This is influence and i’m back with a tech, unboxing slash first impressions. I guess uh got my little unboxing knife, the old unboxing knife. I need a new one. I’M gon na get a new one, there’s more tech products coming um. Today i got the ticwatch pro three, which i heard great things about this watch. I needed a new watch, a new smart watch, smart watch. This is where os on it um it’s one gigabyte of ram; eight gigabytes of rom, extended battery life, dual display 10 plus professional workout modes, qualcomm snapdragon rail 4100 platform – and this is a gps version. They have a 4g lte version. Now i didn’t need all that i’ll just hook this up to my phone. I need a new smart watch because i have a wall way. I have a few smart watches, but my favorite one, my huawei watch, which my lady bought me, is no longer uh operational. It still works. I still love it. I still wear it, but because of what’s going on with walway and the band um a lot of the features that i love don’t work anymore, because there were google features and no longer support. There’S, they’re no longer supported for those features so let’s get it cracking. Just want to get a quick, unboxing it’s not going to be a super uh in depth, setup or anything. I just want to unbox it see. What’S in the box see the presentation i like the little sleeve i like the way it looks, has a different um says you user manual, you get the charger and i believe, that’s about it for stuff that you get in the box.

So this, of course, it’s a sleeve pull that sleeve off got some little branding. I had to take watch before it wasn’t that great it was an older version, really old. It was really. I think it was a counterfeit to tell you the truth. This is a quick guide, so i’ll i’ll look at that later. So yeah you get the quick guide in here in the sleeve, so don’t throw it out. Then you get the box a little tick watch brandon right out the gate. You see the actual watch. I think it’s lovely, i think, it’s a great uh great, looking watch um. Yes, it there has a little. I think you can change the bands, but it’s like a little rubberized band that you get with this and links will be in the description for this and other uh. You know just all the tick watches if you want to check that out and i can’t uh can’t seem to unhook this. I don’t know if there’s a trick or if it’s magnetized, maybe it’s magnetized i’m, not sure, but i’ll probably save that that’s just so it’s on this little and here’s the watch the band is nice. I, like i, love the watch. You got the sensors in the back uh it’s, it’s, nice. Looking yeah, you got the quick release right here in order to get things going about dropping on the cement nah, then you have the charger so it’s a little char.

I don’t know if it’s wire, if it’s compatible with wireless charging, but you got a usb with the little clip on charger, i’m sure it’s battery uh battery operated. Let me see yeah and it’s magnetic. I mean battery opera. What am i talking about that’s? The second time second video i mean it’s it’s, magnet uh i’m sure it’s magnetic so it can clip on there like that. So you see that and you got the booklet got the booklet got customer care, so we don’t need that you got the product safety information. Those things like that and that’s it that’s all you get got the watch. Let me see if there’s some juice in the watch. I assume one of these are the power button. Maybe this one they both click in okay. Maybe we ain’t got no juice and we’re gon na have to start her up. Oh no, i felt the vibration there we go taking a little time yeah. This is where i like wear. I actually like wear os a lot of people don’t like wear. I don’t know why but i’m a fan, because i had the motorola the first motorola with the with the half moon cutout thing um before they could learn how to put the sensors on the back. I had that and i guess they didn’t learn how to they had sensors up here now and stuff. So yeah, like i said i like wear os i’m sure it’s going to have to be set up, but i don’t i don’t – want to go through that right now, i’m, going to do that on my own time but yeah.

So you got that going on and touch to begin so i’m not going to go through everything i’m trying to turn it off but see. If i can turn it off there we go. We got the power off shutting down so yeah. This has just been a a quick unboxing of the ticwatch pro 3 gps has built in gps great for working out get a lot of use out of this, so i can do the full review. Um um actually can’t wait to to dive into this and use it because i love smart watches. I know some people think they’re novelties, but i don’t i’ve used them ever since they came out and i just like them. I always liked them all right. Then.