com, where we today are gon na. Take a look at the new tick watch, Pro 4G LTE it's here and it's loaded with all sorts of goodies here's. What it looks like on it's got the special essential mode that's, where you have a liquid crystal display. That shows you the time very low energy usage, but you activate it and now you're into a full, fledged SmartWatch with all of your apps and everything you can want in it give it a moment or two it'll flip out of this higher energy mode and back Into the Low Energy essential mode, if you have it, set up to do that very easy, nice, nice presentation – this is the same and it's been this way on the original tick watch Pro. But the difference in this one is it: has this 4G LTE calling capability and it actually works as a dual mode watch? It can tether to your phone and make and receive the phone calls directly using the sim in your phone. But if you're out of the range of bluetooth for your phone – and you set this sim card up independently as standalone, then it can work all by itself away from any other device as a miniature phone. It can pop right out of that mode and into phone calling mode be fully active in just a heartbeat yep. Some of the differences of this one between that and the original tick watch Pro it's lighter.

It actually feels lighter. So if you're gon na sleep in this and get all that nighttime data that it can accumulate, it's gon na feel lighter on your arm on your wrist. Also, the band is different: it's made of a little TPU kind of material it's soft it's flexible. By a contrast, here's, the original tick watch row, not the 4G LTE version, and you can see the band is a little stiffer it's kind of leather looking on the outside and TPU rubberized on the Under side. So this is a little more formal looking. This is a little more sporty but they're. Both tick watch pros in general, without really testing out the 4G capability of this watch. I actually find it personally a better watch than the original one. The size is the same, but the weight is lighter and the fit is much more elegant. Now, with all that said, I am going to be doing a much more deep, deep exploration of the two watches together and the tick watch compared with other wear OS watches and the wear OS compared with all the different kind of watches on the market. Get ready because this list is coming we're gon na be going through all of the unique features that set the 4G LTE version of the tick watch Pro apart. This is just the first impression video and if you want to buy it, these are the links you could use check that out.

It'Ll. Take you over to and buying using that link, will help us out here at smart watch ticks and if you want to review more videos on any of the tick watches on the market check out this link. It also covers the differences between the operating systems between all these watches, so you can really learn if the tick watch pro and wear OS is something you're interested in and lastly, I just want to show you guys this it's not ready for primetime yet but it's. The same dual layer, essential mode technology in a tiny little Fitness band, look at this puppy, it goes on and off and you can cycle through step count and last night's sleep time. Heart rate I mean it just goes on and on, and it can drop right back into its ambient mode instantly, all in a tiny little band. These are the kind of things we review here at smart watch ticks subscribers in about a couple of weeks. I'Ll have a push for you I'll notify you about a video on this one. Once I got a buying source linked for you in the meantime, definitely check out the tick watch Pro 4G LTE or the original, because they are available from Amazon right now. You'Ve been watching, SmartWatch sticks and yeah come on back.