You want on the web, at smart watch, ticks comm I'm gon na run through a set of questions and anywhere along the line that you say no feel free to bail out of this video. This is a longer in depth. Look at this! If you want a quick look check out other reviews, because we're gon na go deep, first of all, let's take a look at it as I unbox it. I want to start helping you answer the question: do you want a where os Smart Watch? What is where OS by Google, that is an operating system kind of like Windows, is an operating system and Apple has its iOS right. I know I'm getting really really basic, but it's an operating system for watches, in particular, watches supported by Google. Here we are – and Here I am hi everybody – I always get these people saying you know at 2 minutes and 13 seconds there was a face, reveal yeah did I call my here alright let's move on here. It is inside the box. We'Re gon na get a little bit deeper, but you notice, when I did, that you can actually read the time. This is because of the dual layer technology specific to the tick watch bro. But that comes in the next question. We want to know. First of all, do you wan na wear OS smart watch? Okay, there are three actually four different kinds of operating systems out there, where OS is a common one made by Google and licensed to a lot of the big watchmakers that that have used it as the operating system in their watch.

The nice thing about it is it's specifically made to work in a watch environment, so it's really efficient inside of a watch. A drawback is, although it's based on Android it's, not like a true Android operating system. In that you could load up any of the apps. That you have in you phone into your watch, that's, where a different kind of operating system comes in and that's the true or pure Android operating system we'll be back to the unpacking. While I show you a typical Android SmartWatch, this one's called the Janus it's got a custom watch face at one of our viewers made for me, has a camera on it on the front, a camera on the side and that's a characteristic of Android watches. They usually come with cameras and a whole lot of other bells and whistles different kind of screen technology, different sizes and shapes and they'll load up. Regular Android software drawback is it's, not optimized, so much for the watch and you need to be somewhat technical to be able to make everything work, but it is available. These watches tend to cost less because they use the free version of the Android operating system. But the wear o s that we have here also has some really nice watch faces there's the actual screen for all of the watch functions, and then this is the essential mode liquid crystal display, like an old Casio watch. That shows you the time there's actually brighter.

In sunlight, that's, one of the unique features that you get with this watch that gives it its 30 day time we're starting to delve into do you want to tick watch bro, but first you got ta, decide on the operating system and before we leave that and Go into the box, we want to mention that Samsung they're out there with their own operating system. This is called Tizen and it's. Another operating system specifically made for watches not compatible with Google. You can't get the ok keyword for saying, Google and work on the watch. You have to use their old s voice, for example, but you can use that trigger for for both the regular Android watches and the wear OS watches and on and on and on it's a different operating system. So I challenge you: if you don't know anything about it before you make your decision on getting a smart SmartWatch, an expensive one, that you do your research on the operating systems. And yes, there are videos that I've put together that go over and compare all three operating systems and a special one that really looks at these two, the Tizen and the, where OS so I'll give you links on how you get to those. If you want to study up a little bit before making the decision to say yes, I want a wear OS watch if you're at that point, we're ready to move on. The next question is: do you want to tick? Watch bro? Well, you don't even know cuz.

You haven't seen what's in the box right it comes with a nice box. You saw that it was wrapped around this little insert inside. You have a charger and a wire attached to the charger that plugs into a standard, USB port on your computer or a charging unit or any of that kind of stuff. Okay, it just sits in the little dock with the pins connected to the cradle and it doesn't like have to snap in it. Just magnetically lands in there it's really strong, it's, not gon na fall out. You have to work hard to get it out of there. If you want to pull it out and it'll charge right there in the in the cradle, okay, there's, no wireless charging dock for it. Some of the watches have that this one has to actually make connection with these pins. Don'T put it in backwards. It'S, not gon. Na work, you have to make sure you put it in the right way so that you'll charge okay and then you come up with a manual now I've done full unboxings of the original tic watch pro so we're not gon na go into detail on the manual There are new features with the cellular that's, the major thing, that's different and we're gon na cover that as we get into the actual watch itself, but there is a manual that comes with it I'm sure it's online available for you to look at too you get The charging dock, the wire and, of course you get the watch it's gon na be sitting in the box.

So do you want to tick? Watch pro let's talk about that, as opposed to say another version of a where OS watch a lot of times. Folks are looking for longer life in these watches, they tend to die out, sometimes in less than a day, but maybe a day to days with this technology. This dual layer technology in this thing called essential mode. You can literally get up to 30 days of use out of the watch. Now. What'S happening is it's just going into a screen, showing you the time, the date and your step count and that's. Basically it you don't go anywhere. Unless you light the screen up and when you do then oh yeah, by all means you can go all kinds of places. You can see all kinds of stuff and that's the whole where OS part of it happening. So if you want a standard where OS type of a watch with layered technology, that gives you long life, then a tick watch pro is probably the one you're looking for it's only the pro that has this dual layer of process capability. Okay, so you want to wear OS and you want to tick watch bro you with me so far. If you are now the big question, I'm sure why all of you are watching cuz. Most of you know about the tick watch Pro already. Do you want the tick watch Pro 4G LTE? What does it bring to the the market that is important to you? That would make you decide to spend the extra bucks on a 4G LTE let's.

Take a look at that right now, so here we are another! Wonderful piece of paper is this: my high tech approach, it's the information folks, not so much. The presentation, unique future features that are available with the tick watch Pro 4G LTE that you don't, find on the original tick watch pro or pretty much any other watch hardware. Wise, we do have 4G LTE cellular capability. That means the cellular network, circuitry and stuff is built into here. It still has removable bands, mind you, just like the original tick watch that you can put on any band. You want and that's a real feat of science and engineering to fold these 4G data antennas into the body of this watch. Most of the time you find them on the Android watches the ant in the band's and they're kind of stiff, so really awesome that it's got 4G built into it, and that, of course, is gon na add to the cost, but it's also gon na give you Some great features which we'll be covering when we get to the last section here: they've bumped up the RAM in here. The RAM is the operating memory that the programs run in it's doubled in size, so it's gon na be snappy air and you can do more things with it simultaneously and it'll handle all that stuff that you need for 4G data and communications it's got a long Life battery they it's running from two to thirty days depending on the overall use, and it compares with the original one it may be better overall, but when you're using 4G you might see less battery light, so this is gon na really depend on your workload.

It may or may not be better than the original tick watch Pro, but it is in there too, as a speck that it's something that can uniquely set aside. The LTE version is a longer battery life. It'S got a redesigned higher grade more pliable band. Now, to show you that I got ta bring over the original tick watch Pro here. You go it's kind of cool the original one I got was in the silver and the new one that we've got is in the full black. Both are available in both colors. So you're gon na have a chance to kind of compare the two, and this is that point in time, where I'm gon na put the bands on and show you what they actually look like. But before we do that, take a look at the bands. This is got kind of a stitched, leather look to it, and this is more of a TPU feel to it. The back has got the rubberized TPU, so swets not going to affect the leather appearance, and this one's just got a nice smooth when you feel it it's like liquid it's, a very, very, very, very, very pliable band, easy easy on doesn't interfere at all. This is really really close. I can't complain. If I only knew this band, I would be happy with it. It'S adequate. It gets the job done. It holds nicely. You can select the whole that works for you to give you the best connection.

It just it's an overall nice band. Okay I've got that Krim Polly looked like leather has. So if you want the dressy kind of an appearance – and I remind you – these are removable – it's, not a breaking point on which one to buy on the band's that's telling you that this one's coming with kind of a more sporty band, it's really wraps around smoothly. On the arm, it's it just it's it's, smooth it's, I like it a hit. Can you tell I, like it, I'm, not so concerned about being dressy but it's, not as formal looking as the leather? Just so that you know there's two different bands – and this is what comes with the 4G LTE it's – got its logo right on here. The whole works, since I got them side by side, look they're pretty much the same. However, there is one fun little fact and I've got it on the sheet here. With this things, like 11 grams, lighter it's got all the circuitry in it, but it's actually lighter than the original tick clutch Pro amazing huh yeah yeah. They really do look a lot alike even down to all the bezel markings, but they're slightly different. So where were we okay? This is now ip68 water resistant. That means it structurally supports swimming and it has a pool swim suitable speaker on it. Now I haven't tried it. I don't know if you can play music and listen to it underwater or any of that jazz kind of reluctant to do that till I know a little more about it, but it is got.

It does have that capability to to handle water really well and again, I'm, not totally sure how that compares with the tick watch pro but it's a point that they've made that the 4G LTE has ip68 water resistance to it. Here we go the design it's coming in 11 grams, lighter than the original tick watch bro and the 4G LTE is built to impress uh huh and last by sporting, a stainless steel bezel okay around here, it's black, but it's, stainless steel and get this. And this is kind of a big one if you're into this kind of stuff, you understand that a military standard 810g is a pretty high rating, that this thing has to live up to for durability, a lot of those hiking and in rugged Fitness watches that you See the dome they're, not where OS you know, have structural capability to meet these standards. Oh wow, I have a limited time offer. This is tethered it's, pushing notifications and if you haven't got a phaser or a watchmaker, those are installable apps that you can put in these, where OS watches that allow you to install custom wats faces, which I'm going to show you one actually at that one that's Playing right now is a custom face, but we're talking durability. So this is a big thing for the 4G LTE to be supporting them now, due to four G's law in America. This is kind of interesting. This watch supports GPS, GLONASS and Bide out for the tracking stuff.

You know for your position, information, but without Galileo. I don't understand that those of you technical, probably do, but as far as GPS and and getting your signal, it works fine and so does GPS work. In the regular tick watch Pro, the difference is, if you don't, have your phone with you you're not connected anyhow to the network. You kind of stuck you're, not gon na, have Google Maps for for tracing your your location and all that kind of stuff. Without some sort of a connection to get those maps there, this one, you can't, if you have the 4G LTE data, enabled anything that you need on the Internet. You can ask Google for questions and get answers with just your watch on that's, a big difference. Do you want to have the freedom to not need to be with your phone? If you do, then you've already answered? Yes, that you want the the 4G LTE version, because that's the only way you're gon na get it without the 4G. You have to use your phone connected through Blu to be able to communicate with the internet anything on the Internet, okay – and this is a GPS thing, so that's all about the physical stuff, the hardware between these two different versions. As you get down into the software, you can see because you have 4G in here, you got the ability to do emergency SOS with location sharing, and you have to have a course, 4G active and data enabled in order for that to happen.

But it has a feature to send out an emoji emergency signal with your location to find where you are and if you've been following the news of of sad but really incredible things that have happened with people where they've had a watch and they've been able to Get help simply because of that SOS stuff, it's it's pretty valuable if you're talking about this for a senior or an active person or if you live in a high crime area, that's a consideration to make sure that you have that SOS capability now we're getting a Little technical 4G LTE with Verizon Verizon offers a thing called number sharing and that's a feature that can be set up with this new watch, where your primary telephone, your cell phone number, can become the primary number, and this can become in a sense a slave off Of that, but not like tethered to your phone all by itself, so you can have standalone calls and SMS again. 4G LTE has to be active and data enabled, and you have to set up number sharing specially with the carrier. When you do all of that stuff, then in a crazy kind of way, it's, like you got a clone of your phone in your watch, you can leave your phone at home, go out with just your watch and still be using your phone's phone number that's. The whole thing about numbers sharing, not just the watch, you could do it in a tablet.

You could do it with another phone – your old phone – I guess you can have, I think, up to five devices but I'm getting way into the how it works with the cellular company. Just know that one of the software difference is between this one, and this one is that number sharing and, of course, it's, because you don't have the number sharing at all, because this doesn't have the the 4G LTE in it so that's. All of that now you get into a few more things: software wise tic, motion. 2.0. This is a new feature. It may be upgraded into this one, because all software and firmware has the possibility to be upgraded if it doesn't need the 4G look for it, possibly emerging on the tick watch Pro original, but for now for this one, the 2.0 has a click free motion tracking. It does proactive tracking for a running and fast walking, so you don't have to press any buttons. You just put it on and start running and it's gon na start tracking, okay, tick pulse, and I want to show you that on this one, cuz that's really cool that's, one of these widgets that we have in here and I've been using it. So I could show it to you: there's the widget and see it's 24 hour heart rate monitoring. When you go down, ok first, I have to go into it. There we go and here's my whoops here's my history on all of that.

Oh no come back here. There we go, am I in it? Ok, I am in it. Well all right I'm, not gon na squirrel, it back I'm, just gon na go down, so I've got my heart chart there's. When I got excited about doing this video – and Here I am now peeking folks, there's my resting heart rate and so forth values, then you get your heart rate zone. It talks about that daily heart rate line chart. That was that one there. This is your heart rate zone. Look at that. I got 25 minutes in cardio for today, but seven and a half hours in resting yeah. I did a little bit of sprinting and whatnot quickly just to test it out and it's working. So this is a daily average. Then it gives you your average resting heart rate over seven days and I've only used it for two. But if I had a whole average on here, you get your basic day, light heart, resting heart rate. Okay, I know you guys have been looking at the ring, though all time I've been talking and yes that's, a technical ring – and I am gon na – do a review on that and this little puppy assesses my resting heart rate at night, which runs in the neighborhood Of 50 to 56 beats per per minute. My daytime one as assessed by this watch on my arm coming in at 75, 76. So far so that's data that's coming in right on the watch, which also you can look at in the app in this new tick motion: 2.

00. Sorry, tick pulse the tickets pulse up and then and then a last thing which is really cool because you're gon na have 4G in here that puts you on the Internet that connects you with the thread to the cloud. This is coming with cloud synchronization, so you can automatically sync messaging and emails and alerts from your smartphone directly to the watch. Okay, without your fart, your phone anywhere around Bluetooth, free everything and also without downloading any standalone apps to go into the watch itself or Gmail or whatsapp or hangouts and SMS, and so forth, on Android phones, it's, just gon na be there. So it really is like taking a sensor extension from your phone. You know if you could just unscrew a little center section of the screen and take it with you that's what you're doing when you get into the tick watch Pro 4G LTE version. At the same time, having it set up so that it can automatically switch to this layered version of the essential note when it's right here, it's like really low power – and you can get 30 days worth of use out of it. If you just stayed in essential mode so now, you're gon na extend the overall battery life because the time you have it on is going to be more minimized than it would be before, but you'll still have always on screen time yeah. So we covered all of that stuff right which was: do you want to take watch bro? Okay, do you want the tick watch Pro 4G LTE? Hopefully, you've made up your mind if you don't and you still want take watch.

The original is still available as well, where to buy well I'm. Encouraging you to use this link. Tinyurl.Com, slash tick, watches, it's, easy to remember. This is gon na. Take you to Amazon and it ties into mr. ticks here so I'm part of an affiliate program and in all honesty, yeah. If you buy any of these tick watches from Amazon. Using this link, I'll be able to get a little percent of that and that's gon na help me keep this channel going so I'm, not advertising and marketing I'm trying to give you reviews on these things and they're upbeat, because I really do think these are great. Smart watches, however, I'm, not saying that they're the best and I'm not encouraging you to buy them. You could buy a wear OS watch by a different company or a Tizen watch by Samsung or a standard Android watch by a variety of companies. But if you want a tick watch bro and you want the tick watch Pro 4G LTE and you want to buy it now that link works for you, if you're still not sure but you're leaning toward the mo boy, Tech, watt, tick, watch family, then I've got A place for you to review more videos just go to, slash tick, watch, reviews, tick, watch, reviews that will land you on a page that lists all of the different tick watches. I'Ve reviewed is also the same page where we've got the comparison between the Android watches, the Tizen watches and the Android wear watches.

All of that stuff is here, so you got a bunch of opportunities to learn more and if you don't need to learn more and you're ready to buy, you got a place to go. You'Ve been watching. Smart watch ticks really appreciate you being here. Your subscription is awesome, too you'll be notified when I review this ring that's incredible ring, which will be pretty soon I'm, just finishing collecting data on it and, of course, new information coming out on these tick watches like when this actually goes live. Cellular we're gon na give a try to hook this thing up and test out all the features coming up very soon. In addition to all this gon na leave you with one more piece of paper mmm this one, you ready a phone call guide: uh I'm, just gon na lay the foundation, but I don't want to get too technical, because this is 4G you can put in a You can set it up with its own separate phone number and your phone can have its own separate phone number or you can do that. Number. Sherry yeah, if you set it up with its own separate phone number there's a variety of configurations that apply and conditions that happen, depending on when a call comes into your phone or into your watch and where's it going to ring. And where can you answer and when you call out where is it gon na look like it came from your watch or your phone? Take a look at this.

This chart basically covers all that, but in a separate video we're gon na go through the real technical details for those that are interested in that level and it does get somewhat complex. I tried to organize it in an easy way to understand, depending on where a call is coming in and what mode you have it set on, but I'll. Let you know this is this is a really sophisticated watch. It'S called in the trade a dual mode watch, meaning it can be tethered to your phone and really act as a an extension phone of that of your of your regular phone as long as you're within Bluetooth range. Both of these can do that. The regular tick watch can do that tethering, so they're both tethering watches, but this is also a standalone watch. It can have its own sim or it can do the numbers share and not have to have the phone anywhere near it. When you have a stand alone and a tethering together, it's called a dual mode, so the ticke watch Pro 4G LTE dual mode. Smart Watch is what you're considering buying right now, if you're never gon na leave your phone behind, but you still want to be able to receive an answer and talk with phone calls. The tethering watch is great and the original tic watch pro can handle that or the Tizen version of operating system with the Samsung or the Android watches to tethering as well.

They all can do phone calls SMS using your phone as long as your phone is near. You within 30 feet, okay, but only only the tick watch Pro 4G LTE connected with its own sim can do independent standalone phone calling away from your phone boy you've been really good to stick with it. This long. I applaud you and thank you for watching again. We invite you to subscribe, find us on the web anytime. You want and tell your friends on social media if you can SmartWatch, and we will see you again soon, especially with a long long, detailed, look at all of those phone capabilities in this watch. Thanks for watching, oh one more thing you remember earlier on, I said there were like four different operating systems. We had the wear OS the regular Android operating system that ties in operating system. Well, I like to call the the fourth one: the mmm OS that's, a magical, mystical, malleable operating system and it's kind of the system that's in all the other watches. We review here, it's based on nothing, but it delivers just about anything. For example, look at this one I've got the same LCD screen that I can turn on into a full color. Fitness watch with sleep time, step count even heart rate or flip it back to time and off into the same essential mode. Yeah subscribers and a couple of weeks I'll have some information on this and you'll be notified, so the rest of you well just a little hint of what you get when you step over here and check this out.