burn. You know how long you’ve been playing in you know and then, if you scroll from left to right that basically takes you into your main menu, so we’ll scroll down to the top uh. This is where you’ve got things like phone book, but you have to be connected by the bluetooth and you have to synchronize the phone book from your phone. You’Ve got your phone dial, so you can dial the phone number if you know it from the top of your head. You also got your call log. So, for instance, if you ring someone frequently they will you know their number will be stored. Just there you get your messages. Bluetooth, music is very simple and very straightforward. Um i’ll show you just now. So if you just cancel that the player looks like this uh, you can control the volume of music played um on the watch, and you can also play and pause and skip the tracks.

And you can listen to the music from your watch. So from the speaker installed in the watch, however, what i found is, if you listen to the music via the earbuds, you can still use the watch as a remote control so that be go into the player like that and you can skip tracks and it will Work just fine, but then, if you pause your music on the watch and then start playing it again, what will happen is the watch will deactivate the bluetooth module on your earbuds and it will start playing music through the watch and it’s just it’s one of those Things um, i hope, uh with the next update. You know software update. Perhaps maybe they can fix this issue, but i think at the minute, it’s just it’s a bit it’s a bit raw sort of thing so going further. You’Ve got your remote capture, so, for instance, if there is no one around and you want to take a selfie, you can use this watch as remote to take pictures from your phone. You can find your phone if you’ve lost it a frequently asked question you can set alarm from the watch itself, you can choose when the alarm will take place and you know what time the alarm will start to to play: music and all those things uh. There is a calendar, frequently asked question as well. It shows you today’s date and if you click down below there, it shows you dates for the whole month and then, if you want to see next month, you can do that as well.

Very very um, convenient you’ve got the stopwatch very simple. Once again you hit play or just start the stopwatch. The time the timer will start on running. You can chew, you know you, can you can trace different laps different tracks and then you don’t have to stay on the screen. You can just just exit the screen, but the stopwatch will continue to take um. You know measurements. There is a calculator once again very frequently asked question. Yet there is a calculator in this watch and for the motion that basically allows you to turn the option on and off in the watch itself for the screen to come on every single time. You rotate your wrist uh. There is also a reminder to you. You know if you’ve been sitting for too long, you can set that from your watch um and also there’s a power saving mode. Just in case, if you’re running out of power, you can choose between different um sort of volumes for your ring for your notifications, for your media and, finally, if we jump into the settings, this is where you can find the settings for your bluetooth. You can actually manually set the time and the date for the watch very frequently ask questions as well. Can you set the time? How do i set the time? Where do i set the time in here? You can just click on clock and you can actually change. Um change the time within the watch itself and the date as well very convenient for those who travel a lot and you skip through many different time time zones as well.

The other thing is, you can change the new notification bright, so, for instance, the screen will come on. You can turn this option on and off. You can choose between different ringtones, for your incoming calls for your text, messages for your alerts from your social media. So, for instance, you know the watch will make some sort of a noise. There is also a setting for display, so we can change the brightness and also we can choose between how long our screen will stay on once we stop using it. So, for instance, it can be as little as five seconds or you can go to the the opposite extreme and you can choose the whole minute, so the screen will stay on for a minute. Obviously, the more you ch the more time the screen stays on. The less the battery will last and finally i’ll just show you some some of the languages that are available within the watch itself. So you can, you can choose um different languages. Let me just turn that off so different languages would be so you’ve got english. French peoples – oh hang on, so you, the different languages that you have within the watch is english. French spanish you’ve got uh polish you’ve got portuguese you’ve got italian, deutsche uh that language you got indonesian. You got czech um, deutsche finnish, turkish, russian, persian hebrew, some greek and creation romanian and many other languages, so you can possibly find the language of your choice and, i think, it’s a very good option as well.

So if many people from around the world buying these products it’s always good to have you know languages available and right at the end, you can reset the older settings for your watch and you can read some information about the watch as well, but that’s about it. Uh, what you’ll find in the watch within the watch itself? That’S, those are the options that you can choose um. What i’ll do now is i’ll demonstrate you how many watch faces are available on the watch and within the watch itself, because there, in fact there is actually 56 watch faces available. So i’ll scroll through you’ll have a chance to see all the watch faces. There is more watch faces available via the app, but we’ll have a look at it later on. Music do Music, and what we’ll do now is i’ll quickly demonstrate you how the microphone sound of this watch, and unfortunately, i can’t demonstrate how the speaker sounds. But let me tell you that the speaker sounds loud enough for you to have a decent conversation with you know someone through this phone, so let’s have a listen to the recordings of the microphone from em. So this is a quick um example of how the voice doesn’t sound, like you empty, whilst you’re having a conversation um like i said because two microphones, so they have to avoid pretty well i’ve, got them watching the quiet environment it’s about six centimeters away. From my face, which is usually how you would have used your watch for the conversation anyway, um and yeah you’ve got a choice.

You have a chance to actually hear how the voice sounds. Um, i think it’s pretty decent so but yeah it’s for you to decide whether it’s good for you or not all right and finally, let’s have a look at the app um that this watch uses to connect to your phone and then we’re gon na come back And we’re going to summarize today’s right guys, let’s take a closer look at the app i’m active. You can see. I’Ve got quite a few apps downloaded already, and so we click on the app um on the first page. As usual information, you can see how many steps you don’t, how many calories you burned. You know you’re sleep tracking for the previous night or the week, and things like that, which is all very useful information, and then, if we click on the second page, this is where you can track your physical activities. You just press go and the watch will track any activities. You’Re doing on the third page. You’Ve got information about your watch being connected. You can find your watch if you’ve lost it and where it says, dial push. If you press on that, this is where you’ll find extra watch faces for your watch. Um, there are really not many watch faces to be downloaded um and the library has expanded. Since i purchased this watch but it’s, i believe that’s, okay and finally, if you press on to a dial selection right at the top.

This is where you can upload a picture of your choice and you can actually make a custom watch face for your watch. You can really customize it thoroughly if you wanted to um a useful feature for lots of people, i probably and finally, on the last page. This way you can insert the information about yourself and you can also connect the m active app to the google feed or apple health, so guys now that you’ve seen pretty much everything about this watch. I hope you don’t have too many questions about this product. Um. 42 us dollars um in comparison to all those apple clones that we had in the past, because some of them did cost near enough. The same price um – i must admit this – is a very good buy because you’ve got lots of watch faces. This is a very nicely built watch. You know it looks very futuristic. You can use it for um casual or a bit more more formal sort of you know times. You know, because, depending on what sort of color you will choose and how you know, what sort of straps you will use, you know you can you can really spice this watch up. The screen is very good. The resolution is nice and crisp, and the brightness of the screen is actually allowing you to read the information on the screen, regardless of what’s going on outside so it’s a sunny day or cloudy day.

It doesn’t really matter and the fact that this watch comes with an ip68 rating, meaning that you can take it absolutely everywhere and not think twice about taking this watch off. Um it’d be absolutely perfectly fine in any condition. So because so many people were asking me what sort of what sort of water you should buy for certain price with these particular options, i think this is a really good buy, because the battery lasts a long time. The microphone is good. The speaker is good. Yes, there are some downfalls, but they are only minor um, so my conclusion would be yes, i would recommend this product. I’Ve paid my own money because um, i believed in this product. I’Ve read a lot. You know about what’s what’s going on inside and i think for majority of you who are looking for a nice watch. You know very nicely built watch with a good battery and good microphone and all those things this is a good buy, so check it out. I’Ll leave the link down below if you’re not happy with the seller that i’ve purchased it from you. More than welcome to find this watch on aliexpress or any other platforms, um see if you can save a bit more money and yeah. I hope this video has been helpful if you still got any questions, don’t hesitate, comment down below i’ll. Do my best to answer your questions as soon as i possibly can.

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