This is mobvoi’s latest smartwatch, the ticwatch gth. Now this is in fact a smart fitness watch with a number of cool features like all day heart rate sensor, skin temperature monitoring. You have sp02 5 atm water resistance and automatic workout detection. Now the price for this smartwatch is only around 69 pounds, so very affordable and quick. Look inside the box. You will find a user manual a magnetic usb charger and, of course, the smartwatch itself. Now, on the front, we have a 1.55 inch tft display with a screen resolution of 360 by 320, and it is a 2.5 d curved tempered glass. Now the watch case itself is made from a metal body and it does feel and look quite premium in design, especially for the low selling price. Now the dimensions are 43.2 millimeters in height 35.2 millimeters in width 10.5 millimeters in thickness, and it weighs only 47.8 grams, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist. So an extremely slim and like smart watch feels very comfortable on the wrist and in case you’re wondering i have a wrist circumference of seven inches, so not too big for my wrist and it does feel quite comfortable. Actually now the straps are made from silicon. They are removable and replaceable with your own 20 millimeter band. Now, on the side, we have a single button, it’s your power button home button and your apps button all in one. On the other side, we have nothing at the back of the watch.

You have your heart rate sensor your temperature sensor, so this watch can actually track your skin temperature on your wrist and it can track it all day. 24, 7 and you’ve got your charger. Pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger in action. So simple usb a to magnetic connection plug this into any 5 volt usb source, and it takes around 2 hours to fully charge that 260 milliamp hour battery, and this smartwatch will give you up to 10 days battery life from typical usage. Now this is predominantly a smart fitness watch. You connect to the smartphone via the mobvoi app and it uses the bluetooth version 5.0 connection and also this watch utilizes your smartphone’s gps for positioning. So this watch does not have a built in gps. There is also no wi fi or nfc, and the watch also does not support bluetooth phone calls. Notifications do get pushed from your smartphone directly to the watch and they are read only notifications and that’s an example there of a notification. So your messages, your emails, your phone calls um everything will get pushed to your watch and should you get an incoming call, you’ll have the option to drop the call, but you cannot actually take the phone call directly on the watch all right. So this watch is running a custom basic os, it’s uh, quite easy to navigate and the touchscreen is fairly responsive. The watch can track your daily fitness activities, which includes a step counter calories, distance 24 hour heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.

You have 14 sports modes built in and a new feature called skin temperature monitoring which will track your temperature 24 hours a day. Furthermore, you also have automatic sleep tracking with detailed sleep reports, along with stress management and blood oxygen monitoring. Now all your health activities can be viewed via the mob voi app, which i have tested on both android and ios, and they do work absolutely fine, so no limitations on either os it’s a universally compatible smart watch. So quick walkthrough of the app you can see it says ticwatch gth connected over here, you’ll see all your fitness information there are downloadable watch faces, so watch face center, it’s, not an extensive list, but there’s plenty there to keep you busy. So one minute to download and transfer a watch face, but there is but there’s the watch face a bit of class there that looks pretty cool. I like that you’ve also got the option to customize watch faces. So you can put your own background. You can choose your own font colors and you can save it, and here is our custom watch face spider man, background you’ve got your local time and you’ve got a basic step counter as well now something else that needs to be mentioned. If you download a watch face, you can only have one watch face downloaded and stored at any one time. Now. Smart mode is quite important over here. You have all your health options.

You’Ve got smart alarms, tilt awake and do not disturb mode. Everything is on, as you can see, and smart reminders again call notifications, sms vibration, app alert and sedentary reminders. Then you’ve got more settings. If you lose your watch somewhere in the house, you can hit find and the watch will constantly vibrate until you press confirm 24 hour. Clock is on, but if you want your 12 hour clock, you can easily activate that with a simple press of a button languages. Here are all the languages, and i know you guys always want to know about the languages. So we’ve got a handful of languages there. That is supported now, let’s go back. You can also change the units from celsius to fahrenheit. Now this watch has a 5 atm water resistance rating, so it’s good for swimming and tracking your strokes, distance, calories and time now let’s quickly go through the watch features. This is not your default watch face. It was actually this one, but we changed it now. You can change the watch faces directly from the watch, keep the center press, you will feel a haptic feedback and then you simply swipe and you’ve got a bunch of watch faces that you can immediately switch to. I think there’s around five six different watch faces and then you can download more from the smartphone app so i’ll give you a few examples of the selection of watch faces available on this watch. Music.

Music. Now let’s quickly go through the watch features. If you swipe down from the top you’ve got your quick toggles like torch vibration, brightness settings and do not disturb if you swipe to the right you’ve got your local weather. If you swipe again, you’ve got your heart rate sensor. If we keep going, you’ve got your 24 7 health at a glance, your respiration rate, skin temperature and your blood oxygen. If we keep going you’ve got your 14 sports modes now, if we keep swiping you’ve got your sleep data and you can see there’s. No sleep data recorded at the moment if we swipe again you’ve got your pedometer at a glance, so calories, steps and distance, and that should bring you back to the watch face if you swipe up from the bottom. You’Ve got your notifications. Now, if you press the button on the side, you get all your apps, so we’ve got notifications, tick, exercise, tick, health, tick, sleep, you’ve, got a timer stopwatch weather music control and settings. I’Ll quickly show you what the settings are, so you can adjust the brightness restore and power off and go to about. This watch does support ota updates and when i did connect the watch to the smartphone app, a firmware update immediately took place so it’s nice that we do have ota updates included so it’s time to run a few tests. I’Ve got the apple watch on the right wrist and i’ve got the new tic watch on the left wrist, so you can see a very similar form factor in size.

Now. What we want to do is test out the screen on handrais to see how fast it is. So here we go one two, three okay, so apple watch was much faster, so let’s. Try that one more time one two three yeah so apple watch definitely much faster, but the ticwatch gth is not necessarily bad um. It does turn the screen on. If you’re, not comparing it to the apple watch, you’ll probably feel that it’s quite fast, so now we’re going to test out some of the sensors over here i have the o2 ring which i’m going to wear on my thumb: it’s a medical grade, heart rate sensor And blood oxygen monitor in one, you can see: 107 beats heart rate and 97 blood oxygen. So we are now going to do the same on the tick watch, um to see how it compares to a medical grade device, so let’s open up the heart rate sensor. So tick pulse, so you can see the results already. 110 beats per minute on the tic watch and 95 beats per minute on the medical grade ring so we’re getting a slightly higher reading on the ticwatch for the heart rate sensor now let’s go back and test out tick oxygen, so we are now measuring blood oxygen. It’S 99 on the watch and on the o2 ring you can see it’s 91, so again much higher results than the medical grade. Now there is something else i wanted to test: the tick temperature i’d.

Actually don’t have a temperature meter to compare it to but let’s test it out anyway. So it’s measuring my skin temperature of my wrist 36.5 is the reading and it’s telling me that’s normal. So there you have it guys that was the brand new mobvoi ticwatch gth. Now i am indeed going to be spending more time with this smartwatch anything new. I learn. I will share with you in the pinned comments now, at the end of the day, it’s a 69 pound smart fitness watch with a 10 day battery life 5 atm water resistance. You have a whole bunch of health tracking sensors 14 different workouts built in automatic workout detection and a very nice and easy interface to work with. So it is a comfortable looking minimalistic smart watch, it kind of feels and looks quite similar to the apple watch, but of course, we’ve got a tft display an affordable option from a very good smartphone manufacturer. You also have a great smartphone app to go with it again: simple layout, lots of information and super easy to use. So let me know what you guys think of this smartwatch ticwatch gth links will be in the description box. Thank you so much for watching, and i hope you all have a brilliant day.