com i’ve got a fun watch for you called the y20 and i’m about to show you why i brought this one in because i thought you guys well. Actually, you gals would really really like it yep. This is pretty much what it looks like and there’s something special about this one that marks what could be a brand new beginning for fashion, smart watches in china. Here it is really attractive. Little thing uh lots of different options to choose from. I picked something i thought mrs ticks would like and gold, with kind of a pink uh looking band on it. We’Ll look at that in a moment. First, i want to show you something about it. It’S uh called a me my meat. A little me step am i i got ta. Remember that’s, not my it’s me me, step uh store is bringing us through their aliexpress outlet, the full touch: y20 sports, smart watch, men or women. They say ip68 with custom, dials and all kind of features in it. Look at all of the options that you’ve got down here. I think that’s this one, but my goodness, you got different band combinations. You got different body combinations. Everything in fact, here’s a look at the four different color options that they have there’s kind of a teal in a looks like blue or teal case here’s black with black. Here we go with the gold, the rose gold, all of it all of it and spec wise it’s, pretty decent all in all it’s, using the fit app going to show you that in a second somebody else uses that we’ve already reviewed one of the most popular Watches yep uh ip67 is splash resistant, basically 240 by 480, full touch 190 milliamp hour battery got the classic stuff that you find wrist twist.

Your wrists brighten the screen. Here we go with a stand by a 10 to 20 days and about a week of normal use, one to three days frequent use, so you don’t have to charge it every night, heart rate, detections, exercise, continuous heart rate monitoring. All of that these are the languages supported, and this is a little bit more information about it. Let’S take a look first of all at the app because i want you to notice. This is the defeat app and the last time we used it. We had it connected to the rock which it’s still connected to. You would not believe how many bluetooth bouncing signals there are here and rock is one of them connected here. We’Ll disconnect and reconnect it to the y20 in a little bit, but first let’s see what else we’ve got in the box. The easily removable bands are here so basically choose your body, style and color, and you can pick a band or you can add. Bands on your own and i’ll have a link to uh straps co in the show notes as well, which offer incredible bands all kinds of colors and combinations that you might want to check out as well open it up a little further. You see we’ve got the standard, two pin magnetic uh charger which hooks on like that and oh almost will hold. The watch so be careful when you put it on at night to charge that you set it down and make sure the pins are actually making contact.

Then i got a quick guide here for you to get started. Can’T get much quicker than this download the app and there’s your product overview. We’Ve got a button, a function machine they call it and that folks, that folks, that folks is really why. I want you to see this one a little bit more about charging and blah blah blah we’re going to get to the manual. But since i’ve got your attention – and i don’t always have it for very long – i recognize that i want to show you this button i’m going to peel this thing off, because we’re not going to need it. The button here look at look at the design on this. Look: how they’ve kind of extruded the metal out to the edge to highlight the button? Well guess what this is like: the button on the apple watch now we’ve all seen so many copies of the apple watch style and layout with the button here, the twirly knob button and then the pill button down at the bottom in the same basic size. This is innovation finally, taking off from china let’s see if we got enough power to charge to open it up i’m going to press it yep it vibrated there we go. This is innovation in that you are able to do the same thing. We could do with the apple watch design, but look it’s a different design. Have you ever seen an apple watch? Look like this wouldn’t.

It be amazing if they actually made a watch. Look like this: why not? Why do they all have to look the same? They do so. If you really want to be impressive, you could wear this one with the same basic kind of movement, knobs and stuff you can do here. I mean we’ll go through it. All but you’ve got the best of the apple watch rotating knob in what i would consider a better overall feminine fashion designed watch yeah now we’ll look at the manual because some of you are bailing out already smart watch users manual. Here we go again you’re going to have that whole bubble outlet layout capability, the qr code to scan you could do it right from your phone right here to download the fit app. But i highly recommend you just go to the google play, store and download it in your phone use. The link i’ve got in the show notes. It’Ll also take you over there, the charging information basic stuff, okay, here’s. What some of the pages look like? This is what you’re going to see on the watch itself and a little bit more frequently asked questions. Tethering can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but once you get it worked out, usually it’ll hold once you get it connected all righty. Well, we already have it on i’m, not even going to break momentum here i’m going to bring this over and i’m going to remove the rock yeah and i’m going to try to add a device and let’s see if this pops up here and we’re.

Calling this thing the y20 look at all the other watches: okay, it’s going to be called the p8 plus. You see how the picture that’s so nice. They have the pictures now in here to match the device we’re going to link it to the p8 plus. It says it’s connecting and it says, it’s connected. Oh, i got ta upgrade the battery’s too low. All right, i’ll, fully charge it and we’ll come back and do the rest of the review. Okay it’s over there charging. While it is i’m gon na go ahead and keep moving, show you more about the app we’ve seen this before you have step count capability last night, sleep time little cards right here, your heart rate information, your continuous heart rate information will show up here. You want to see all that data. Look at the review of this on the rock. This is going to be exactly the same. With this watch, you got blood pressure zone, you got blood oxygen and, as we talked about on all of these watches, these numbers are. You need to confirm for yourself whether or not they’re valid and accurate. So when you get your watch, whichever one you get test, it out, use it against a regular cuff blood pressure device signal manometer. Is that how you say it yeah, blood, oxygen, saturation, same kind of thing, all of your medical ish readings should be validated and verified to make sure that they’re accurate for you.

You got outdoor run and you can do all kinds of other training stuff in here. Set that all up on the watch as well, when you come over here, oh cool we’re, up to 50 already you’ve got the watch to find, and then you have all these other things now check this out. I know we haven’t looked a lot at the watch. Faces you got some stock ones. We twirled it there, but you also can add another watch face from the portfolio of faces. These are the faces that are installed. You’Ve seen those i think, that’s the one we ended on which itself you can edit and change the picture on, but you can add another watch face to this one from the directory of faces that they’ve got right here on the app now look at all of These we got easter theme coming right now, so they constantly are updating these uh to get you april fool’s day. Oh, my gosh today is actual eight okay. I got ta download that one it’s it’s april 1st when i’m, making this so i’m. Fooling you guys, it really is an apple watch. Oh gosh, you know, it’s, not they’re, never gon na make one that looks like that. Look, how fast it’s downloading, usually and it’s over there charging on the charger cool. Okay, we’ll! Look at it in a minute when i pull it off the charger, but you’ve got uh. More watch faces that’s been installed, but look at all the look at that one wow look at that rich red in there wow! Okay, oh my goodness, you got astrological that’s.

The ram right, ares, it’s, it’s, uh we’re in aries that’s right in march april, is the aries. So i guess it’ll change every month to the zodiac sign amazing, pisces sure enough fun, all right! More and more and more. I just gon na scroll through look at the beautiful star, snowflake kind of patterns yeah, so this app the defit app, which also would sync these faces to the rock, which is you know that waterproof really rugged nice watch or any of the others that use it? Will have access to all of these watch faces as well so very happy to see that they’re, starting to really get their act together to create beautiful watch faces that can serve up to a variety of different watches. That is awesome, but wait there’s more beyond the watch faces. As you know, you can set up your notifications, automatically phone and messaging will be pushed, but you can put in all kinds of other things as well, and others is all the other stuff on your phone to push to your watch too. Of course, you’re tethered to the app on your phone as you see right here, so notifications is as simple as just activating them. You got alarms that you can set up from the phone if you want to that, will ring on the watch. Of course you can do the remote shutter thing so use the watch to trigger taking pictures with your phone uh.

The upgrade i just did a firmware upgrade while it’s charging over there. So it’s been doing that. You want to check that when you first get yours change your time. Your units do not disturb zone reminders to move sedentary reminder. You have the ability to do continuous heart rate detection. You saw that in the very first tab that showed you, where you could have your heart rate there and you can control your phone music from here as well. You can change your languages. You can set the time you auto lock that’s when it goes off. You know in five seconds up to 20 and of course, the longer you make it the shorter the battery life, but with a up to 20 day standby time and at least three or four days, two or three days heavy use. You should be able to get that uh, however you’d, like it the twist your wrist to see the time you can turn it off at night. I just set those so it won’t light up during the middle of the night and that’s totally flexible, drink water reminders check this out heart rate warning. You can set an upper limit on here, so it will alarm you uh, if you are exceeding that limit. Whatever you set, you can put your fahrenheit or centigrade for the weather in whatever city you like it’s, amazing physiological. Ladies obviously, this is a ladies watch. Primarily, i get a lot of feedback about gender and specific comments, so it has that appeal to be more feminine.

Ah don’t trap me in a corner here: you can, if you happen, to have a physiological cycle, that cycle day and length can be set uh you can set the last day. You have so that it’ll tick off of that and even look at the overall calendar to see how what time frame you’re in and all of that should be able to be viewed, not necessarily the whole calendar, but the different phases you’re in that one or that One or that one should show up on your watch too, to kind of let you keep on top of how you want to handle your body. Yes, okay, uh that’s, the other stuff. We did. The upgrades over here you’ve got your own setup stuff. You can change your profile, your goals, yeah you’ve, seen all this before, and here we are back here. This is what i was talking about. You got your independent heart rate, but you also have continuous heart rate as well. So what do you think is the watch charged enough? I think we can work with it on 50. Sorry, it was off the screen a little bit. There let’s bring the watch back over here, tada happy april, fool’s day wow. If i did this tomorrow, that face. Might not even be there. This shows you a little bit about the layout it’s not quite edge to edge, and it is viewable at a wide angle, from side to side. You saw the twist your wrist to light it up.

It has a little bit of a chin on the bottom, but not terribly bad and of course, as you know, we can just simply rotate the knob to change to different watch faces it’s super thin. This thing, really i really like it. This is nice. I think mrs ticks is going to like it. I generally you know when she comes home, i just say here’s another watch to play with oh yay. I ought to wrap this one up and give it as a present when i’m thinking that way, you know it’s an impressive watch. Yeah, okay, let’s see. If i swipe down you get oh wow, all these different controls, you got a flashlight, you can use. If you want to turn it on turn, it off you’ve got well, you name it there’s. The brightness control right here on the watch there’s a temperature and shin’s in right now, there’s, the overall weather and it’s set for fahrenheit looks like forecast is for rain and you can put any place you like or just let it be where you’re located, because it’ll Pick up your location automatically from your gps on the phone to set your uh where you’re, where you’re located you got, stop watch alarm countdown brightness vibration actually looks a whole lot like the rock doesn’t it except it’s in a special uh fashion, uh case very nice. Here’S your messages, your overall sports, oh okay, that’s just step count kind, sleep exercise.

This is where you’ve got your workouts. You can open a new workout choose which one you want out of. Oh it’s even got swimming interesting, all right, um measure, heart rate and blood pressure and blood, oxygen and so forth, and so on, there’s, the breathing. The inhale exhale thing is on this one as well man. This is nice, the y20. You know this is coming to us from a brand new participant here, but it’s, a good old friend, that’s kind of working with a new company that i think he’s getting started so and he’s always brings in great great products. So very impressive: uh the settings about qr code resetting theater mode vibration on and off there’s. What the icons mean that we see before is that it nope nope we’ve got all these pages okay land here and you can get your heart rate measurement just vibrated. So i guess it’s starting the test again: it’s a really thin watch and uh with the uh case design. Definitely in a whole new genre. Well, it would get it eventually, but i want to keep moving. You have exercise and weather. So all these pages are here: the player is the remote player you play this and the music will play on your phone. Whatever you had queued up uh last and, of course, yeah, you can change all the watch faces directly here, where’s our april fool’s one there. We are all right gang. What are we looking at i’m? Not even ready to show you the page.

We are looking at the aliexpress company store check out the uh me step store when you click on the link in the show notes. It will take you to this page. You can select, whichever watch you want. They run from 26 to 41. There’S coupons, of course, usually that you can click on get a few bucks off take advantage of those while you’re there you’ll notice up here, you can go to products and when you select products at the bottom it says show all you can see everything that the Me step store is selling at their aliexpress outlet. In addition to this fancy y20 that we’re reviewing today, alright, you with me great.