com and today i’m reviewing the mobvoi ticwatch pro 3, which combines state of the art hardware with strong battery endurance. But is it worth 299. for wear os enthusiasts it’s the best smartwatch ever made, but who else should buy it? The ticwatch pro sports, the best hardware in the wear os ecosystem it’s second to none battery life and diverse features, take android a step closer to the apple watch, but let’s get one thing straight: wear os is not a great operating system. Well, the ticwatch pro 3 comes closer than any other smartwatch before it it’s still not on the same level. So here’s a little bit about myself, i’ve been a fanatical user of fitness wearables since 2014 having gone hands on with most major brands at conventions or through review units and up until the ticwatch pro 3 every wear os device that i’ve tried has been mediocre. At best, mostly because of the lack of support for wear os from google and the horribly outdated processors that wear os devices used, the ticwatch pro 3 still has wear os. But its use of the state of the art wear 4100 platform gives it a massive leg. Up over its competitors, so while the wear 4100 platform is universally faster, the main advantage is battery life. It gets a whopping three days of battery life with most of its smart features turned on. So that means you get gesture navigation and screen control, constant step, counting and notification support and three full days of battery life.

Technically, the ticwatch can get 45 days of battery life using what’s called essential mode in essential mode. The watch kills off all non essential. Wear os features like notifications, but it keeps fitness tracking metrics, like heart rate and steps active, and you can even still switch on the backlight when it’s when you use gestures. So you’re probably wondering how is 45 days of battery life possible, essential mode, basically shuts down off the more power intensive components of the device such as the ammo led display and most of its internal processors. Instead, it relies on a special cortex m0 processor, which is manufactured on a quote: unquote: seven nanometer technology node. So this fifth processing core is extremely efficient and that’s. Basically, a crude summary of why the tickwatch pro gets such a long battery life in essential mode, and while the battery life is fantastic for wear os, the fitness tracking, particularly the heart rate monitoring, is also solid compared to the fitbit. The ticwatch offers the same type of ppg sensor, but with four times the number of led lights and while its heart rate tracking seems at best as accurate as a fitbit. It doesn’t seem to do a good job at tracking the various phases of sleep. So first let’s talk about heart rate tracking. I drew a comparison chart between the fitbit versus heart rate tracking directly above the ticwatch and, as you can see, the trends peaks troughs are identical to one another and there’s about 10 to 15 percent, variance between maximum maximum heart rates and minimum heart rates.

But we’re talking about ppg sensors, not ecg, so they’re not likely bulletproof and accuracy, but overall the tick watch gives you a good idea of your heart rate, variance throughout the day and while there’s also a degree of exercise and blood oxygen detection it’s, not quite on The same level of a fitbit overall, its fitness tracking, is good, but not perfect. Sleep tracking, unfortunately, is where the ticwatch falls way behind its competitors. I did a comparison chart comparing a fitbit versa, with a within sleep mat to the tick watch and, as you can see, there’s a great deal of similarity between within’s and fitbit’s data. The tick watch seems to be completely off for deep, deep sleep and rem sleep and it seems to get light sleep and no sleep periods with roughly 50 accuracy. Overall, if you need a sleep tracker, you should consider a fitbit versus series which various studies have shown to be around 81 to 91 percent, accurate in sleep detection or, if you have sleep, apnea, consider a within sleep mat which actually has a medical certification in europe. For detecting sleep apnea, another feature that failed to land is stress tracking, while stress tracking may one day become a valuable stat. There’S, no evidence that even the best electro dermal sensors, which are similar to ecg sensors, do a great job at tracking emotional stress and that’s. Where the big problem is, the ticwatch doesn’t include stress tracking sensors, but rather it uses its ppg sensor, suite for heart rate measurement, which it then translates into stress tracking.

So if you’re interested in stress tracking i’d recommend looking into a device that offers an electro dermal sensor, but overall, even with two fitness tracking features that don’t work and the wear os app ecosystem. The tic watch is without question. The best wear os smart watch ever made owing to its strong performance at running, wear os its great price point of 299 and its killer battery life. So, should you buy a ticwatch pro 3. it’s without question? The best wear os smartwatch ever made and its price point is excellent. So if you need a wear os smart watch at this very moment, it’s a worthy purchase. However, i’d point out that the same, wear 4100 processor inside of the ticwatch is coming from companies like fossil, and you may want to wait several months to see how the various wear 4100 devices compare to each other and that’s it.