Now we know mobvoid when it comes down to tick. Watches like this one, the thick watch 3 pro, but today, we’re actually talking about a budget friendly offering from mobvoi it’s called the mob voidtech watch, gth it’s, actually very budget friendly and a lot of features for what it’s offering the stk. And this is the mobvoid techwatch eth let’s check it out like and subscribe and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you always know whenever we have new videos on the channel. Now mobvoid did carry the ticwatch name, but the brand is actually called the gth. This is not running where os, so what we have here is the ticwatch. This is the standard one, the three pro and here we have the mob void, gth. Now the reason why i’m keeping it on my wrist now is because we’re going to talk about some of the features that work while you’re using it and when it comes down to some of the main features here between 7 to 10 days battery life. And i would definitely tell you right now: it actually lasts about 10 days solid, every single time and actually carries me a little bit over 10 days up to 5 atmosphere, waterproofing meaning we can actually definitely go swim with this. No problems at all support, customization watch faces. They have some built in one in the app up to 14 workout modes that are built in tick motion.

Auto motion recognition the ability of auto starting tracking on its own last but not least, here is, of course, respiration rate detection. This is basically on the uh there’s one of the sensors that they use here. That enables them to actually uh do a basically breathing mechanism. So spo2 levels as well sleep tracking, 24 hours, 24, 7, basically high rate monitoring, uh 24 7 skin temperature tracking, which also was really nice and a couple of weeks ago, when i did get a little bit, it was actually alerting me on how high my temperature Was getting stress level for detection, of course, and last but not least, we have a curved design on the glass on the front in the box, you get the charger the instruction manual and, of course, the watch and the watch strap there’s. Only one watch strap that’s available, but you are able to change it. It actually fits, as you can see here very nicely on your wrist. Now it is a little bit smaller in the sense of the size. So if you think about it my standard wrist here, it definitely does cover it, but it’s not going to be like as pronounced as what we see here with the thick watch 3 pro. It has basically a 1.55 tft display, you activate it with the tilt arrays and, of course, you get different watch faces by just pressing and holding on it and then from there we’re able to basically customize different experiences that we already have pre loaded on the watch.

If you don’t have them pre loaded on the watch, you won’t be able to change, but we can definitely do more with the app. So we can definitely use the mob voice, app single button, non rotating, so single button to activate single button to go into the mode. This is your app drawer and it takes you back that’s pretty much the main thing, the charger or the charging connector that we get in here is a magnetic two pin connector, which connects to the back of the watch. So you’ll notice here the sensors, the heart rate, monitoring you can see the lights there and i do have the 24 hour heart rate monitoring turned on and of course we just use the three pin connector here and we’ll be able to connect. It actually figure that back sorry it’s backwards this now, although magnetic it definitely it’s not the magnets are not strong enough to hold the watch, but if you do put it on it’s easy to basically have it on and it’ll sit and it kind of gives a Little bit of an incline uses a usb type a so you can connect this to almost anything and it can charge the battery on this, which is a 260 milliampere battery from zero to 100 percent in about two hours, and the battery does last me literally over 10 days on a single charge, so in the about two weeks that i’ve had this watch i’ve only charged it once and i’m running on my second full charge pulling down from the top you get access to the battery as well as a connection to the to Your smartphone, so it tells you that it’s connected and last but not least, it does say here basically the date we have the ability of going to do not disturb battery saver flashlight settings screen display on and of course, turn on vibration and those are pretty much.

The only options you get in this screen swiping up from the bottom, you have access to basic uh, just your notification, and i do like the fact that, with this system, we do see basically the icon from the app that you’re getting the notification from. You cannot respond to them. You cannot initiate anything. The only thing you can do is just see them, but at least you actually have the ability of knowing which app, by just doing a quick glance. So you can see the the messages came from facebook, messenger and it’s easy now. The ui element that we have here is actually a very simple uh os it’s called rtos, so the main battery, or once you turn it on, you can swipe away and it basically goes in a carousel style. So if i keep swiping at some point and get back home, i can swipe to the right. You get your normal circle, tracker uh. Basically, this is a very good level for the stress level here. How i’m doing those are the activities you can go in again up to 14 different exercises, and here is kind of like my home screen or my kind of gauge, so you’ll notice right. There take oxygen level, uh respiration rate and, of course, skin temperature. So it tells you what the skin temperature is so about a couple weeks ago, when i did feel ill. The skin temperature did alert me to my temperature reaching 101 temperature, and it actually did confirm when i ran with the uh.

Basically, thermometer that i put in with my mouth – and it allowed me to know that, obviously i was running a fever, so that’s one of the things that you want to be aware of. Uh take oxygen level. This is the spo2 level, so you can definitely see it and then track it, and if i swipe again, you can see the heart rate tracking it right, it’s measuring it consistently whether it does pull that directly from your smartphone and, of course, time and date. Now, when we turn it on the back, you can see here that we can definitely change the straps, so you’re not necessarily having to use these. If you want to buy it, some performance, they’re standard, you just basically get them in there and you can customize the experience to your liking and it actually does feel very nice it’s, not it doesn’t tangle at all, and i don’t have any problems with my hair. So, overall, what we’re getting here essentially is a decent sized display again curved on both edges. So definitely no sharp edges when you’re wearing it, and it definitely feels very good it’s, very light. You pretty much forget about it once you have it on now to utilize. The functions on this you do need to download a mob boy app, so the mob foy app is the same app that we use to connect it to the standard tech watch pro or you could use it with the tech watch tght.

So what you’re getting here? Obviously this is the tick watch pro 3 and we scroll down a little bit here. It is the tech watch, gth uh one thing: i will say that there is two sections here: the data tracking information part of it, and then there is the app or the actual watch itself. So first thing: you’ll notice. We can pair it, we can device, restore and firmware update. You can definitely check and see if there’s any new one. So you can see here it says you’re running the latest version and i did receive one update since i received the watch and that’s pretty much it. The battery level, unfortunately, does not tell you exactly the percentage of the battery and not even on the watch itself. So when we scroll it down and we’re looking at it, you could see that there’s, basically a gauge where i’m, basically about to be a little bit less than 50 percent but that’s, something that we just don’t have a weight once it does get to a low Level battery it will indicate – and it will say battery – is low turn on battery saver or charge the battery. As far as the information that we get here is pretty much just an aggregate uh list, so you’ll notice right there tick motion is standard, it runs the calories, the steps and, of course, the distance we’re still early in the morning 24 hour, health monitoring.

So we have great sleep, normal skin temperature and, of course, blood oxygen level is normal and again, all of this is from the recent update that it did. There is a smart mode, the ability of turning on automatic features, so automatic heart detection, blood, oxygen detection, skin temperature, detecting and, of course, tilt awake that function to be able to basically tilt it up to turn on the watch that’s where you’ll be able to turn It on and, of course, setting in different alarms, very simple and very easy to customize watch face settings. This is basically the library of watch aces that you’re able to download or install now keep in mind. You do need to install them on the watch once you have them on you’ll, be able to go into the watch press and hold on the actual locks or the watch space itself, and then you can switch between the different options that you have. So you notice right now i have about four that are running in there and of course you could just download additional ones or you can even customize your own by bringing in a picture adding different color accents. All of that stuff could be customized directly within the watch face settings now when it comes down to smart reminders. This is essentially you know you can get a notification for sms call: notification vibration. I will say that there is no microphone or speaker. So the only thing you’re able to do when you do get a notification of a call is to reject the call.

So it notifies you that there is a call coming and if you want to interact with it, you do need to go back to your smartphone, which is a little bit different than what you get here, but again keep in mind the price point and what they’re Trying to offer with here app reminders these are the different apps you’re able to customize directly in here and then, of course, secondary uh reminders, so secondary a reminder start time and time and of course, do not disturb you’re able to turn this on basically to customize. The experience there so the overall experience here, if you just don’t, want to get any notification, you are able to turn on a couple of features, either straight from the notification by turning on sleep mode and that stops the notification from buzzing or you can go in There and turn it on last but not least under more features, uh find my watch, of course, a screen light duration right now i have it set to five. You can go all the way up to 15 seconds, but to keep the battery at the outmost level or the basically most efficient level. You can do it there if you prefer to watch your watch face to be at a 24 hour. Clock definitely turn that feature on language setting. If you would like to have it in a separate language right now, i have it set to match my my phone.

So if my phone is in english, it will stay and, of course, for our european us followers uh. If you want to set it up to celsius, you can definitely do it out of the box. It is. You do need to go in and change it to fahrenheit, especially for us here in the us and that’s pretty much it there’s. Obviously, a little help section at the bottom and it’s really really a very powerful smart watch that gives us the ability of tracking all of our numbers very, very well and as you’re noticing, right there. I created a custom design right there, just from my lock screen. So here you can see, i have my lock screen on my smartphone and all i’m doing here is i’m using the same content from that video to create it’s an actual watch face, so this watch face actually now has to synchronize so that’s one thing about the Transfer is that you download the actual watch face, even if it was just the standard one from their selection or even the creation, then you have to transfer it over and because this is transferring over bluetooth 5.1. This takes a little bit longer time, but overall still works very nice now, while it’s transferring i’m going to go ahead and show you guys real, quick, some information here. So, as i mentioned to you guys, um ox isn’t here, you can definitely see the information you can go in and give it a second to finish.

Measuring definitely easy, very simple and, of course, skin temperature again measures it again now, as it’s measuring you’ll notice, that it gives you here the 37.7 and that’s. Basically, when i was on the 424 that’s just the the date when i was having a high temperature that’s when it says abnormal history, you could definitely look at all the historical information on the app directly from our smartphone. Last but not least, of course, this respiration rate – it just goes in here and that’s, the same type of measurement and, as you can see it said it says basically 12, which is average and it’s measuring it, based on the number of breaths that i’ve actually run. So you’ll notice right there the watch face synced and it goes in there now it’s on my watch. You can definitely basically just do the tilt awake and now that’s on your new watch, face zip counters and of course you can customize the text and as far as checking out the data, you definitely have the ability of jumping back into history. You can see the information showing up and again you can go in there and customize. It see the blood actually oxygen level sleep patterns as well skin temperature. All that information is aggregated and you can go in there and customize it and go through all of it and again same thing with all the other information that you’re able to look for now. The main thing that you want to be aware of obviously, is it’s not running, wear os.

So some of the functions that you typically expect from ticwatch from ticwatch let’s say the 3 pro are not going to be necessarily available here. It’S running its own proprietary os, which means notifications, will show up. You will know exactly which app that it’s coming in, but unfortunately, you don’t have a way of responding, there’s, no speaker or microphone. So no call you’re not going to be able to make calls or receive calls from it, but you will know when a call is coming in and you can reject the call directly from the watch. But if you want to answer the call, obviously you need to pick up the phone or even just answer it from the watch to initiate the phone that also function needs to be from there now when it comes down to their app drawer. Here we have access to notifications, the tick exercises i mentioned to you guys. We have up to 14 different options: the tick health, essentially the the tick temp, which those are the different names for the different modes, the tick, tizen and, of course, the tick breathe. You have the ability of jumping into tick sleep which enables us to track our sleep record, timer, stopwatch weather. Of course, we saw that before it has its own tile, music control and, of course, setting and the way it works. Essentially, you can see the music is playing there. I can actually skip the track and, of course, all that information works the same.

I can also pause the track. If i want to be able to pause it. The only thing is i can’t control my music volume. So that’s one thing and it does not turn on automatically that’s something to keep in mind. If you want to use the music control, you need to go into the app and, of course, find it directly from there. Last but not least, we have settings, we have control over the adjustment of the brightness restore, which essentially is a reset power off and about, and of course you can just basically power off or restart it, and the about just gives you more information about the model. Number, which is txb02 and again this is the ticwatch gth, again press home one more time, one more time and we’re back home. I think it definitely checks off all of the boxes for fitness, tracking and, of course, smart watch functionalities at the price point that it’s coming in. So if you’re looking for a smart watch or a fitness tracker from a company that you trust specifically the way mobvoi has been doing it for a few years now, they’re very well known for their ticwatch pros with the ticwatch 3, the tick watch 2020 there’s a Lot of other options that feature the dual display: they definitely have a higher end model there. If you’re looking for more budget friendly and definitely very consistent, again, 10 bad 10 days of battery life is consistent and i’ve run it over twice now and i’ve crossed the 10 days.

On the second run, the overall tracking information is very consistent. The temperature tracking was also a surprise to me because, although i knew it did feature it, i didn’t realize it was going to alarm me when i wasn’t feeling well not that long ago. So, a couple of weeks ago, literally, i hit 101.3 and i wasn’t really aware that i was running that hot. My watch keep giving me notifications now there’s a few things i would probably want to mention to you guys. Obviously, there are going to be a little bit of a shortcoming when it comes down to a smart watch like this, because we’re looking at a budget friendly, there’s a few things, any kind of persistent notification that shows up on your phone and what i mean by This is when gmail is syncing messages when whatsapp is checking messages. I get to persist the notification on my smart watch, which typically doesn’t show up on the thick watch 3 pro so that’s, something to keep in mind. So sometimes i feel, like notifications are a little bit too instantaneous. The other thing is, if i’m ever doing an upload or something to an application that requires an extended amount of time, let’s, say: it’s syncing. For a longer time. You get a persistent notification here, but it’s, nothing that you can’t just necessarily swipe away and with that being said, would i recommend this smartwatch for anybody that’s looking for a fitness tracker but wants to stay within budget.

I think definitely the bang for the buck scenario. Here is very very much present here, ticwatch and, of course, mob boy are giving us a very good uh tailored experience for the price point that they’re releasing it at. So, if you’re looking for something that’s on a budget that still gives you a lot of good. I think fitness information and definitely has had a lot of inspiration from some of the other popular brand smart watches on the market. I think the thick watch gta’s is a great solution. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below like and subscribe.